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When your nose heals improperly from an original rhinoplasty, a revision can help correct the issue. LEARN MORE ›
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I had a rhinoplasty some 30 years ago and the job was terrible. My nose becam deformed and my septum wore away from scar tissue.For many years once i was able to have it redone, no surgeon would touch it. Finally i found my Dr. who also is an ENT. He was so sympathetic and willing to work on... READ MORE

I had my first rhinoplasty in May 08. I did it because I felt my nose was way too big, it protruded far from my face and the tip was to bulgy, plus a had a bit of a hump. Well after the first one, the hump was gone but the nose was still huge. To make matters worse, my nostrils were so uneven... READ MORE

Had a severely deviated septum as well as a nose I always felt was a little too large for my face. I had the septum fixed once, though while my breathing improved slightly, in ways it made things worse - ie., having not enough septum and still a a lot of nose, causing the tip to hang even lower... READ MORE

My first surgery for a broken nose bone was done when I was 27.I am a 44 year old male, and had a revision done.It has been 10 1/2 months post-op. I had a septoplasty and a rhino to remove a large hump (cartilage). I am experiencing swelling in the morning, after a night of drinking, and just... READ MORE

Pros - comfortable operation, improvements made.Cons - not entirely satisfied with my results so far, considering revision. I fractured my nose 2 years ago. As a result, I had septoplasty one year ago followed by a rhinoplasty (osteotomies only) 11 weeks ago to reduce the broadness of my nose... READ MORE

Dr. Solieman and Dr. Litner are THE BEST! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty revision. I previously had my nose done by a surgeon in Las Vegas about 10 years ago. The surgeon took too much bone and cartilage, which resulted in the tip of my nose... READ MORE

Several years ago I suffered a severe nose fracture which left my nose horribly disfigured and made it incapable for me to breathe through my right nostril. As the years went by, my breathing became so unbearable that I decided to seek treatment from a doctor here in my Midwest state to improve... READ MORE

2 years ago I opted for a closed procedure rhinoplasty to file down a "bump" on my bridge that had bothered me more and more with aging changes in my face. I also opted for some minor tip changes. I was fearful of doing an open procedure thinking the recovery would be more difficult and risky.... READ MORE

I am extremely excited and thankful to be a new patient of Dr. Tavakoli's. I was born with a cleft lip and since birth have had many operations on my face, so have had a lot of experiences with various surgeons. I am going into surgery this week for rhinoseptoplasty with Dr. Tavakoli and could... READ MORE

Well, i have posted my past experiences and i can say i am completely devasted! Do plastic surgeons really care about patients or do they tell you what you want to hear! I have been through 2 rhinoplastys in the last year and a half that i originally went to straighten a pulled and dropped... READ MORE

Its been over year now that I have done a septo /Rhinoplasty to fix my deviated septum and crooked nose after a nasal fracture. my nose is even more crooked now, thinner and shorter which i never asked for..has indentions and a small bump that I didn't have pre-op. As I am slowly trying to... READ MORE

After careful research of plastic surgeons within my region, I came across Dr. Bouzaglou. My initial concern was to remove the bump on the bridge of my nose. After the first proceduce, I was very pleased with the profile, side view. The bump was removed and my nose was slightly upturned, exactly... READ MORE

Initial Rhinoplasty done in 1996 to remove "hump" on my nose resulted in a poor outcome. Asymmetrical nostrils and bulbous tip and collapse on one side and overall unattractive nose! I was so nervous to have a second surgery for fear of a worse result. I waited 15 years and after looking online... READ MORE

While searching on YouTube one night, I happened to come across an ad for Dr. Robert Morin. After looking at all of the before and after pictures of rhinoplasty procedures, I knew I had to schedule a consultation. I had an accident as a child which caused trauma to my nose and a previous... READ MORE

Could not be happier with my results after undergoing a revision rhinoplasty! I had a nose job about 7-8 years ago that looked so operated on- fake looking! I am only 12 days out and my nose is so natural looking and mind you still swollen. It looks great!  Well here we are 18 months... READ MORE

Hi my name is Prissy, I'm 31 years old mother of 2 wonderful kids. This is the second time I get a Rhinoplasty done in the last 12 years. I first got it done when I was 19 years old in La Jolla, CA. I paid an arm and a leg for my Rhinoplasty in the States. I had gone with this doctor that was... READ MORE

Shah Shank RedemptionBefore being treated by Anil R. Shah, MD, I have more or less given up on plastic surgeons. After all, my first two cosmetic surgeons may as well have operated with prison shanks based on the outcomes I received from them. Thank goodness Dr. Shah was able to change my... READ MORE

I had a nose job in my early 20s and it did not go so well. This time the doctor had to take cartalige from my rib cage to place in my nose to fix it. He also fixed my deviated septum and cut out and fixed two scars I had on my face. Not only is he a wonderful and gentle surgen but he has a... READ MORE

Dr. Chan rocks!!! If you want results, seek him out. My road to air has been long (three surgeries in three years); and I have Dr. Chan to thank for getting me here. Growing up, I never really paid too much attention to my breathing. Into my 20's and 30'??s, it started weighing on me (no pun... READ MORE

I'm a 29 year old female from New Zealand and I've just had my second rhinoplasty after having my initial one nearly 9 years ago which was initially done to fix a deviated septum and correct a few things such as shaving down the hump and slightly shortening the tip. I was happy with the outcome... READ MORE

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