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Teosyal, a hyaluronic acid-based filler, was created to free your face from wrinkles and acne scarsLEARN MORE ›
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I had what I thought was restylane (but was actually Teosyal) injected into the naso-labial lines by a cosmetic nurse who had successfully treated me with botox in the past. The result was over-filling in the lower right cheek.I requested hylaronidase some weeks later, to diminish some of the... READ MORE

To volumize my lips , about 1 month ago my doctor injected teosyal ultra deep to my lips & now it is not smooth , iwas wondering if it is because of using ultra deep instead of kiss and want toknow if it is bad or not ? can i inject more of it to repair or not?my doctor has injected teosyal... READ MORE

I had Teosyal injected into my nasolabial folds & smile lines 2 days ago. I found the injections quite uncomfortable, but i think it looks fabulous (so far anyway). I have had no bruising & no swelling, just a couple of very tiny puncture marks from the needle. You do have to look... READ MORE

The Doctor's surgery I went to is rated in all the magazines as one of the best in London. I had my nasal folds filled with Teosyal as I felt I looked a little drawn in the face. The Doctor I had was pleasant but it felt rushed the whole appointment as the waiting room was full and there were... READ MORE

I had deep tear troughs and chose to have Teosyal injected to fill them in.It has been 2 years and I have one bump in each trough where the filler had been injected. I read another posting you answered where it described "chronic bumps with a bluish hue colour" and that is exactly... READ MORE

I had this procedure done under one eye that was a bit hollow. it made the skin texture really mangy and scaly, its a been a year now and its still there, i would not recomend this it looks awful and my eye looked better before the procedure, this filler only made the problem worse. dont do it... READ MORE

I am a 47 year old female, I was noticing that under my eyes were starting to look a bit sunken in. I went to see a doctor who suggested I use Teosyal to fill underneath my eyes. At first I Loved it, it was a big difference but 3 months later one eye looked like I had a black eye, so I went... READ MORE

Yes, I got one treatment for $430.00. I was in Costa Rica having a different procedure, when I found this dermatologist in my doctor's building. I made an appt for filler and got teosyal filler. I am extremely pleased. My doctor was very skilled at placement. I had a lot of time to apply the... READ MORE

I had teosytal injected yesterday(2 dermadeep)to restore facial volume in my lower face, I am 45 and was not please with my face sagging. Altough I have some little bruises the result is so far amazing. I am now anxious to see how long it will last but so far I would repeat the experience even... READ MORE

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