At What Age Do Your Breast Stop Developing?

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Breasts Continue to Change Throughout a Woman's Life

This is a great question. Although the FDA issues standard guidelines for breast augmentation at age 18, actual breast development is very variable from woman to woman. I explain more in the video.

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Breast Development

Breast development typically completes itself shortly after puberty in girls, about the age of 15 or 18 years. Several factors can affect breast development and size both during puberty and throughout life. Some of these are genetic while others are not. Weight has a significant impact on breast size as does other factors that influence hormones such as pregnancy, breast feeding and menopause. How the breasts respond to the female hormones varies for each individual and can result in either a decrease or increase in breast size as well as change in breast shape. Breast shape also changes over time with changes in breast tissue support and skin elasticity. Breast enhancement, therefore, must be tailored to the individual. Seeking a board certified plastic surgeon trained in the nuance of breast surgery is important in getting the best results.

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Breasts Continue to Change Throughout a Woman's Life


Important question that you ask. However, there is no simple answer. As experts on the topic of women's breasts, we can all attest that breasts never stop changing through life. At time goes by they can look very very different due to so many changes such as age, weight, and pregnancies.

Let us know if you have any more questions and we can help you gain more insight.


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Breast development

Usually by the age of 18-21, most women have finished developing their breasts.  However, breasts will change shape and size throught life with hormonal changes and aging.  I have seen women whose breasts grew substantially with pregnancy and never went back down to their prevoius size, though this is not common.

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Breast Development Over Time

Breast development generally stops at the end of your twenties. However, influences like pregnancy, birth control, weight gain and steroids can all drastically effect the breast size.  

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Breast Development

It is important to note that your breasts will change throughout out your life secondary to weight changes, aging, hormonal variation (pregnancy, menopause).

Typically, initial breast development is completed in puberty. Pubertal development will vary in both timing and extent from one individual to the next. this is both genetic and environmental. On average, breast development is usually complete by the early 20's.

For any patient considering breast surgery, it is recommended that development have ceased (12 months stable) before considering operative intervention.

As always, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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The Right Time to Consider Breast Augmentation

If the root of your question is "when is the earliest time for a young woman to consider breast augmentation", I would recommend at least two years after your growth is stable (height, weight, breast size). Others may say roughly 4 years after your growth spurt, but this can vary for each woman. What doesn't vary is that cosmetic breast augmentation in the US is not recommended for women younger than 18 years of age.

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Varies from one patient to another

The breasts typically stop developing between 18 and 21 years of age.  Of course there are many variables, and each person is different.  If by age 21, your breasts are underdeveloped, it is not particularly likely that the size will increase much more.

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Early twenties

Your early twenties is the simple answer to when breast development is complete. Weight changes  will change breast size. Most breasts change significatly with preganacey and breast feeding. Young breasts are firm and gladular, as breasts age the gland tissue is replaced by fat and the breast gets softer.

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Breast Development

Each woman develops differently, but the norm for breast development is between 15 to 18. Consult a board certified plastic surgeon to determine if you are a candidate.

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