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CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure that uses a controlled device to freeze and destroy fat. Fatty areas are gently pinched between the CoolSculpting applicator, which cools the area to a temperature that causes fat cells to crystallize and die. This treatment isn't intended for massive weight loss, but for treating problem areas like loves handles, stomach rolls, and arm fat. LEARN MORE ›

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Just finished my cool sculpting session in which I had 6 areas of my abdomen treated with the small applicator. The RN arranged the treatment areas in a diamond shape that included 2 lower abdominal and 2 mid abdominal applications and then 2 for the flank areas. It took around 4-5 hours using... READ MORE

I work out 3-4 times a week but I could not get rid of this pouch in my mid-section. I tried CoolSculpting for my abs and flanks and it works. The procedure is not painful, it is cold and slightly uncomfortable at first but the uncomfortably goes away. You sit there for one hour and read a book... READ MORE

I'm 5'3, 140 lbs. I work out and watch what I eat, but no matter what I do, I cannot get rid of my tummy. I finally decided to tackle it once and for all. Originally, I thought my only option was liposuction, but after seeing a few plastic surgeons and being told that CoolSculpting would give me... READ MORE

I am 49 and 5ft 3 130lbs. I was always active and very thin 110 until I turned 40. Dec 4, 2010, I had a hysterectomy and I have never been the same. Fat on my stomach and flanks. I have even been mistaken for being pregnant. Awful! My experience was not as bad as I thought. The suction was... READ MORE

Ok, so I lost about 30 pounds in the past year pretty evenly except for a pocket of fat on my lower abdomen when I went for my consultation, the nurse recommend I do my upper and lower just so the end result is even and flat after the three months. I had it done (4 sessions at once -two suction... READ MORE

I recently turned 30 and have never had kids nor plan to. I have lost 50-55 pounds over two years and have kept the weight off and I am continuing a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise and am within 20 pounds of my goal/ ideal weight. This has left me with fatty deposits around my abdomen... READ MORE

Had Coolsculpting done 10/27. It was definitely more painful than I had anticipated. Have a lot of swelling in lower abs but not much on Love handles. When they first put on the machine it definitely hurts but after about 10 min you don't feel as much. It was not a great feeling getting the... READ MORE

So here is the start of my experience. If you've read my posts under the mini TT category you know this has taken me a while to reach this point! I'm just in the middle of my first ok procedure. So far so good. It did hurt a bit at first. A mix of stinging and burning. Right now it's more like... READ MORE

So I work out like crazy, sometimes I eat things I shouldn't. I went through lots of stress the past year, parents house burning down, divorce, switching jobs, back on my own. One day I tried a bikini and I hated how it looked on me. I researched coolsculpting thinking this is the answer. I want... READ MORE

So I went in knowing the possible outcomes so that prepared me to what was to come. I did a total of 8 applications (1 hour each) but they do two at a time. I did my bra line, love handles and my lower and upper abdomen. The temperature is put to -10 c. The first 5-10 minutes are pretty... READ MORE

I've been going back and forth between a tummy tuck or Lipo then I heard of Coolsculpting and how it has the same benefit as Lipo except it's non surgical. I did some research on it and saw some before and after pictures and I was amazed! I have had two kids and two C sections, so I've always... READ MORE

I am 5’4”; weight 109 lbs, in my late 40’s. I work out daily and have been called a “health freak”. I never went above 110 pounds except child bearing two times in my life. I am probably by far the slimmest figure among all patients who go for a fat reduction related procedure.... READ MORE

I had two cool sculpt procedures done to my lower abdominal area. The biggest applicator in two locations! The procedure was totally painless. I was in and out in about 3 hours. Absolutely no down time afterwards either. I didn't change a thing in my daily routine. The results are amazing. I... READ MORE

About 3 years ago I met my weight loss goal of -65 lbs to get to a normal healthy weight :-) This was done over a year and a half and was really through diet/exercise and I'll be honest, a ton of hard work changing habits and thought patterns. No magic there.So finally at my 'ideal weight'... READ MORE

As a 47 year old woman I had given up hope that I would ever have a flat stomach. I had 10 lb children and although I was a personal trainer I could never get rid of the "pooch". I did not have high expectations of this procedure but boy was I wrong! I lost 2 pant sizes and haven't felt this... READ MORE

I am going in for Cool Sculpting today at 1:00 pm. I am really getting nervous. I am having four places done. Both top inner thighs and then inner thighs to the knee and then outside saddlebags. I'm 5'3" and weight 120lbs. They said it was going to take between 4-5 hours. Wish me luck. I'll... READ MORE

My procedure it was done Wednesday I watched all the videos before I went but I have to say when I first put it on it was very painful and I did cry once I got through the first 10 minutes it was fine but then when they took it off it was even more painful and that lasted for about 20 minutes I... READ MORE

I'm roughly 110lbs. I am 5'4. My BMI is 18.9. I have always been "skinny" but I was never comfortable wearing tight clothing because I had a protruding belly to the extent that my friends would poke me and my family would laugh at me. When I was in high school and had gym 5 days a week, I still... READ MORE

I was super nervous about doing this procedure. I actually just came in for a consult and she had a free slot so I took it. I figured it would be painful but It's actually not that bad. The first initial suck of the machine was uncomfortable and so were the first 6 minutes but now I'm kind of... READ MORE

I had two areas done on each arm, the upper and lower areas. The procedure took about 2 hours. The cooling wasn't very painful, but the rewarming and post massage REALLY hurt. Fortunately that stage didn't last too long. About 5 days post procedure I had significant nerve pain. This lasted about... READ MORE

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