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VelaSmooth uses ultrasound and massage to heat up fat cells and improve skin's elasticity which can temporarily remove celluliteLEARN MORE ›
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Question all...please help...I did my first treatment it was so painful and lasted 19 minutes? Am I getting rooked? READ MORE

Did 10 treatments on my butt and behind legs and my legs look GREAT. so glad vela exists. remember the treatments work hand in hand with good dieting. you shouldnt expect any results if you continue to eat fatty foods. diet, drink plety water and do the treatments consistently. it works. trust.... READ MORE

I just finished my first treatment--took about 45 minutes...Hurt like nothing could ever imagine. i figure, if it hurts, it must be working. I don't work out and I am not toned at all. I'm 5'4 and 125 lbs. My consultant told me that i should do six treatments. I think it is pretty... READ MORE

I originally signed up for Amerismooth which was considered to be the same as Velasmooth. I purchased a 10 pack on front, side, back and buttocks (my entire legs). I went weekly, worked out, ate healthy for the most part. I was losing weight but the cellulite did not go away or even improve. ... READ MORE

I had two Velashape treatments on my abdomen with no results and lots of bruising. I asked the technician to stop as she was doing the last treatment as it became very uncomfortable. The brusing the second time was twice as bad. I will not do this again, as I've been told "there is no... READ MORE

I received four treatments over four weeks. Now its almost 3 weeks after the treatments and I am not happy at all. I expected atleast 50% improvement. I see maybe 10% which I could have attained with a tan. I am 5'7 160 pounds and moderate cellulite on my thighs and butt and I'm regretting... READ MORE

I have had 8 treatments so far & all I can say is that this was a total waste of money. I'm not overweight, exercise alot but just wanted to get rid of some cellulite I had & I truly feel as if I threw my money away. There has been absolutely no improvement. Now American Laser Centers... READ MORE

I had at least 20 treatments, I saw maybe 10% improvement not enough to make a difference. I was counting on about 80% improvement and was told that was a reasonable expectation. The nurse who performed the treatment was great, the results were practically non-exsitant.I could not recomend... READ MORE

Like many women I'm willing to try anything to get rid of cellulite but Velasmooth - which I did exactly as required - did not work. The technicians were reluctant to show me the before and after photos they did because frankly, we couldn't tell which was which. I did lose centimetres around... READ MORE

I had bought 8 sessions w min results and like a dummy bought 8 more!!hah...they said may b in me it takes longer:( and again waste of my money...wish i had read these results sooner here on this page.I would not have spend the extra $800. Not recommending this to anyone READ MORE

It was painful and bruising lasted for days. It looked like I was in a car accident.Once treatments stopped, so did the results. They claimed that I lost inches, but my clothes did NOT feel any loser and I did NOT feel any skinnier. Curious if VelaShape is more effective and less painful READ MORE

I just had my 4th Velasmooth treatment on thighs and buttocks. I started 6 weeks ago. The results on me have been more than I hoped for! My doctor's technician who does the Velasmooth says some people get no results. It appears that if you are toned or have hard firm fat on the thighs and... READ MORE

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