At What Age Do Your Breast Stop Developing?

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Breast Growth

In general, breast development/growth ceases between ages 17-21 years.  A woman's age and breast growth is taken into consideration by plastic surgeons when discussing certain breast procedures with patients, especially younger patients.  That being said, breast size and shape never stop evolving during a woman's life and are affected by such things as pregnancy, breast feeding, weight gain/loss, and menopause.  These things will also affect a woman's breasts after having surgery such as breast augmentation, reduction, or lift.

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Breast development

Usually the female breasts complete their development 3 to 4 years after the first menstrual period; but structural changes will keep happening during the entire life (pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause).


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Breasts Continue to Change Throughout a Woman's Life

This is a great question. Although the FDA issues standard guidelines for breast augmentation at age 18, actual breast development is very variable from woman to woman. I explain more in the video.

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Breast Development and Changes with Age

Most young girls begin their breast development in their initial puberty years (which typically varies from 9-14) and continue to develop for an additional 4years after their first period.  Typical development is completed by age 18.  However, breast changes occur throughout a woman's lifetime whether due to weight changes, pregnancy, or aging.  During these times the fat may increase such as with weight gain.  The glandular breast tissue increases in size and activity during lactation.  As women age, their proportion of fatty breast tissue compared to glandular tissue also changes.  In addition, the skin may also begin to stretch due to the weight of the breast, changes in size, and changes in the strength and elasticity of skin with time which will eventually lead to sagging.

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Breast development

Your breasts will continue to go through changes throughout life.  They will be come their adult size and shape once you complete puberty.  They may change and become larger or smaller if you gain or change weight respectively.  They will also change should you become pregnant and decide to breast feed.  And unfortunately, with time, gravity will also take its toll as well as the changes that can occur during and after menopause.  If you have concerns at anytime and are looking to change the shape or size, then I would consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to help guide you through the options that might be right for you at that time.

At What Age Do Your Breast Stop Developing

Thank you for your question.  In general, a woman's breasts will start to develop with the onset of puberty, and finishes developing anywhere from mid-late teens to early 20's. They will continue to change, however, for the rest of your life, as with pregnancy, weight gain/loss, gravity, etc. 

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Breast development

Growth is finished at an early age but changes continue throughout your life. Weight loss/gain, genetics, pregnancy, and age can all affect your breasts over a lifetime.

Breast development

For most women, breasts stop developing in the mid to late teens depending on when puberty started.  Some girls are reaching puberty much younger and will likely stop developing sooner.  Breasts continue to change over one's life from such things as weight change, pregnancy, hormones (birth control) and breast feeding.  The best time for surgery is when breasts are stable and not changing.

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Breasts continue to change throughout your life

Although most breast development occurs in a woman's teenage years, breasts continue to change over your lifetime.  Pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause dramatic changes in breast shape and size and it is common for breasts to appear deflated after these changes.  Over time, breast tend to become larger and they can be pulled down by gravity over time.  It is normal to see these changes and it is important to anticipate them when you make the decision to change your breasts with surgery.

Breast Development

Normal development of the female breast varies but usually finishes between ages 18-21.  The breast will go through variations in size and shape as a woman ages, experiences hormonal fluctuations (i.e. pregnancy, BCP pills, menopause) and changes in her weight.

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