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Unhappy with your nose job? Revision rhinoplasty might be of interest. This kind of surgery sends a doctor back in to correct any aesthetic and/or functional issues with your nose. LEARN MORE ›
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Dr. Chan rocks!!! If you want results, seek him out. My road to air has been long (three surgeries in three years); and I have Dr. Chan to thank for getting me here. Growing up, I never really paid too much attention to my breathing. Into my 20's and 30'??s, it started weighing on me (no pun... READ MORE

I'm a 29 year old female from New Zealand and I've just had my second rhinoplasty after having my initial one nearly 9 years ago which was initially done to fix a deviated septum and correct a few things such as shaving down the hump and slightly shortening the tip. I was happy with the outcome... READ MORE

Hi all :), I'm 23 years old and I'm planning to get my second nosejob done by Dr. Philippe Dombard (from Belgium) - but it's really hard to find anything about him or reviews of patients from him. Does anyone from Europe knows about him? I want to undergo a second rhinoplasty b/c I'm not 100%... READ MORE

I recently had revision surgery approx 40 days ago to clear tissue scarring from my nose. From a surgery I had a year ago. The doctor placed grafts in my nose to support a previous "pinch" last year and to build a collapse in my nose from previous surgery almost 20 years ago ( 3 surgeries in... READ MORE

In 2003 I came to Dr. Morea's office for a consultation on a revision rhinoplasty... due to an open roof deformity, breathing problems, atrophy to my skin, visible cartridge and bump on my nose as a result of an initial rhinoplasty by an ENT . . .gone wrong. Dr. Morea explained in detail what... READ MORE

I sought out a revision rhinoplasty after my primary one was an obvious failure. I had my first rhinoplasty August 2012. Now a year and four months later and I am healed enough from it to finally fix it. The reason my first rhino was so bad was because of my choice of doctor. I was too excited... READ MORE

It has taken me 7 years of reading peoples stories, never telling mine as I felt bad to discredit my surgeons work because he was a good guy. Well after being on the boards for years and seeing "glowing ratings" for all these doctors that supposedly are amazing, I knew it would be a disservice... READ MORE

After having two botched nose jobs by Stephen Pincus, md in Beverly Hills I am desperate to find an expert. Please share your experience and pics with me! First procedure was done in 2006 then one side started to collapse. I went back to him in 2012 and he told me it would be a no brainer easy... READ MORE

I am not satisfied with the result... my tip looks deviated to the left and nose bridge is not straight it looks crooked... I am a western man who came there to fix a former broken nose... instead of that they made me a deviated tip and didn't fix the crooked bridge well... A nostril breathes... READ MORE

It has now been three weeks since I have had a revision rhinoplasty procedure performed by Mr Uppal. I was extremely unhappy with my first surgeon as he had not addressed the issues I had with my nose and it appeared as bulbous with a bump. After having such a terrible experience with my first... READ MORE

Hello, I thought I would make this review about my journey to finding a revision plastic surgeon. I will be documenting my research, my reasoning and my experience to share with everyone. Hopefully this post will help others as I will be talking about a LOT of doctors until I finally come to... READ MORE

20 years ago, I decided to get rhino when I was young, I ended up getting a pinched nose, and although the nose was ugly- I could breath from it. MOving forward 20 years later, decided to fix the nose cosmetically worst decision EVER. I have been unable to properly breathe from my nose for 13... READ MORE

Recently I noticed I could not breath out of my left nostril. I had already had a great rhinoplasty five years ago now I had this problem. I returned to my plastic surgeon only to find out I had developed scar tissue in that nostril. A rhinoplasty repair was the only option and since I had no... READ MORE

I wanted to have my first rhinoplasty corrected to achieve a smaller and more refined nose tip as well as a softer bridge. I had a little bit if rasping as well as some tip work. I'm addition I had a stem cell facelift and fat grafting to the mid face. Pros- Recovery time for rhino was very... READ MORE

Dr. Pontell performed a mini facelift, a 4th revision rhinoplasty(the prior 3 surgeries were done 20 years earlier), subnasal lip lift, and bletharoplasty to both eyelids. He listened carefully to my concerns and exceeded every expectation that I had. I love what I see in the mirror now. My nose... READ MORE

Hi guys and gals, I just had my first rhinoplasty procedure...Nose was fine before, but just wanted it to look straight from the profile view... Surgeon told me that he would reduce the dorsal hump, but since I have weak support at the tip, he would place a columella strut to help it not fall... READ MORE

I had reconstructive rhinoplasty in April 2014 with Dr. Paul Nassif and am very happy with the results. I previously had two Moh's surgeries on my nose for basal cell carcinoma with a skin cancer doctor. After the second skin cancer surgery the inside of my right nostril collapsed. The... READ MORE

I had revision rhinoplasty done by Dr. Asaria in earlyJuly 2014. Dr. Asaria let me know that i was one of his more challenging surgerys. I have thin blood and thin skin. Due to a previous procedure, many years ago, all of the cartiledge in my nose had collapsed and became misplaced and lumped... READ MORE

After my 1st rhinoplasty to remove the hump I was still not satified with my nose. It seemed as if I had a huge bulbous tip. Even bigger than before. I asked the drs and they just said it was swollen and that it would go down. Well it didnt. So her I am 7 years later back at it. Well after this... READ MORE

I had a graft from my ear put in my nose 4 years ago, now i have a small dent along the side of my left bridge, It makes my nose look crooked, the PS wants to place a small graft and reduce the size of my tip.. I dont know if the nose looked crooked cause there actual is a dent or there is a... READ MORE

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