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Teosyal, a hyaluronic acid-based filler, was created to free your face from wrinkles and acne scarsLEARN MORE ›

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Unlucky genetics, coupled with no shortage of work stres have lead me to become very self-conscious of my constant, prominent undereye circles over the past few years. After much research, I finally decided to take the plunge and get my tear troughs filled. After researching several... READ MORE

Over the past few years I felt I had suddenly aged, particularly following a hysterectomy four years ago which led to overnight menopause. My face no longer reflected the person I felt I was. There were deep 11's on my forehead, drooping jowels, baggy eyes and everything just seemed to be... READ MORE

I had teyosal redensity II injected in my under eye hollows and 20 units of botox injected in between my brows and 12 units total on the ends of my brows and crows feet, to create an eye lift. I'm am beyond happy! I look like I'm 25 again, I take great care of my skin but the hollows were making... READ MORE

DAY 1 I was motivated to get lip fillers for a number of reasons: 1) To improve the definition around the boarder of my top lip. Up until very recently, I had severe scarring from eczema around my lip area especially around the top and corners of my lips. This caused the pigmentation and... READ MORE

I am approaching 40 and have been noticing the loss of volume in my face. I was excited about the prospect of dermal fillers but nervous about looking overdone or it feeling funny afterwards. Dr. Torgerson is wonderful and totally put me at ease during the consultation and I felt confident going... READ MORE

I visited Robyn Vandermoor in Toronto Yesterday for my first ever injections !! I had Teosyal redensity 2 injected ubder both eyes. I was extremely nervous but the deep hollows under my eyes were terrible. I am so happy that I went through with the procedure !!! It was very painless, fast and... READ MORE

My whole adult life, I had deep-set eyes with dark undereye circles. Around 30, they started becoming very noticeable. By 33, my undereye area was severely hollowed out with permanent bags and tons of crepe-like lines. No makeup helped. I constantly looked exhausted, and was getting regular... READ MORE

So here I am. Five months from when I had teosyal injected into my face. This was the third time I had filler to help restore the contour to my face. The first two occasions were with another practitioner. Then I moved house and could no longer access her services. So I went to Dr Marios... READ MORE

My practitioner mentioned this product when we were discussing hollowness under eyes. I made appointment for following week and had it done. It's now seven days later and I look like this. Of course I was prepared to bruise, but I cannot socialise this weekend in the evening indoors (as wearing... READ MORE

My lips we're not very big, to say the least. 5 years ago I tried Restylane and absolutely HATED the duck like look. I waited until now for Teosyal kiss a try. I LOVE IT! I have very soft lips and it looks extremely natural, quite a difference nonetheless! Procedure was almost painless a bit... READ MORE

Since an orthodontist showed my parents a picture of my weak chin and suggested I get my jaw broken to end up more attractive (I was 12), I have felt extremely self-conscious about my profile. I have been thinking about getting a chin implant for several years. When I recently reached out to a... READ MORE

My lips weren't necessarily small, but I wanted a bit of extra volume and fullness. I did a lot of research on the internet, always coming across paid ads for high profile plastic surgeons, and mixed reviews from smaller offices. Eventually I swallowed my pride and asked some of my friends,... READ MORE

I moved to costa rica and really needed a touch up my bottom lip. It was almost one year since I got juevaderm in Canada. It lasted about 12 months. Still I loved the way my lips looked after getting a filler, I needed a little more. I did my research and went to a certified dermitogist here in... READ MORE

4 days ago had filler in my tear troughs. One is fine but my right eye has swollen - yellow discolouration of the skin (immediate) and puffy like a pillow - can't feel anything hard underneath. The inside ridge of the pillow almost has a flap where it has gotten so swollen. I don't know what... READ MORE

I am extremely happy with how my lips look! I always had a small upper lip and was very subconscipous about it, until I got the Teosyal Kiss Filler. It wasn't as painful as I suspected, and my lips were quite numb during the procedure. I didn't get any bruisining, only some swelling for a couple... READ MORE

Dear all, my horrendous experience with Teosyal began 2 months ago (http://www.realself.com/question/blue-discolouration-nose-area-teosyal ===> few hours after treatment) and I really want to share with everybody what happened to me. I had a practitioner recommended to me by an... READ MORE

I just got my lips done at a local cosmetic clinic/medical spa in Toronto, Canada. The doctor was AMAZING! She totally knew what she was doing and gave me exactly what I had asked for. I had done my research before getting my lips done so I knew exactly what I wanted and I loved that fact that... READ MORE

I got the mini-lip injection (Vancouver does it, haven't seen anywher else). Loved it - went in for a top lip and the nurse said my lips were even and that most people who want a fuller looking lip just do the bottom. She suggested I do both otherwise it could look uneven with just the top.... READ MORE

Hi guys, I've seen realself was asking for more reviews on teosyal so here we go. I injected this product first in june 2007 five times and again in september 2008 two or three times.So I notice a bump after the first session in 2007 which is still here today. I made a biopsie to find out what... READ MORE

Since my teens I've dreamt about getting a nose job but I've always been worried about the risks and couldn't justify the cost. I though I'd never get it done unless the price came down a lot. Recently I discovered that fillers can soften the shape of the nose as well as filling my frown lines... READ MORE

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