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CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved, non-surgical device that uses precisely controlled cooling to freeze and destroy fat cells, thereby eliminating targeted body fat such as love handles, bra rolls, and stomach fat.  LEARN MORE ›
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I had my lower abdomen done with a large applicator. The initial suction part was uncomfortable and almost felt like it was hard to get a good breath since it was intensily sucking my abdomen. Once the cooling was on, i never felt cold. Instead, it was a light burning sensation. After about 15... READ MORE

After many many months trying to decide whether I wanted smartlipo or zeltiq I decided on the Zeltiq procedure just for the facts that I wanted to be able to get up and out and get on with my daily routine. I've researched the company and read every review on this site. I've... READ MORE

I had the cool coolsculpt procedure done on my stomach 9 days ago. The day of procedure no problem til day three...the pins and needles and bee stings were VERY uncomfortable! I had the handle bars done as well and no pain but tenderness and soreness like I worked out to much. A little... READ MORE

If you read my other post then you know I am getting married in September, that is why I am trying to look my best. I decided on Zeltiq (cool sculpting) due to it being cheaper than lipo (by $2100 less to be exact) and the no downtime benefit of it. I went into my doc's office last... READ MORE

I had the coolsculpting by Zeltiq done 3 hours ago. I decided to do this procedure to give me a kick start at losing weight and tightening my lower half up after having 3 kids. I am 5 ft 8in, weigh 139lbs and although I'm not overweight by any means, I have lost a lot of elasticity due to... READ MORE

Only needed one treatment! I still had my baby bump four years after having my daughter.  I was not sure what to expect from the procedure, but my results are amazing.  I had no pain. READ MORE

I had my flanks done after having an abdominoplasty and breast lift done in December. Its been 4 weeks now and I'm very pleased with the result so far, although I know that it is 8 weeks to realize the full results of treatment. It was painless, although the treatment made me feel numb in... READ MORE

I was very happy with my results. READ MORE

So I've always been fit but I've always had a muffin top…even when I was skinny. Now that I'm 26 my muffing top is more pronounced since I'm heavier. So I went to the Zeltiq website and searched for a doctor that did this procedure near where I live. Looooved his... READ MORE

I was looking at having surgery to get rid of my bulges when I heard about Zeltiq. I had my tummy and flanks treated and have had amazing results! I would much rather do this than have surgery!! There was some superficial bruising for a few days, but I love the results. READ MORE

First minute that device is suctioned on is a bit scary. First 5-10 minutes extremely uncomfortable, I kept wondering if I had made a mistake. Then it goes numb and the rest of the hour is tolerable. After procedure belly was numb and felt strange. Immediately huge swollen. Looked pregnant again... READ MORE

I've always been fit and over the past year noticed the belly fat, losing my waistline. I went to an office in Santa Barbara, the nearest place that was doing coolsculpting, otherwise would have gone to a cheaper area. It was not worth the expense I should have had lipo instead for probably the... READ MORE

I had the CoolSculpt today on my lower abdomen. The physician used the large applicator, and I was prepared for an uncomfortable strong suction and freezing. Before today, I thought I had a high pain tolerance. She warned me that I would be uncomfortable until minute 7. Unfortunately,... READ MORE

I’m excited to share my recent experience with Zeltiq CoolSculpting at Dr. Biesman’s office. I’m a height/weight proportional 52-year-old man. I watch what I eat, workout and jog regularly. I had the cliché “man-fat” around my belly that wouldn’t go away with any amount of diet or... READ MORE

I was always skinny, and my best part was my incredibly flat belly, after my first baby i went back (almost) like i was before, but my second baby was soooo big, he stretched my tummy at bit more and under the belly button i gained that horrible stubborn lumpy fat that just wont go no matter how... READ MORE

I'm 5'3", 150lbs but look like 135 lbs. I carry all my weight in my mid section and inner thighs, so I can hide it well. I've been running 3 miles just about everyday for two weeks now and doing heavy weights about 3 days a week (35 lb dumbbells for flys, bench 100lbs, squat 110 lbs with bar,... READ MORE

Too soon to tell if it worked, 2 days later I am bruised and tender to the touch, not hurting or aching. Kathie was very informative, very conscientious, took multiple trial runs before she felt she was getting the best fat intake for the results desired, gave me her cell number for calling or... READ MORE

At the time of my CoolSculpting procedure, I was a little less than one year away from my wedding. I began a diet and exercise regimen, yet there were some stubborn areas of my abdomen that I could not seem to get rid of with diet and exercise alone. I had heard about CoolSculpting and when I... READ MORE

I am uber disappointed. I had four cool sculpting applications done in July, and I still don’t see any results. I’ve dieted, worked out and to no avail. Initially I planned on getting a tummy tuck; however, I found some information on cool sculpting and thought that would be a safer way to... READ MORE

I'm writing this review to let those of you who are on the fence know that the pain described by many reviewers was non-existent for me. Other than the initial shock of the machine sucking the fat into the device, the experience was painless and over in a flash. The results won't be known... READ MORE

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