Orthognathic Surgery

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Orthognathic surgery corrects conditions of the jaw and face that can’t be easily treated with braces. Bones may be cut and repositioned, held in place with screws or plates. This procedure is sometimes used in cleft lip and palate repairsLEARN MORE ›
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My experience- I had been debating this surgery for years and when i turned 20 i talked to my mom about wanting to learn about it more. We made an appointment with my orthodontist and that was the first step. I had to wear braces and believe me as a 20 year old in college thats the last thing i... READ MORE

I'm truly shocked and disappointed that he would treat a patient that way. I wished he would have followed up with me. Told me what to expect. Got me in for more check ups. Everyone ( professional) I talked to said that was one of the worst breaks they had seen in a while or ever. If you are... READ MORE

I have a 'deficient maxilla' or 'maxillary deficiency'. My bite was corrected in adolescence but the imbalance in my jaws is not aesthetically pleasing. I've always been very self conscious about my smile and about my profile. My lower jaw is very prominent and I've developed some habits whereby... READ MORE

I was first referred to a dental hospital when I was about 14. But my story started back at primary school, when my milk teeth started to fall out and my "adult" teeth came through. A school dentist came in when I was about 7. I always remember she did a plaque test with a little red tablet in... READ MORE

I had an under bite since I was little, it was inherited from my dads side. It never really bothered me as much until I became aware of what I really looked like! That may sound weird, because how can a person not know how they look right. Well it was exactly how it sounds, I didn't really pay... READ MORE

-Intro- Never did I think I'd actually have this procedure done overseas, especially not on this particular summer trip to Taiwan, yet here I am typing my experiences from my relative's apartment in Taichung. It all started when I was randomly reading a forum on orthognathic surgery reviews and... READ MORE

I have always been unhappy with my appearance to such a degree that I would say it has seriously impacted on my life. My mouth closes at rest but only for a few seconds before it starts to ache. I have a very long face and no top lip. Throughout my life I have had hideous comments said to me... READ MORE

INTRO: I've known since I was 15 that I would have to get this surgery. Every dentist I visited told me my underbite was too severe too be fixed with braces and that I would have to get surgery to fix it. Once I turned 18 and finally stopped growing, I knew it was time to figure out how to fix... READ MORE

I had double jaw surgery and genioplasty just over 4 weeks ago and the results have been absolutely devastating. I had a SARPE (palatal expansion) two years ago that went fine so my surgeon assured my the risks with this surgery would also be low. My surgery ended up taking 12 hours, I needed... READ MORE

I'm 38 and am almost 3 weeks post op. I've hated my profile since I became aware of my disfigurement at around 13. Braces in my early teens were a nightmare and in the end I made the orthodontist remove them. Fast forward 25 years and I felt I needed to have my underbite corrected as I felt so... READ MORE

I had 2 jaw surgery and all wisdom teeth removed. My top jaw was moved forward 7mm and my lower jaw moved backwards 2mm to form an over-jet. I came out of surgery about 4 hours later. I didn't feel much pain due to the anesthetic. I was in hospital for 2 nights, on a full liquid diet, with... READ MORE

I have always considered myself unnattractive, particularly my lips and jaw which I thought were masculine. I also noticed from photos and corner mirrors that my face was very asymetrical. I initially approached my orthodontist to correct a turned lateral incisor, I then found out that I had a... READ MORE

I have had braces on for 1 year and am considering having bottom jaw surgery to correct a 11ml overbite. I actually really don't mind my current facial situation and always feel stressed if I should do this or not. I know structurally my face definitely looks different to how it was in my 20s... READ MORE

Hello all, I had upper jaw surgery 10 days ago, and I am sailing through the recovery quite easily. I must be lucky. But I am not as happy about the outcome as I had expected: I still have zero tooth show. In fact, I'm very upset, as I'm trying to understand why that happened. Sure, I'm still... READ MORE

I was punched 3 separate times on the left side of my face. I've been living with this jaw pain since I was 17yrs old. As it progresses, I can't sleep on my sides, yawn, chew appropriately, kiss, laugh, smile, talk for more than a hour at a time. Cheekbones feel as if they are being pushed... READ MORE

I had upper jaw surgery to correct my underbite 9 months ago. I was born/live in the UK so I went through the NHS for my orthodontics and treatment and am still receiving Orthodontics approaching 9 months post surgery and had over 6 years of orthodontics prior to surgery. The reason for this... READ MORE

I got double jaw corrective surgery done to help me eat and breathe correctly. I was told this was the only thing that could help my pain but instead it created more pain. I had my upper jaw moved forward and lower jaw backward. My upper jaw surgery healed well but the lower jaw surgery has... READ MORE

Even though my lower lip and chin is numb I'm very happy with the result of my single jaw surgery. No more underbite but have to wear braces maybe for another two years and remove it when my teeth implants installed. Have to undergo 2nd surgery because my mini titanium plate on the left side... READ MORE

I first learned I might need orthognathic surgery when I had my upper wisdom teeth removed; the surgeon remarked that I had a severe open bite, and this would cause pain and problems later in life if not addressed. I ignored it for a while, and when I graduated from school I went to several... READ MORE

Hey everyone, I was wondering whether or not I should have surgery to fix my underbite. I'm 19 years old, almost 20, and was thinking now would be the right time to do so before I go into my final years of pharmacy school and cannot take off for a couple months at a time. My underbite is not so... READ MORE

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