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Unhappy with your nose job? Revision rhinoplasty might be of interest. This kind of surgery sends a doctor back in to correct any aesthetic and/or functional issues with your nose. LEARN MORE ›
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I had my nose done with L shape implant on 3/12/14 in Vietnam, I want to change it to cartilage tip, because I want it more long terms. My nose job was not that bad, but I feel that it could be better. There is a few things I wish Knew before I did it, like don't afraid to go tall, my nose have... READ MORE

I always disliked my nose; it was big and crooked, that people used to ask me if someone punched on my nose? After I went to Dr. Undavia, he told me he can make it possible straight and small. I trusted him and I went for surgery after looking too much positivity in his eyes. After the surgery,... READ MORE

JUST A WARNING if the way I write sounds weird or stiff, I apologize, english is my second language. OK so... at 18 I went through my first rhinoplasty, I've always been subconscious about my nose, I have 4 sisters and they and my mother are really pretty, all of them have little feminine... READ MORE

I found Dr. Westreich when I was conducting extensive revision rhinoplasty comparison research. I was immediately impressed with his expertise in the closed rhinoplasty technique. I made a consultation at about the 7-month post-op period with both Dr. W. and another renowned NYC double board ... READ MORE

I had a rhinoplasty 20 years ago. It made my nose over scooped, with a even more boulbos tip. Over the years I developed devidated septum, open roof deformity/inteverted v-deformity. I had revision surgery one year ago. My Dr says the tip is still swelling, and it will continue to drink and... READ MORE

I never write reviews but I have been thinking after my very successful surgery dr Joseph deserves my praises. It has been about 8 months since my revision rhinoplasty and I am more than pleased with the results. After a very lackluster job from a surgeon 10 years ago I was left with a nose... READ MORE

When I was 16, I had what I now call a "cookie cutter nose job" by a doctor who took no time to study my face or much more. I had a bump in my nose and the tip pointed downward some. I just wanted a cute nose. So he lopped off a lot of my nose. I thought it was cute at 16. Then by age 20 I was... READ MORE

Met with Awf Quaba a few days ago and the consultation went so well! Left the consulation feeling happy and well informed. Awf quaba genuinly cared about how I felt and made me feel so comfortable. What i think every surgeon should behave like! He spent almost an hour going through everything i... READ MORE

I wanted to get a revision rhinoplasty to fix an initial rhinoplasty that I wasn't happy with. My bridge had been reduced too much compared to the tip, which still protruded too far from my face. I researched several doctors in my area before selecting Dr. Mesbahi. He has an incredible bedside... READ MORE

Dr. Mesbahi conducted a rhinoplasty on me. I had previous surgery on my nose from another doctor that did not turn out as wanted and there was severe scar damage left to it. It's been about 3 months since Dr. Mesbahi performed the surgery on me and I'm very happy with my results so far. The bump... READ MORE

In September of 2013 I had a revision rhinoplasty (to fix another surgeon's mistakes) with Juan Carlos Fuentes. He took cartilage from my ear to build up the tip, added perlane to the bridge and he made the nose only slightly less wide. I returned December 2013 for an alarplasty, which is... READ MORE

I had a revision rhinoplasty with Alex in August 2014 and I couldn’t recommend him enough – he is a highly skilled surgeon and an extremely friendly and considerate human being. Pre-procedure: When I first went to see Alex he intently listened and empathised with my predicament, which was... READ MORE

Well, I have an unfortunate experience documented over in the rhinoplasty category, so now I need to start gearing up for a revision. I am about 5 months out, so I can start getting a little more active with consults and planning. I will have to wait close to a year from original surgery and I... READ MORE

Dr. Solieman and Dr. Litner are THE BEST! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty revision. I previously had my nose done by a surgeon in Las Vegas about 10 years ago. The surgeon took too much bone and cartilage, which resulted in the tip of my nose... READ MORE

Several years ago I suffered a severe nose fracture which left my nose horribly disfigured and made it incapable for me to breathe through my right nostril. As the years went by, my breathing became so unbearable that I decided to seek treatment from a doctor here in my Midwest state to improve... READ MORE

2 years ago I opted for a closed procedure rhinoplasty to file down a "bump" on my bridge that had bothered me more and more with aging changes in my face. I also opted for some minor tip changes. I was fearful of doing an open procedure thinking the recovery would be more difficult and risky.... READ MORE

I am extremely excited and thankful to be a new patient of Dr. Tavakoli's. I was born with a cleft lip and since birth have had many operations on my face, so have had a lot of experiences with various surgeons. I am going into surgery this week for rhinoseptoplasty with Dr. Tavakoli and could... READ MORE

Well, i have posted my past experiences and i can say i am completely devasted! Do plastic surgeons really care about patients or do they tell you what you want to hear! I have been through 2 rhinoplastys in the last year and a half that i originally went to straighten a pulled and dropped... READ MORE

Its been over year now that I have done a septo /Rhinoplasty to fix my deviated septum and crooked nose after a nasal fracture. my nose is even more crooked now, thinner and shorter which i never asked for..has indentions and a small bump that I didn't have pre-op. As I am slowly trying to... READ MORE

After careful research of plastic surgeons within my region, I came across Dr. Bouzaglou. My initial concern was to remove the bump on the bridge of my nose. After the first proceduce, I was very pleased with the profile, side view. The bump was removed and my nose was slightly upturned, exactly... READ MORE

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