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CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved, non-surgical device that uses precisely controlled cooling to freeze and destroy fat cells, thereby eliminating targeted body fat such as love handles, bra rolls, and stomach fat.  LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $1,650

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After confiding to a friend that I had a consultation scheduled at Sono Bello for Smart Lipo in a few days, She said " Why?? It's so painful and expensive!" She told me she had Coolsculpt and was seeing great results. She told me a little about it and I went home to learn More. I found Dr... READ MORE

I will be very truthful with my experience, Im a RN and actually work 1 day a week at plastic surgeons office in the OR. If I wanted to I could have lipo or tummy tuck, I wanted non invasive. Im 5'5" 165 46y, I don't have saggy skin which surgery would be needed. Thats the one thing you need... READ MORE

A little about me, I am 5’9” 157 lbs in my late 30’s, no children. I work out pretty regularly, a few times a week, but not as intense or as often as I should. My current measurements are 39” bust, 33” waist, 39” pudge below the belly button, and 39” hips. I look like I have an... READ MORE

I had my lower and upper stomach done.. Four hours .. Painful when first started treatment but, when all done we home had little pain here and there nothing outrageous . I researched this treatment and read all the reviews I could get a hold of.. Cuz 3,100.00 dollars is a lot of money for me. ... READ MORE

No matter how much I diet and exercise my bra fat area has always been an issue for me. I had Coolsculpting in May and am seeing tremendous results! I am so excited, just in time for swim suit season! Each area took 1 hour, in which I read and napped. The procedure is simple and completely... READ MORE

I had been interested in Cool Sculpting after reviewing it on several web sites, including that of a local medical center known for excellence in dermatology. After submitting a consult request online, the office called and scheduled me in before Christmas. I had the procedure the next day! I... READ MORE

Ok, folks, I'm a 48 year old guy who now knows what it must feel like for women having cramps once a month. I initially had my first round of Coolsculpting done on my abdomen and flanks. Four hours/treatment locations. The pain was relevant after a few days - when the numbness subsided ... READ MORE

Day 1- I had the large applicator done on my lower tummy. When the applicator went on it was quite a discomforting pain. On a scale of 1-10 id say the pain is around a 4. It felt like an intense pulling and pinching. I felt as though i was counting down those 6 mins when the numbness would kick... READ MORE

20 yrs since it developed... thin frame, almost all muscle except the 'baby pouch' from birthing 2 children. I don't want to wear a bikini again, but I want it gone... not into needles, and liked this concept. BRING magazines, books or iPad... 1 hour per session.... I had to have 2 Many have... READ MORE

I had seven hours of treatment over two afternoons. I think they treated 7 areas. The treatment itself was like a "spa" afternoon for me, lol. I work full time so two afternoons in a quiet room with a cozy, warm blanket and Netflix - and time to take a nice nap - was awesome for me! Each... READ MORE

Pro: the surgical coordinator is nice. Mei cons: No post operative sheet given to me, I was explained that I would have discomfort, some pain, cramping and numbness, and let it subside. I wasnt walked downstairs with assistance. I think they are more concerned with getting paid than with the... READ MORE

I just had Coolsculpting done last week, I had upper and lower abs done with a total of four applicators. I was a little nervous after all the reviews about pain, but nothing hurt at all. The Doctor laughed at me as when she started to massage me it tickled so bad I couldn't stay still! The next... READ MORE

38 years old female with a flabby stomach ... I weigh11 stone 4 pounds .... And am a standard size UK 14 The procedure was ok. Sat in a room with a nurse with the cool sculpting large machine on me for 1 hour.. Uncomfortable but not sore. From day 4- 12 I've had pain, but not too sore that I... READ MORE

I have done cool sculpting tx on my under arms. Needless to say the treatment was so painful that left me screaming after the machine was off. Worst than that is loss of sensation in my forearms extending to my small finger and my ring finger. My hands are so weak I can barely move them. It's... READ MORE

The end results will be determined in October, this was a four hour procedure, two areas on both inner thighs for an hour each, I read a book and watched TV :) There is no pain, just a vacumming sensation on the area treated. Measurements and pictures taken, have an update soon. I'm 5'5" and... READ MORE

I work out and watch my calories but some stubborn fat in my lower belly and back led me to CoolSculpting. Pure vanity. I allowed myself to be sucked in by the simply-stated procedure in the brochure and buzz words of "non-surgical, " "FDA Approved, " and "patients return to their normal... READ MORE

Hi I had cool sculpt done ten days ago. Have major bloating still. If only 20% far loss. I'm asking myself. "Why did I spend $2000? For little improvement? " One would have to do 3 applications for 60% to make a noticeable difference. I wouldn't do this again or recommend it. I will update... READ MORE

It concerns me that there is such a strong misrepresentation for CoolSculpting and I want to share my experience and also my friend's experience with the procedure on our stomachs. When they state there is no downtime, that is false. The first and second day after the procedure, your skin is... READ MORE

I am a 55 yr old woman, 5 foot and 145lbs. I was looking for a procedure that was non-invasive for my abdomen. I checked around and thought about liposuction but when I started talking to a dermatalogist office, they were telling me the benefits of CoolSculpting over lipo.....I fell for it... READ MORE

Went there for the 1st Coolsculpting treatment (lower abs, used the large applicator) in Sep/2013. Changes were not significant and went back in Dec/2013 for another session. Was left UNEVEN! Went back to show it to the doc almost 3 mos later (to give it time to heal) he told me to wait a... READ MORE

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