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When to Start Basic Cardio Exercises After Breast Augmentation?

I'mplanning on having a breast augmentation soon, but I work out 6 days a week and will go crazy if I can't do any cardio exercises for longer than 2 weeks. I take a lot of spin classes, kickboxing, running, weight classes and other basic cardio like the eliptical. Approximately how soon after the procedure can I start doing these activities, specifically the spin classes (indoor cycling) and basic cardio? Any ideas?

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Exercise after Breast Augmentation


The hardest thing for most of my patients to do is first, find a time when they can slow down long enough to have the procedure and recover, and second, give up exercise while they heal. For those of us who love to work out, it's incredibly difficult to put your training regimen on the back burner immediately after surgery.

I recommend that patients keep their heart rates and blood pressure down for 3-weeks post op to minimize bruising and swelling. As you've already seen from the doctors replying to your question, there is a large range of "answers" to this question though. You and your surgeon should work together to come up with a post-op plan that you both can live with. You need a plan that will keep your healing and your sanity on track and your surgeon is in the best position to help you achieve that.

Good luck!

Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Fitness after implants

First, I commend you on being so dedicated to your health and fitness. You are an ideal candidate for this type of procedure.

Plan to take two weeks off to allow your body to heal and avoid serious complications (like bleeding). After two weeks it is ok to go back to spinning and lower body weights - avoid any impact sports or activities that cause your breasts to bounce (kickboxing, running, even the elliptical). At four to six weeks you can start to go back to your usual routine. Be patient with yourself - take the time to let yourself have a great result!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Avoid Strenuous Activities and Exercises for 6 Weeks Following Breast Augmentation


         Recovery varies from patient to patient following breast augmentation surgery. We generally recommend that patients avoid strenuous activities including running for at least six weeks following surgery.

         Running in the immediate post-operative period has the potential to cause the breast to bottom out. The constant bouncing of the implants within a freshly formed breast pocket can cause the pocket to expand inferiorly. Capsule formation acts to stabilize the implant pocket, but may take weeks to occur. In some cases, two weeks may be adequate, while longer periods may be necessary in other cases.

         Physics suggest that larger implants would be more likely to stretch the pocket and skin, while compressive support bras would minimize the phenomena.

         Early resumption of strenuous activities such as weight lifting may be associated with post-operative bleeding and hematoma formation as well. For this reason, these activities should also be avoided.

         In some cases, low impact cardio exercise such as elliptical, spinning and stair stepping exercises may be resumed as early as two weeks following surgery.

         It’s very hard for women who exercise regularly to give up their work out routines. For these patients, it almost represents an addiction. If you’re considering an early return to strenuous exercise, it’s important that you discuss the issue with your plastic surgeon before proceeding. Your surgeon will have important information regarding your situation and when it’s safe to resume all activities. 

Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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Exercise after breast augmentation- listen to your doctor

Vigorous exercise too soon after surgery can have a negative impact. Follow your doctor's orders and take it easy. You will be able to resume exercise soon. Just don't over do it and communicate with your plastic surgeon.

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Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Exercising after surgery


Physically active patients want to know "when can I start to work out?" We advise patients to give your body adequate time to heal. This time frame is different for each person. We recommend slowing building your routine back up at around 2 weeks. This means start with walking and see how you feel. At 6 weeks you may begin your regular activities, remembering to listen to your body, stop if you feel discomfort.

Be Well and Good Luck!

Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Exercise post op


I always suggest that patients not undertake a formal exercise regimen for four weeks post operatively but you can walk as much as you like as of the day of surgery. Best of luck.

Wellesley Plastic Surgeon
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Exercising After Breast Augmentation


One of the key elements is that one must limit exercising immediately post op after any type of procedure including breast augmentation. I allow my patients to resume light exercise 10-14 days after and then resume most physical exercise (the heart rate above 100) at 3 weeks.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Return to activity after breast augmentation


Two weeks is likely the minimum activity restriction following breast augmentation to lower the riks of bleeding and implant displacement.

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Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Back to the Gym After Surgery


Most patients can resume light exercise about a 1-2 weeks after surgery. This gets us out of the high-risk period for hematomas (bleeding complications).

There are some caviots. First, I do not recommend any impact aerobic exercise for at least 3 weeks. This includes running. Non-impact cardio (eliptical, stationary bikes) can be started earlier as long it is not vigorous. I would avoid strenuous cardio (including spinning) for 3 weeks.

As far a weights go, I recommend avoiding chest exercises for at least 3-4 weeks, this included pilates, especially if your implant is under the muscle.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Exercise after breast augmentation.



1) We aim for very quick recovery after breast augmentation. In our Manhattan practice, I would tell someone like you to exercise freely after one week but to avoid pressure on your chest for two weeks.

2) Other surgeons have different techniques and different protocols. That's why this is a bit of an art.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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