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Like Botox, this injectable wrinkle eraser makes foreheads smooth, but XEOMIN doesn't require refrigeration. LEARN MORE ›
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I never wanted to be the girl who was getting procedures done in my early twenties who looks like a wax figurine by the time I'm 40, but I had been noticing some unattractive forehead wrinkles that left some distinct lines even when my face was expressionless and I wanted to do something about... READ MORE

1st Day So far so good. I got a little anxious because I've only done Botox in the past so trying something new was scary. However, I trust the staff at where I go so I got 20 unit of Xeomin 8 in each 'crow feet' area, and 2 above each eye brow to raise them slightly as I just got 30 unit of... READ MORE

Im not sure if I should write a review just yet since I did just get xeomin today, However I will say that ive driven an hour away eveyr 3 months for the past year to get Botox that Is affordable. Today due to a special a local plastic surgeon ran, I chose to go and try her and still the botox... READ MORE

I have been insecure about the deep wrinkles on my forehead. I was told to try Zeomin by my sister. I was scared but the staff made me feel comfortable and gave me lots of good information before I had the injections done. Being it wasnt Botox like I usually hear about I was skeptical. The... READ MORE

I have been having Botox in my forehead and crows feet for quite some years. For the last few times I am not getting good results and it is not lasting more than two to three months. My aesthetician recommended I go to see Dr.Marc Longo who is an Opthalmic plastic Surgeon in Houston. I went... READ MORE

I wanted something minimally invasive to give me noticeable yet subtle results. I am very pleased thus far with the results as they are proving to be accomplishing the outcome I was hoping for! The procedure was only slightly uncomfortable with very little swelling for me. Also, bruising may be... READ MORE

Botox has become too expensive for me. It may have been that my PS was pushing me to do areas that weren't needed. But it was just too much, $600 every 3-4 months. So when I came across a Groupon for Xeomin. I researched the salon and the product and decided to give it a shot. It's too early to... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Ibrahim Nagi office for the first time and had injection of Xeomin, but did not get any results. This was the first time using that medication and doctor's office paid. I paid more than I usually pay for Dysport with no result. I regret it and not sure if it was actually pure or... READ MORE

I have tried both Botox and Dysport in the past. The first time I used Botox, it lasted approx. 4 weeks. I decided to get Botox right before my 20 year high school reunion. So, I frantically returned to my doctor's office to see if I could get it again so soon, since I obviously didn't want... READ MORE

I was excited to hear about xeomin from a friend of mine who had already had it a couple of times. I had botox multiple times in the past and also used dysport once a few years ago. I was hesitant to try a new person injecting because I had been with the previous one for years. My friend told... READ MORE

I am a 32yo woman who has been getting Botox or Dysport injections into my face since I was 22. I think of it as brushing my teeth before I get cavities. I received Xeomin (it's like Botox I was told) to my middle brow and also my forehead, which are my usual areas for now. I have a signature... READ MORE

I had been using Botox for my ugly neckbands. I was never really impressed, or really noticed that much difference. The medspa was offering a special, so I decided to try it. I saw better than Botox results a couple of days following the injections [I think maybe 20 or less units] Same amt they... READ MORE

I love the way it looks; so smooth and baby soft. I am 53 and even medical professionals remark at how young I looked.... last month that is. After exactly 4 weeks, it started diminishing. I could try switching to Dysport or increasing the units (20), but I usually do get a nasty headache for... READ MORE

Had Xeomin for the first time a week ago. Not only did it work quick it was effective. Lines between my eyes dissipated within 3 days. Crows feet gone in that amount of time too. I have used Botox for many years and liked it. Xeomin is just as good, but not as expensive. I might have Botox next... READ MORE

I was originally treated in my frown lines by a dermatologist in DC are for my squinting headaches years ago. She also treated my crows feet for cosmetic use and I like both treatments. The product had not been FDA approved yet, and she was a clinical investigator. Years later I tried the same... READ MORE

I have been doing Botox for about 5 years . I say instead of tension headaches , I have tension faceache. Botox really makes me feel more rested in the face because I do very close up work. I went to my Dermatologist for my usual Botox and was informed that they are now using something... READ MORE

I take care of myself. I eat right, I exercise, I stay out of the sun. I am very proactive about my health. When it comes to my face, I use the same approach. I choose to get neurotoxin injections (Xeomin) because I don't want to experience the harsh lines associated with aging. As a woman... READ MORE

I have had Botox many times since I was 28 yrs old and it became less effective over the years. My nurse practitioner tried Xeomin on me approx 2 months ago with no result at all. She decided to re-treat me today for no cost to see if maybe there was an error in reconstituting the med prior to... READ MORE

I am a very happy person and always smile but despite it over the years I developed a very strong "frown" wrinkle between my eyebrows. Even if I smiled, it still seemed as if I frowned. After Zeomin procedure it became almost impossible for me to frown…now, when I smile, I actually smile... READ MORE

I've been getting 20 units of Botox for 10 years about once a year on my number 11s between my brows and it has worked wonderfully. On jan 3 2014 I got 20 units of xeomin and it did almost nothing buck make my sinuses feel funny. It's feb and it never kicked in... You can still see my lines... READ MORE

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