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WORTH IT RATING based on 353 reviews
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Using a strong bleaching agent, the teeth whitening process Zoom Whitening looks to brighten those pearly whites during your dental visit. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $375

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I decided to get Zoom for my teeth because my dental office had a special for 140.00 (I have never had it and will never do it again) I believe that the normal price is 350. So I said what do I have to lose.When I arived for my appointment the receptionist asked me why I was getting zoom since... READ MORE

I have always wanted to have my teeth whitened, so when I saw a great deal for it, I pounced. My teeth are fairly white to begin with, but I wanted that movie star smile!I started reading reviews on this site, and was terrified before my appointment today. The dentist calmed my fears. After... READ MORE

I went in blind...yes blind! My daughter works for a dentist and talked me into to getting my teeth whiten, but I had no idea what would happen. Yes, I trusted my daughter...and I should have been more prepared.I let them clean my teeth prior whitening, which was not smart as that made them... READ MORE

So here I am about to have my teeth teeth whitened for the first time. I was so excited but like most people had heard the horror stories of having the Zoom treatment, some people even likened it to giving birth. While I have myself never been in that situation, I do watch movies and was... READ MORE

Had my teeth zoomed today. I had wanted to have them zoomed for some time but in the past decided to use the carbamide peroxide custom upper tray instead. There is currently a $150 special so I decided to take advantage of it.I read several reviews which REALLY scared me. I have somewhat... READ MORE

The last time i did it was when i first got my braces off my dentist had told me that he would do it for free, so the results that i had were great but it didn't last for very to long.after getting my teeth zoomed whitened i had a couple of zinger and later on that day, my teeth were throbbing... READ MORE

I Had Zoom whitening procedure done one year ago, my teeth was not very dark but just a bit yellow .it wasn't painfull .immediatly after the procedure the doctor gave me a mirror so i could see the result . i wasn't that impressed ( i only noticed some horizontale white lines one my teeth but... READ MORE

I am disappointed in the bright white spots that have appeared on my teeth! I was not aware that this could happen as a result of whitening. I had my teeth whitened using zoom, and my teeth came out with white spots. I am going to get MI Paste to remineralize and even out the color. I plan... READ MORE

After reading all the reviews on this site last night I was seriously thinking about just walking away from the $595 (they make you pay upfront to order the kit). Reading through many of these reviews the first finger needs to be pointed at the dentist, the pre-treatment preparation, and... READ MORE

I have always wanted to try Zoom Whitening even though my teeth were not all that yellow. I visited my dentist and went through a series of dental procedures and the last step was zoom whitening. I was very satisfied with all the other work performed so I agreed to it. My whitening sessions... READ MORE

Had zoom whitening. My results were instant and very happy with the level of whitening achieved. Bit painful that night and have ulcers on top and bottom gums. But after 48 hours they have started to dull and have a yellow tinge to them again, i have only had white foods to eat or drink in this... READ MORE

I have always wanted to try the Zoom treatment but never could justify the $500 ish cost. A few months ago I was at a festival and won a treatment from a new Dentist in the area. I had read all of the horrid reviews, as well as speaking to a girlfriend who had it and said it was very painful... READ MORE

After reading many reviews the night before my Zoom Whitening procedure I was so nervous I almost cancelled. I'm glad I didn't!!I immediately expressed my concerns with the dentist when I got to the appointment. She answered all my questions and made me feel very safe and comfortable. I then... READ MORE

I have always had fairly white teeth. I have used the Crest Whitening strips a few times with good results. I decided to try Zoom because it was quicker, less of a hassle overall, and, in theory, would give even better results.Instead, I barely see a difference from how my teeth looked prior to... READ MORE

I am in the process of changing my smile. My dentist recommended Zoom. After years of drinking tea and getting older, my teeth were UGLY. Very dark and dingy. After reading many of these posts and others like them I was very nervous about doing it. I went to my dentist and talked with the... READ MORE

It works but not much better than using the bleaching gel and molds. I had done that alone 10 years ago and had similar results with no side effects. The process is very uncomfortable.The biggest issue I had was that my lips swelled from contact with the bleach used in the process. This started... READ MORE

Had zoom done at about 10AM today. I spent a long time talking to the staff about all the concerns I had after reading so many bad reviews, as it was REALLY freaking me out. However, they assured me that most patients do not experience the worst pain. Think about it this way: very few people... READ MORE

I got a flyer in the mail about free Zoom whitening if you got x-rays. I wasn't eligible for x-rays from my insurance right then but I found out that they would only cost $70, so that seemed like a really good deal, so I went ahead. (So it actually cost me $70, I'm not sure how much the normal... READ MORE

Severe Sore throat, tightness in chest and I lost my voice. 12 hiours later, throat hurts, cough worse, pain in rt lower lung, probabley caused by all the stuff that ran down the back of my throat. READ MORE

I had never had any dental work done, other than regular cleanings. I went in not knowing what to expect, and was very pleastantly surprised.It was a little uncomfortable during the prep and trying to hold still for fifteen minutes at a time. But overall, it was well worth it.I did experience... READ MORE

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