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Unhappy with your nose job? Revision rhinoplasty might be of interest. This kind of surgery sends a doctor back in to correct any aesthetic and/or functional issues with your nose. LEARN MORE ›
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Sorry I don't have any pics of my nose before any rhinoplasty was done on me. It has only been 12 days, but for some reason, I know my nose isn't going to change for the better although the doctor says otherwise. (Don't they all?) I think "swelling" is too much of an... READ MORE

I had rhino/septo-plasty over 1.5 years ago and am unhappy with the results: (1) Pointy/Pinched tip of the nose that is droopy, and hooks down when smiling. (2) Hanging and scarred columella with a prominent scar line. Skin is bulgy and still looks swollen after scar line. (3) Uneven nostrils.... READ MORE

Hi.I had revision rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum that wasnt sorted first time about seven weeks ago.Ever since I came out I had had a bump on the side of the nose that looks like a spot and once slightly above that doesntt seem to be going down.I understand the nose can take up to a... READ MORE

I had a very big nose which really spoiled my looks. Underwent 4 rhinoplasties to get my nose back into shape. Some of the best doctors operated on my nose. Surgeries were performed stage by stage. 1st Surgery 2005 – Doctor hardly reduced the size of my nose. Unhappy with the results... READ MORE

I broke my nose 10 years ago in a horseback riding accident. I had a small bump on the side of my nose so I decided to have a rhinoplasty. I also discussed lifting the tip of my nose because she said I had a slight "hanging tip."I had my initial surgery in April of 2007. My nose... READ MORE

I had a rhinoplasty some 30 years ago and the job was terrible. My nose becam deformed and my septum wore away from scar tissue.For many years once i was able to have it redone, no surgeon would touch it. Finally i found my Dr. who also is an ENT. He was so sympathetic and willing to work on... READ MORE

I had my first rhinoplasty in May 08. I did it because I felt my nose was way too big, it protruded far from my face and the tip was to bulgy, plus a had a bit of a hump. Well after the first one, the hump was gone but the nose was still huge. To make matters worse, my nostrils were so uneven... READ MORE

Had a severely deviated septum as well as a nose I always felt was a little too large for my face. I had the septum fixed once, though while my breathing improved slightly, in ways it made things worse - ie., having not enough septum and still a a lot of nose, causing the tip to hang even lower... READ MORE

My first surgery for a broken nose bone was done when I was 27.I am a 44 year old male, and had a revision done.It has been 10 1/2 months post-op. I had a septoplasty and a rhino to remove a large hump (cartilage). I am experiencing swelling in the morning, after a night of drinking, and just... READ MORE

Pros - comfortable operation, improvements made.Cons - not entirely satisfied with my results so far, considering revision. I fractured my nose 2 years ago. As a result, I had septoplasty one year ago followed by a rhinoplasty (osteotomies only) 11 weeks ago to reduce the broadness of my nose... READ MORE

I had my first rhinoplasty about 16 years ago which I was very happy with until I broke my nose a few years ago. I had revisionary rhinoplasty just over 3 months ago which I booked through Praga Medica and which was carried out by Dr. Padera of the Perfect Clinic. When I took the cast off I was... READ MORE

After having two previous Rhinoplasty procedures that had unfortunately had left me with a deviated septum and a 'wonky nose'. I was understandably quite wary at the thought of giving it a third attempt. I knew that whoever was going to undertake the procedure had a lot of revision to do. I was... READ MORE

I am scheduled to have a consultation April 10, 2015 with Dr. Davis. I am very nervous about choosing a surgeon for my revision, as my revision is going to be very complex. If anyone out there are past or current patients of Dr. Davis please share with me your experience and photos. Also, if... READ MORE

September 2012 I saw Dr Steven Schmitt in ohio for breathing issues, he suggested along with straightening the septum, removing the hump on my nose. I thought i never liked the hump so why not ! After the surgery the hump was only partially gone and my bridge was left wider than before, and... READ MORE

When I decided to find out if it was possible to do a revision rhinoplasty at the age of 37, I thought that this was my last shot at this... I had an operation when I was 19, and was not happy about it. The surgeon agreed to redo it, but my nose did not look good. I never liked it! In Norway,... READ MORE

I would like a second revision rhino and I am having trouble navigating through all of these reviews and trying to determine what is real and what is not. I need a second revision on my nose and I do not want to have to go through this again EVER, so I need to get it right! I want only the... READ MORE

I wish I had more research done before having the procedure done by this Doctor.. I had a plastic surgery done back in 2012 and I was really happy with my nose, however a year later I was having difficulty breathing and I found out that I had a nasal valve collapsed, I went to see this Doctor @... READ MORE

I had the first tip rhinoplasty in 2012 with a plastic surgeon in Birmingham, Alabama, (that I will call Dr. Awful). The results I ended up with were terrible. I had a very noticeable bump on the very end of my nose on my left hand side and wanted the surgeon to take it off and make the tip... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty back in 2003 and it was fine, untill I started noticing that my nostrils and tip is assymetrical..on nostril shows more that the other and one side of my nose tip is bigger....It is so hard to choose a many horror stories and what I would like is a correction and... READ MORE

Long story short I did a my first rhinoplasty surgery with dr s in ny which was horrible my noise was a mess I was left with visible scar upturn noise and so many other issue . In may I did a consultation with dr kofi and I was so impress, with is previous work is knowledge and what I want to... READ MORE

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