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Varicose to spider, this form of treatment helps reduce the appearance of enlarged veins. Common measures often used sclerotherapy and lasers. LEARN MORE ›
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"You've got a really bad bruise on the back of your leg" I got so used to hearing this. In reality I had an ugly varicose vein that bulged and itched and I had removed by surgery. It was a quick, simple process under local anaesthetic. The scars have very much faded over the years and I wish... READ MORE

Im 36 years old. After the birth of my fifth child I developed very noticeable hand and wrist veins. So bad that I wore long sleeve even in the summer even in the Georgia heat.. No doctors in my home state would treat wrist veins. So I came to Realself to look for a doctor who would. I found Dr... READ MORE

I had microphlebectomy (vein removl) on my bulgng veins on frt of legs n around ankls. 1st trtmt was dne on frt of legs. 2nd trtmt 6/18 was dne around ankls. 1st trtmt lft me wth little scars tht r fading away n the 2nd trtment lft me wth no scars. My scars take lng too heal, I thk that it's jst... READ MORE

For some years I've been somewhat self-conscious about the "spider veins" (telangiectasias) below my nostrils and on my cheeks. While mine were very mild compared to many other people, using concealer only partially masked the problem -- and then for only minutes, as my complexion is very oily.... READ MORE

I always hear laser was expensive.. and I didnt think I could ever afford it.. I was curious so I made a appointment. At Dr Kevin C smith clinic .. When I went to the Clinic its a very nice place the staff is very nice and answer all my questions by phone too .. The Doctor is very nice I asked... READ MORE

I have all my procedures at the Brooklyn NY Veterans hospital where my doctor works once a week as a Mohs surgeon. I have had over 50 surgeries for skin cancers on my face, neck,ears and hands. I ask my doctor Andrea Hui if she could do anything to get rid of the veins on my nose. She said they... READ MORE

I had prominent blue veins near both eyes and temples. Several other docs said they were too close to the eyes, also refused laser treatments. Dr. Guyaron didn't even blink! He did a tiny cut above and below the veins and removed them completely! He also did my migraine surgery and gave me my... READ MORE

I joined RealSelf to learn about breast augmentation options (hence my name, haha) but I realized "oh wait I'm having vein surgery next week. I bet people might want to know about that!" :) Everyone in my mother's family and my mother have AWFUL varicose veins. I mean bad. I mean I wouldn't... READ MORE

I'm 25 years years old and have always had a single blue vein under each eye. The veins would always be visible no matter how much make up I applied. I was always self conscious of them, especially since I would receive comments from others about how I looked like I was bruised and even one... READ MORE

I had a bulging vein tuning down the middle of my forehead. I had several consultations assuring it would be safe to remove. When I went in for the procedure, a miracle happened and quickly turned into a disaster. My vein would not bulge. It's never done that before. The doctor said we were in... READ MORE

On March 22, 2013, I went to Newport Beach MedSpa to have some superficial spider veins removed from the side of my nose. I was taken into the treatment room by the person who would be performing the treatment, Kathy Mohammadi. We spoke briefly - approximately 20 seconds while she face timed in... READ MORE

I am a guy who inherited varicose veins from his mother. Great. For a long time (up until my 30s) I lived with it, wearing long shorts to cover the bulging veins in my left leg. Eventually I grew tired of hiding it and decided to get a consultation to see what could be done, whether insurance... READ MORE

I had a few broken capilllaries under my nose that I had to cover up with concealer. I am dating a guy 22 years younger so I like to look good without make-up in the morning. I also had broken caps around my nose and on my nose and a few on the cheeks. I researched the different treatments and... READ MORE

After years of hiding my legs due to varicose veins and associated pain and swelling, I decided to seek treatment. The procedure was quick and easy and relatively pain-free! I couldn't be happier with the results and am looking forward to seeing my legs once the small incisional scars are fully... READ MORE

I've suffered from pain and fatigue in my legs for over 12 years. Previous ligation treatment proved to be a temporary fix. After my initial consult with the doctor I wore compression stockings as conservative therapy. Then the ultrasound testing revealed the medical necessity for more... READ MORE

I am 60 and for years I have had varicose veins, they swell, hurt to touch, and would itch. Also my legs would ache. Dr. K did my right leg and will also be doing my left leg. My leg looks so much better and feels good. Dr. K and all the professionals who were there that day we fantastic. ... READ MORE

Originally, I was very nervous to undergo treatment for my terrible spider veins. I did not know it was going to be so easy. The procedure was quick (within my lunch hour), very little pain, and results can be seen instantly. I can say, with absolute certainty, that this procedure is for anyone... READ MORE

I recommended Dr. Gioscia to many of my friends. He was professional and very knowledgable. He explained everything to me in detail and was always patient with my questions. The Radiofrequency Ablation (VNUS Closure) procedure was relatively easy. There was minimal pain. Wearing the tights were... READ MORE

I was experiencing pain, bulging, swelling and tired legs. This was nothing new to me since 7 to 8 year prior I thought that I had this problem corrected, by another Dr. But truth be told it wasn't . I wish I had done my homework and researched about the previous Dr., before having him do vein... READ MORE

I will include a photo of my leg later but I saw these fantastic reviews about Dr. Reichel and wanted to tell my experience which was terrible and no compensation or call back after I had to go for antibiotics and evaluation of what was going on with my injection sight by another GP and then... READ MORE

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