Orthognathic Surgery

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Orthognathic surgery corrects conditions of the jaw and face that can’t be easily treated with braces. Bones may be cut and repositioned, held in place with screws or plates. This procedure is sometimes used in cleft lip and palate repairsLEARN MORE ›

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I had an under bite since I was little, it was inherited from my dads side. It never really bothered me as much until I became aware of what I really looked like! That may sound weird, because how can a person not know how they look right. Well it was exactly how it sounds, I didn't really pay... READ MORE

I had double jaw surgery and genioplasty just over 4 weeks ago and the results have been absolutely devastating. I had a SARPE (palatal expansion) two years ago that went fine so my surgeon assured my the risks with this surgery would also be low. My surgery ended up taking 12 hours, I needed... READ MORE

I have had this under-bite all my life, and while I have never really been bullied or anything, I still get treated way different than anyone else. It has been a social nightmare. Now, I want this done so bad. It is my mission. And I will not stop until it is done. I have been checking overseas... READ MORE

I had braces in highschool 16 years ago. Over time I have noticed that my bite is off and teeth are slanted. I have an appt to get braces on Dec 2 and was told I need jaw surgery to correct my smile. My jaw causes facial asymmetry and a slanted smile. I need all the feedback I can get. I'm... READ MORE

I am 25 years old. I had braces once when I was 12 for about a year just to fix crookedness. None of my childhood dentists/orthodontists mentioned anything unusual about my bite. They always told me I had a beautiful smile and that I was lucky to not have braces on for as long as most patients... READ MORE

I had a severe open bite all my life and dislocated my jaw 5 years ago. For the past two years I was getting headaches almost every day, couldn't sleep on my left side anymore, eating and talking was getting harder and harder, everytime my jaw came out I had to put it back in place. Since my... READ MORE

I had weak lower jaw, my face wasn't that bad, it was baby face. Well after the surgery my face become asymmetrical, long and it didn't solve the problem of the weak lower jaw, it just made me ugly, I'm really sad.. sad, four years past and my confidence still zero :( I want to redo the surgery... READ MORE

I'm 20,I was already told it's minor functional and it's because I don't wan't to regret it later on in my life, and this is just a week after the surgery, even though it was a functional requirement i was given the chance to choose otherwise, but ended up taking the surgery because of personal... READ MORE

My surgeon has suggested moving my lower jaw forward and widening my upper jaw. I started my journey with braces in May 2014 and will be happy when it's all over. I'm terrified for my surgery date but I know it will be worth it in the end. My biggest fear is being unhappy with the shape of my... READ MORE

I have had bad teeth as long as I can remember having adult teeth. And as I started working and could afford braces ever orthodontist recommended jaw surgery or extractions. Braces as well of course. Well after many years of thinking about it I decided to do it. This Thursday get braces and... READ MORE

I've had a severe overbite my entire life and haven't had the funds to even get braces. I believe the last time I went in to get my teeth and jaw looked at and x-rayed, etc, they told me I would need corrective jaw surgery to pull my bottom jaw forward. I have constant grinding and some pain... READ MORE

This idea of jaw surgery was first presented to me (and rejected by me) as a teenager. I've had several consultations since then. Once I got a job where I could finally afford braces and got them put on I still had my doubts about going under the knife for this. Fast forward to age 35, I decided... READ MORE

I don't know what sort of bite I have. I'm going to say it's a very severe case of an open bite, simply because it's not an overbite nor underbite and my orthodontist told me it's a class 3 malocclusion. I've had my braces for exactly 2 years & 2 months and I'm so excited I finally have a... READ MORE

I have an underbite, surgeons say its not severe compared to some cases but the way to correct it is to go through with jaw surgery. I have had braces for about 18 months and my teeth are completely done with the braces and have been done for a few months now so they stopped tightening them a... READ MORE

Two years ago I went to see an orthodontist to get braces. I knew I had an upper bite thanks to my dad's dna...but still I was very surprised when the orthodontist told me the problem was my lower jaw. Since then I've been through the whole NHS circus and was approved for surgery 19 months ago.... READ MORE

Hi..., I from Russia, I ask your help, for me cheeks strongly fell back since I carried braces. For me two four were remote on a supramaxilla, whereupon for me the profile of person (( was strongly spoilt That it is now possible to do?? Why so Photo happened??? before braces and after, a person... READ MORE

My experience- I had been debating this surgery for years and when i turned 20 i talked to my mom about wanting to learn about it more. We made an appointment with my orthodontist and that was the first step. I had to wear braces and believe me as a 20 year old in college thats the last thing i... READ MORE

Hey guys, 4 years ago I tore the the side of my jaw, I felt extreme pain and my jaw simply hung off-center. I went to the dentist and he said surgery was only necessary in severe cases and gave me a mouthguard which didn't work. Over the 4 years my jaw, facial muscles, smile .etc has become... READ MORE

I have mid-face deficiency, and I want to have maxilla expansion surgery asap to fix this and to provide me with more cheek projection. I'm am also hoping this will fix some of the asymmetry in my face, provide more support for my eyes and lips and balance out my features and improve my side... READ MORE

I already had braces before and my upper and lower teeth were hitting each other but now it is not and my orthodontist said I need jaw surgery? I am 20 years old now and stopped growing. I was told before braces that the rubber band would fix my bite and it did, and now it is not. I think... READ MORE

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