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Orthognathic surgery corrects conditions of the jaw and face that can’t be easily treated with braces. Bones may be cut and repositioned, held in place with screws or plates. This procedure is sometimes used in cleft lip and palate repairsLEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $16,350

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My experience- I had been debating this surgery for years and when i turned 20 i talked to my mom about wanting to learn about it more. We made an appointment with my orthodontist and that was the first step. I had to wear braces and believe me as a 20 year old in college thats the last thing i... READ MORE

I am a 62 year old female. I had double jaw surgery (overbite) and genioplasty. The reason for the surgery was sleep apnea. Because my lower jaw was too far back, my airway was small and my snoring was awful. I had been using a C-PAP for the past year. Also I have been a teeth grinder for... READ MORE

After a lifetime of a not being able to breathe through my nose, sleep problems, a wonky jaw and crooked teeth, I approached a specialist and they reccomended orthognathic surgery. I cried from terror in the Doctor's chair but I sucked it up and after six months of braces - successfully... READ MORE

I had double jaw surgery and genioplasty just over 4 weeks ago and the results have been absolutely devastating. I had a SARPE (palatal expansion) two years ago that went fine so my surgeon assured my the risks with this surgery would also be low. My surgery ended up taking 12 hours, I needed... READ MORE

I am 48 years old. I had braces put on my teeth about 15 months prior to the surgery and knew I would have to have double jaw surgery. No research I did could have prepared me for what I went through. Nothing prepared me for feeling like I couldn't breathe after surgery and being surrounded... READ MORE

-Intro- Never did I think I'd actually have this procedure done overseas, especially not on this particular summer trip to Taiwan, yet here I am typing my experiences from my relative's apartment in Taichung. It all started when I was randomly reading a forum on orthognathic surgery reviews and... READ MORE

Since I was 7, the orthodontist had always told me I would need a jaw surgery to correct my bite. My parents asked him to do whatever he could so I could avoid this- that is what he did. I was in a retainer, a palet expander, head gear, and braces. Yes, my teeth were straight, though my teeth... READ MORE

I'm 20,I was already told it's minor functional and it's because I don't wan't to regret it later on in my life, and this is just a week after the surgery, even though it was a functional requirement i was given the chance to choose otherwise, but ended up taking the surgery because of personal... READ MORE

I have to have Orthoganathic Surgery next year and i want to know what difference NOT getting the chin done will make. I have to have upper jaw, lower jaw, and nose surgery..those are all 80% covered by my insurance. The chin surgery that i'm told would be purely cosmetic is not covered by... READ MORE

I'd hated my smile and my appearance since around age 14. I had braces in my teenage years that corrected my bite, but my prognathic jaw, small mid-face and large chin were never addressed. I was always incredibly self-conscious about smiling and having my photo taken. I approached... READ MORE

I feel like my upper jaw was moved forward too much and now I look like a chimp. Originally my upper jaw was supposed to be moved forward 6.3mm and my lower jaw was supposed to be rotated to the right. My doctor then changed it to 7.5mm upper jaw and lower jaw also moved FORWARD 1.5mm. I was... READ MORE

I first learned I might need orthognathic surgery when I had my upper wisdom teeth removed; the surgeon remarked that I had a severe open bite, and this would cause pain and problems later in life if not addressed. I ignored it for a while, and when I graduated from school I went to several... READ MORE

I would like ask questions to the doctors and members here. I need your opinion. I am going to have an orthognathic surgery as my orthodontist told me to see an oral surgeon. I have been wearing braces for 1 year and 11 months now. I have an under bite and crossed bite. My teeth are all lined up... READ MORE

29 july 2014 I m got bracess done only on the top by LOA Dr. howard 2 august 2014 been consult by conetoga maxiology jaw surgery Doctor jefferson advice for upper jaw.. but how my profile of long chin it will be change... i hate my chin my friend call me a witch chin . any one give me idea .... READ MORE

I had double jaw surgery and genioplasty 4 weeks ago. I know i am still swollen, but I feel like I barely recognize myself and I wish I had more control in how things turned out. My chin seems to angle upwards now, my face seems very short and my nose is now more crooked. A few weeks ago I was... READ MORE

Being born and raised in predominantly European country Ive always wanted to match who Im inside. Its probably vanity. I was said for 2in 1 procedure of zygoma and jaw reduction it would be about 10000 in San Fran, but I'm afraid of scars, or sth going wrong. I have no health issues and I like... READ MORE

Getting jaw surgery was one of the easiest decision I ever made. I am usually very indecisive, but for some reason I knew that I wanted this. I was just turning 16 when I had it done, and I have never felt even an ounce of regret or concern. I was only majorly swollen for about 2 weeks, and... READ MORE

I had protruding lower jaw which was somewhat bothered me in side view so i have planned to go for surgery, my dental surgeon told that i have under developed upper jaw so my upper jaw has to bring forward and the chin has to reduced, i thought since he is practiced dental surgeon he will make... READ MORE

Hi, I'm a 21 yo man and the past january 13 i had orthognathic surgery, got paranal implants on both sides of my midface (MEDPOR implants), i wasn't happy about how my profile face looked like, so i decided to do this surgery along with a rhinoplasty (both functional and aesthetic). The surgery... READ MORE

I had braces as a child but found that my overbite and teeth crowding regressed as an adult. I started orthodontics (again) as an adult in early 2012. The orthodontist's plan was to use Invisalign braces for my upper teeth and fixed braces for my lower teeth. She referred me to an oral surgeon... READ MORE

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