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CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure that uses a controlled device to freeze and destroy fat. Here's how it works: Fatty areas are gently pinched between the CoolSculpting applicator, which then cools the area to a temperature that causes fat cells to crystallize and die. It's worth nothing that this treatment is not intended for massive weight loss, but instead for spot treating problem areas like loves handles, stomach rolls, and arm fat. LEARN MORE ›
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I had the procedure done on my lower abdomen and right flanks on 6/6/13 and left flanks on the next day - 1 hr on the belly with the big applicator and 2 hrs - 2 areas on each flank side with the smaller one. I am 37 yo and relatively fit, but couldn't get rid of that fatty pouch on my belly... READ MORE

Just had procedure today on both flanks. after reading tons of reviews on here I felt completely prepared for the best and worse. first off loved me tech!!! she has already texted me to make sure all was well. I did 1 hour on the left and then swapped to the right. after reading reviews about... READ MORE

Height: 5' 10" Weight today: 176 lbs Body Fat: 33 I'm 47 and weigh almost same as I did while 9 months pregnant with both children. I have brain damage and left hand paralysis from traumatic brain injury that triggered a cerebral stroke following cerebral aneurysm. I am not a candidate... READ MORE

Yesterday I went ahead with my procedure. I am 5'9" 169 lbs 38 yo. i had my upper and lower abdominal area done. The upper abdominal was VERY painful (felt like a vice grip) at first but lower were easy and pain free. Thankfully the upper was done last or I may not have had any other areas done.... READ MORE

I have been back and forth about even having this procedure done. I am just over 24, and have not had kids yet. I am going to Atlanta Friday to have this procedure for self esteem purposes. I was a college athlete and my mother now has been breaking me down about being "fat" although I'm not.... READ MORE

This will be a quick initial post, but I promise to do a thorough review and progress type blog here to follow my adventure! A quick background on me: I just turned 38 and I am a single Mom of 3 amazing kids. My oldest, Zach is 13, my youngest son, Kane, is 11, and my daughter, Samantha is 4.... READ MORE

No matter how much I weigh, I have always been plagued with thunder thighs! Unfortunately both of my daughters also inherited this lovely gene! With the youngest being 5'2 and all of 98 pounds....yet her thighs still rub together causing rashes in the summer. I can fully empathize! I am a... READ MORE

Just a little about me, I am in my 40's - a mom/wife with one child. I work out almost every day and eat healthy. I have been contemplating a treatment for my chubby stomach and love handles for years. My Dr recommended coolsculpting as a way to remove my excess fat. I read the reviews and took... READ MORE

I exercise 6 days a week, I'm usually very lean all year around, about 3 years ago, I starting taking anti-depressants ( Effexor, cipralex, Seroquel and nuerontin), needless to say I gained some weight and regardless of how crazy my exercise routine was and how much I dieted I felt like I had... READ MORE

I'm 35 and recently lost 25 lbs however, I have never liked my stomach and decided to treat it along with my hips. They used a large applicator on my lower stomach, a small one on my upper abdomen, and 1 small applicator on each hip totally 4 areas. I was pretty nervous just before the... READ MORE

So I have been researching like crazy and still am obviously. I have had 2 consultations at 2 different locations. 1st consultation was quick and an easy convincing of how, "whatever is pinched basically it's the far that melts away" her exact words. I scheduled my appointment and was quoted... READ MORE

Today, March 20th. I've been anticipating this now for 3 weeks. A little apprehensive after reading some of you bloggers here, but had to find out for myself. I had 3 treatment areas. Abdomen, Love Handles and Back. The abdomen was considered one treatment, both love handles - one treatment and... READ MORE

Pros: Fast, effective, natural and permanent! Cons: Slightly painful and fairly expensive. Also, not a solution for obese people. My Motivation: Spot fat reduction to reveal my six-pack that I've been working for for over 4 years! The Outcome: TBD - results to follow! How Has It Changed... READ MORE

I had the procedure on Nov 6. I had four 8" sections in essentially a diamond pattern around my belly button. The lower sections were extremely uncomfortable, but the upper sections were downright painful. The feeling of having your skin stretched and pulled was almost enough to have me... READ MORE

I just had the coolsculpting procedure done 5 days ago.... Before the procedure - My doctor had prescribed me neurotin before the procedure and instructed me to take one on the morning of to help reduce any discomfort. She also instructed me to buy a pair of spanx to wear for a few days after... READ MORE

Hi Everyone - I am a 51 yo male, 5'9", 162 lbs., BMI 23.8, 32" waist - really quite slim except for this tube of excess fat around my midsection. I could easily drop more weight to lessen the size of my midsection, however, in doing so, I will also lose size elsewhere on my body where I really... READ MORE

I am 25 years old, 5 ft 3, 133 lbs and I have an 8 year old child. Before I had my child I had very little extra belly fat. I was confident with wearing belly shirts and two piece bathing suits. During my pregnancy my stomach got really stretched and has never been the same. I have extra loose... READ MORE

I got coolsculpting done on my lower abdomen and I'm now on day 7 and the pain was so bad that I couldn't sleep through the night. I kept waking up with shooting pains in the area that was treated. I talked to the doctor today and they must be fairly new to coolsculpting because the doctor... READ MORE

I had my procedure done about 4 days ago. The procedure was uncomfortable but not painful. I got the large applicator on my upper and lower abdominals. When the suction was removed and the technician massaged the fat down it was painful. That night I was very swollen and numb. Yesterday was less... READ MORE

3/18/13 - had procedure done on lower stomach. Late 20s. 5'3" 135lbs. Had a bit of a panick attack at first. It took my breath away and I thought I would pass out. But 5 minutes later I was feeling ok. It's not comfortable bit not painful either. Just mostly annoying. The same for the massage... READ MORE

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