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CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure that uses a controlled device to freeze and destroy fat. Fatty areas are gently pinched between the CoolSculpting applicator, which cools the area to a temperature that causes fat cells to crystallize and die. This treatment isn't intended for massive weight loss, but for treating problem areas like loves handles, stomach rolls, and arm fat. LEARN MORE ›

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Like most people posting here, I am someone who takes care of themselves- eat a healthy whole foods diet, workout 4-5 times a week, and take handfuls of supplements to aid with metabolism, anti aging, and overall wellness. I'm 5'4" and currently weigh 124. Despite my commitment to health and... READ MORE

Hello I'm 35 years old I have two kids 18 years and 5 years both kids 13 years apart but my stomach pouch wouldn't go away I worked out ..diets nothing would happen so I been investigating cool sculpting it was easier for due to my job I don't have the time for a 6 week recovery so I had my... READ MORE

I'm a 19 year old woman, 5'2" and 115 lbs. I exercise 3-4 days a week and watch what I eat, but no matter what my weight is I've always felt a bit top heavy with big old love handles. I went in to see Dr. Jill Hessler MD in Palo Alto, CA for a consultation and was treated very nicely and... READ MORE

I gained way too much weight with my last pregnancy and still have 40 pounds to lose the majority of that is in my belly. I've been exercising and watching what I eat and have lost weight from my arms and legs but not from my abdomen. I am getting the procedure done as I write this. We were... READ MORE

I've felt so bad for so long about my lower abdomen and it's finally time to do something about it. I had 2 small applicators on my lower abdomen and 2 small applicators to my bra strap area. The procedure itself was very tolerable. However, the 2 minutes massages on each area just about made... READ MORE

IT WORKED! This was completely worth every penny! The pain wasn't bad at all (I think I have a high tolerance for pain) and my pot belly pooch is gone! I have always eaten right and exercised, but this is what I needed to finally get a flat tummy and not be asked if I'm in my 2nd trimester! ... READ MORE

I workout, eat healthy. I'm have my stomach and flanks done at the same time what should I do after to ensure the best possible outcome. I know you have to wear a compression garment. Any other helpful add ins I would appreciate. I have never done anything like this for myself and I'm super... READ MORE

I am a 29-year? old who has had three kids and I have some stubborn fat that has stuck with me since the first one. I have always wanted to do something about it but never wanted to risk surgery. And even if I did have a tummy tuck I already hate my c-section scar and I have seen the tummy tuck... READ MORE

I am a fitness instructor who works out 6 days a week. I did cool sculpting on the abdomen (love it) but at my c section scar was 2 lumps or pouches.. I didn't need lipo or a full tummy tuck. I did procedure awake with just local anesthetic. It was super easy I was in and out within... READ MORE

I went today to have my procedure done. I had 6 areas. 2 upper belly 2 lower belly and my 2 bra back area. The overall experience was a pleasent one. I read some reviews saying how painful it was . For me I had very little discomfort. The most discomfort I had was when they had to message and... READ MORE

Decided to check out coolsculpting after researching online. Took 5+hrs 1hr per inner thigh and 1.25hrs each outer thigh. Didnt feel fully prepared for how weird the procedure was. The immediate after swelling is a bit surprising. Really walking around thighs now. Huge bruise right outer thigh... READ MORE

I did my "flanks" 4 days ago and I haven't experienced any horrible pain - just some numbness, which doesn't bother me and my sides feel a bit bruised (which they are). It seems like the pain is usually related to upper or lower abs! The procedure was fine. Like some other people say, the only... READ MORE

I have just passed three months on having my flanks done. As you can see from the photos below it actually worked for me. The bottom photo is from May 20, 2015 and the top photo is from August 30, 2015. I'm actually a little shocked that it worked this well because I have not been going to the... READ MORE

Hello! I had my outer thighs treated on May 7 & 8 (had to do one side a day 2 hours each side). Procedure overall was not painful at all, a little discomfort first 10 minutes and then I just felt numbness in the treated area. First few days post treatment were fine, just a little sourness and... READ MORE

I'm 40, and have 2 kids, and although I'm very active (part-time personal trainer), I have a couple of little pockets on my flanks and lower belly that make me nuts. I didn't want to remove a lot, just enough to feel like I have the same level of body fat all over. My family tends to gain it... READ MORE

I had a Coolsculpting procedure in May at Dr. Alan Larsen's Slim Studio on Roswell Rd in Buckhead Atlanta area. I had my flanks done and as you can see in my photos below the results are pretty amazing! I could not be happier! ! My experience at Slim Studio was very pleasant. The Technicians... READ MORE

Well so no matter how thin I've been in the past i always had a belly. Decided to go for coolsculpting consult. He measured and told me i would need to do upper once and lower ×2. After seeing all the Comercials for it on t.v always saying some day.... Well i did it! I watched many utube... READ MORE

I just signed up to have coolsculpting done of my love handles. I will have the procedure a week from today and cannot wait. I am a 34 year old mother of one and it is time to do something about these pesky love handles. I workout 2-3 times a week and just want to feel completely comfortable in... READ MORE

The procedure redistributed the fat, pretty much whatever was in the machine got bigger and maintained that shape, so now my upper abdomen sticks out, it's hard and cannot be sucked in. Looking for advice from others that had the same experience. How did you fix it, did you have to go on a... READ MORE

I had coolsculpting 4 days ago on my abdomen and inner thighs. I got a small pooch and saddle bag that never go away so I decided to try this. Right now, the outside is numb and some sort of painful, itchy feeling inside but I am currently using a Compression Garment so I could barely feel the... READ MORE

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