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When your nose heals improperly from an original rhinoplasty, a revision can help correct the issue. LEARN MORE ›
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Dr. Pontell performed a mini facelift, a 4th revision rhinoplasty(the prior 3 surgeries were done 20 years earlier), subnasal lip lift, and bletharoplasty to both eyelids. He listened carefully to my concerns and exceeded every expectation that I had. I love what I see in the mirror now. My nose... READ MORE

Hi guys and gals, I just had my first rhinoplasty procedure...Nose was fine before, but just wanted it to look straight from the profile view... Surgeon told me that he would reduce the dorsal hump, but since I have weak support at the tip, he would place a columella strut to help it not fall... READ MORE

I had reconstructive rhinoplasty in April 2014 with Dr. Paul Nassif and am very happy with the results. I previously had two Moh's surgeries on my nose for basal cell carcinoma with a skin cancer doctor. After the second skin cancer surgery the inside of my right nostril collapsed. The... READ MORE

I had revision rhinoplasty done by Dr. Asaria in earlyJuly 2014. Dr. Asaria let me know that i was one of his more challenging surgerys. I have thin blood and thin skin. Due to a previous procedure, many years ago, all of the cartiledge in my nose had collapsed and became misplaced and lumped... READ MORE

After my 1st rhinoplasty to remove the hump I was still not satified with my nose. It seemed as if I had a huge bulbous tip. Even bigger than before. I asked the drs and they just said it was swollen and that it would go down. Well it didnt. So her I am 7 years later back at it. Well after this... READ MORE

I had a graft from my ear put in my nose 4 years ago, now i have a small dent along the side of my left bridge, It makes my nose look crooked, the PS wants to place a small graft and reduce the size of my tip.. I dont know if the nose looked crooked cause there actual is a dent or there is a... READ MORE

Back in 2002 I was hit with a line drive and my nose was badly damaged. At the time, I underwent major reconstructive surgery and the outcome, while I could breath again, cosmetically was unappealing. I had a deep depression in the center of my nose, my nose was upturned, pinched in and the... READ MORE

Hi everyone! It's been 2 years since my primary and I'm ready for some adjustments! My columella still hangs a little to low, especially when I smile and my nostril look too wide. I was so worried about looking too different so I drilled into my surgeons head to not make me look too different.... READ MORE

Vartan Mardirossian, MD has brave enough to take on fixing my nose, reconstructing a rhinoplasty from 35 yrs ago. Over the years, my nose was flattening and becoming asymmetrical. Too much cartilage had been taken out and you could see where the cartilage and bone joined. No other doctor... READ MORE

I came to Dr. Bustillo because I was dissatisfied with the outcome of my first rhinoplasty. Although I could breathe better, the bridge of my nose was now wider and the bump that I had explicitly said I wanted gone was still there, along with some new asymmetries. It was not a textbook "bad"... READ MORE

Both Dr. Chiu and Sara are exceptional! I am EXTREMELY pleased with my experience with Dr. Chiu. From the moment I entered the office..I was impressed by the care and comfort Sara and Dr. Chiu provided. I was happy to be able to see, on a computer, my before picture and what Dr. Chiu... READ MORE

I had a nose job when I was 14, way back in 1971. I was devastated at the result. I got the ski-jump nose. Too short, sharp, and up-turned, so that you could see up my nostrils. I learned to live with it and I've had a fine life. But I've always been sad that I no longer looked Jewish--in fact I... READ MORE

Had I known what I know now, I would have chosen Dr. Imola for my initial rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, I didn’t thoroughly research the process or meet with multiple doctors for my initial and as a result I spent a year and half dwelling over my nose and saving up to fix my lack of... READ MORE

After years of dissatisfaction with a rhinoplasty procedure done in my 20's by another surgeon, I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Bared to explore the options for a revision surgery. My nose had no definition whatsoever, the tip was blunt and retracted inward; it was bulky and uneven from... READ MORE

I am absolutely terrified of undergoing another operation on my nose! After an original procedure in august 2012, I am needing a revision rhinoplasty to correct supratip fullness, open Roof deformity, hanging columella and twisted tip... Revision booked in for 10th June 2014. Very scared,... READ MORE

I had a revision rhinoplasty done by Dr Lamperti in Bellevue Seattle and I only have good things to say. I undergone to two previous failure rhinoplasties done in my country Portugal and along with the bad aesthetics results I also had very hard time breathing. I had several problems such as... READ MORE

Dr. Mehta is an outstanding doctor. My revision rhinoplasty was very complicated due to a botched result of my primary rhinoplasty that I was extremely unhappy with, but Dr. Mehta gave me a great result. I had my first rhinoplasty five years ago and hated my results from the moment the cast... READ MORE

I had a deviated nose and I did my surgery when i was 17 in Paris, France with a Dr considered top surgeon there . Initially the nose looked OK but didn't look as I wanted or expected and the deviation wasn't fully corrected but I was hesitated to do revision then later when I reached my late... READ MORE

I have started to work on my facial rejuvenation bucket list now that I am over 50 (by a few years). I have done botox and fillers, but no surgery. What was bothering me most was my nose. Had surgery many a moon ago and did not like the results. Didn't think it could be fixed, but finally... READ MORE

I was never a big fan of my nose ever since I entered high school. I finally decided to do something about it. In June of 2009 when I was 23 years old, I chose Dr. Andrew Miller to perform my Rhinoplasty. Not only am I extremely happy that I chose to do this procedure, but I'm even more happy... READ MORE

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