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Unhappy with your nose job? Revision rhinoplasty might be of interest. This kind of surgery sends a doctor back in to correct any aesthetic and/or functional issues with your nose. LEARN MORE ›

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Hi there, I just recently underwent revision rhinoplasty with Dr Sam Naficy and want to share my experience with you all. My primary rhino took place on 30 April 2010 in Sydney, AUSTRALIA (This is where I live). After a few weeks went by, I could tell the primary surgery hadn't gone to plan as... READ MORE

So, when I lived in Thailand for the better part of my teens and early twenties, I got sucked into the idea of fixing a nose that I always hated with cheap plastic surgery. By cheap, I mean cheap to do plastic surgery in Thailand; I picked the best hospital in Bangkok for plastic surgery, which... READ MORE

I went to see four other well regarded surgeons before finding and selecting Dr. Gruber for my deviated septum and secondary rhino. Three of them put me through a typical horse and pony show with high powered sales pressure, both over simplifying my case difficulty and over pushing the other... READ MORE

Our story starts 13 years ago following a horrific car accident where Phil received multiple injuries. Phil had to endure his first rhinoplasty in 2000 and then repeat this again in 2003. Both of these surgeries were performed by Dr. Bengtson. Neither of these operations went the way we were... READ MORE

Surgery scheduled for July 29!!! My surgery is scheduled for Monday July 29!!! I am scheduled to have revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Mario Imola. My first rhinoplasty was a year ago with another doctor who left me with dents/uneven nostrils a thin/weak looking bridge and a tip that is to high... READ MORE

I had revision rhinoplasty almost 2 years ago. after first operation i could not breathe through my left nostril so grafts had to be placed to open my airway. i am not almost 2 years post second operation and my nose is very wide with a piece od cartilage ?? that sticks out of right side of my... READ MORE

My nose used to look Italian. I am half Puerto Rican so I DID have somewhat of an ethnic look but my tip was pointy and my bridge was thinner than it is now. I got my first surgery done in Orlando back in 2005 now I am looking for someone to fix his mess! I have a bulbous tip and my bridge... READ MORE

I had a primary rhinoplasty about 16 years ago and was never fully satisfied with the result; the original plastic surgeon for whatever reason did not address my requests and left me with a nose that was better, but still very far from what I had always wanted for my face. I really wanted to... READ MORE

I have gone into a very deep depression as a result of my rhinoplasty surgeries. I have chosen to write this review as I hope some of you have some experience which might help my situation, so here goes: I have had a bump shaven down a year ago in local anesthesia, it took about 10 minutes,... READ MORE

For the first time in years, I can finally look at myself in the mirror and feel confident. The obsession with my nose began several years ago. After a few accidents, my nasal bones were fractured, leaving my septum severely deviated (crooked nose and uneven nostrils) resulting in difficult... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I am looking for someone who has had good results in revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Hossam Foda (Egypt). I read two comments not too positive. Thanking someone could give me a hand, and I could say something of this doctor. Millions of thanks. I want to achieve the ideal... READ MORE

I needed a revision rhinoplasty after a previous one had left me without a bridge and with significant problems such as daily nosebleeds, excruciating pain in my face and breathing difficulty. From my initial phone call to now post surgery I can say without doubt that Dr. Spencer Cochran and... READ MORE

I had a disastrous primary. My nose had a scooped out bridge, was overly shortened and deprojected, the tip was upturned and the nostrils on show. I had 2 subsequent revision with Ronald Gruber in Oakland but it still wasn't right. Dr Shah gave me back my ideal nose which looks completely... READ MORE

I had a primary rhinoplasty performed in Seoul, South Korea at BK Clinic. After the cast came off, and I returned to teach, my school children laughed at me and told me I looked like a monster. I remained confident that it would look better over time, and it did, but then it got worse. And worse... READ MORE

Dear experts , This was my 4th attempt to get some sort of symmetry on the shape of my nostrils the post op photos are a week from the operation and the next day after the splint and tape were removed , I underwent this op only for getting some acceptable symmetry of the nostrils i.e to get... READ MORE

Day 2 Minor bruising coming through. This is my second rhinoplasty to straighten my previously broken nose. I had my first one May 2012 by the same surgeon. I had to pay anesthesia and operating room fees again. Hopefully this is the last one! Hardly any pain today. The only think that hurts... READ MORE

I did my revision primary for cosmetic reasons but I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my energy levels the last month, I used to be tired all the time, I feel like I need a whole lot less sleep and the dark circles I had under my eyes are nearly gone! They just vanished, I used to have... READ MORE

They are my heroes. I am a guy from middle east and i had my nose done 8 years ago back in my country,but my previous doctor ruined my dreams about my nose and what he left was a mess,so after 8 years suffering from breathing problems and obviously the shape of my nose i did lots of research... READ MORE

I had my first rhinoplasty in February 2004 when I was 18. It was done for free on NHS and although it is improved and I am very happy I had it done, it was done to fit with my face and not cosmetically how I would like it. There was a bump that was filed down and the tip was revised very... READ MORE

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