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When your nose heals improperly from an original rhinoplasty, a revision can help correct the issue. LEARN MORE ›
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Hi! I had a previous rhinoplasty with Dr. Kasden 10 years ago that left my nose crooked, to slim, and just not right for my face. I started having breathing problems years later and finally went and saw Dr.Cochran this past Christmas. I was very nervous to let anyone touch my nose because of my... READ MORE

I had my first surgery more than 20 years ago when I was very young. I am very petite and had a very large hump and a long nose that never fit my delicate features. The bump was straightened out and I was immediately pleased with any improvement. However, in reality it was still very long for... READ MORE

I am a patient of Dr. John Bitner, I wanted to write a review so that nervous potential Rhinoplasty or revision Rhinoplasty patients can have some peace of mind, my story is somewhat unique. In my early teen years I broke my nose, middle twenties I finally had surgery to remove the bump on the... READ MORE

I just had my consultation for Revison Rhinoplasty after seeing 3 other Docs in la jollla ca .I feel like Dr.chacon is the one that will get the job done .I left his office feeling confident and excited , he gave a reasonable price and really took the time to explain how and what exactly was... READ MORE

Dr Jay Calvert Revision Rhinoplasty. After two nose surgeries that didn't quite fix my broken nose from another well-respected surgeon, I was upset and decided I was going to read every review site possible to find a new surgeon to fix me once and for all. I then met with all the top surgeons,... READ MORE

Went to tabbal for some tip work and he took it upon himself to reconstruct my whole nose without my consent while i was put under, he left me with a severly crooked nose with a C shaped nasal bone and a shapeless tip with no support, he cant look at you afterwards and lies about the surgery. I... READ MORE

HI everyone! I had rhinoplasty 20 years ago in the small town I was living in at the time in Alberta. I was thrilled at the results then because I didn't know better lol (there was only 1 plastic surgeon in town) and he got rid of the hump I had on the bridge. Well, for the last decade or so I... READ MORE

I chose Dr. Cochran because of his great bedside manner and very good reviews. He was very expensive (twice as much as the other two doctors I visited). He left the bridge of my nose too wide so he performed a second surgery which helped but I was still left with a ski jump on the end of my nose... READ MORE

Four yerars ago I sustained a nasal bone fracture from a fall. Initial surgery was performed a few weeks later. However, my breathing and smell was never the same after this surgery. I was taking allergy medications and nasal spray without any relief and my nose didn't seem to have any... READ MORE

I’ve had previous surgery with another surgeon before I visited Prof. Kunachak’s center. He was recommended by one of my friends who also did nose surgery with him as well. At first I never really considered going on a trip to Bangkok for surgery, but as my big day was coming and I think my... READ MORE

It's been a long journey, but Dr. Mehta really came through with excellent results from my surgery. Last year, I had a negative experience with a revision rhinoplasty that was performed by a doctor in S.F., who was very over priced, considering the job he did. There were so many issues with my... READ MORE

From the moment I called and booked my consultation with Dr Funk, I knew that the experience was going to be good. Leah, Lindsey, and Dr Funk are all genuinely nice and you can tell they are passionate about what they do. I originally had rhinoplasty surgery in 2002 and never was happy with the... READ MORE

Initial Rhinoplasty done in 1996 to remove "hump" on my nose resulted in a poor outcome. Asymmetrical nostrils and bulbous tip and collapse on one side and overall unattractive nose! I was so nervous to have a second surgery for fear of a worse result. I waited 15 years and after looking online... READ MORE

Dr. Zuliani is an amazing doctor, and is a perfectionist with his work!! I had a rhinoplasty with him about two months ago and I am very very satisfied with the results because I can actually breath alot better now :-). I had a rhinoplasty done ten years ago and was not satisfied with the... READ MORE

There is no question that the decision to move forward with any type of cosmetic procedure is one that requires a lot of careful (and logical) thinking; especially when a revision is being considered. I had my original rhinoplasty performed about two years ago by a local surgeon here in Colorado... READ MORE

I was born with a deviated septum & bad allergies. My allergist told me that I should see an ENT surgeon to fix the septum. The ENT collapsed the septum and I was not able to breath at all through my R nostril. My allergist then suggested I see a plastic surgeon who worked on noses to once... READ MORE

Hi All, When I was 19 years old my ENT diagnosed me with a deviated Septum and recommended surgery. Since I broke my nose when I was 12 years old I always hated it, so I thought this was my chance to get the nose I always wanted along with fix the deviation that caused my breathing/sinus... READ MORE

After suffering severe trauma to my nose many decades ago, and years later undergoing a very poor rhinoplasty procedure by an overzealous and unqualified ENT doctor which only made it worse, I was left unable to breathe through my nose and had a very unstable "deconstructed" nasal structure. ... READ MORE

I had a Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Robert Glasgold on August 21st, 2013. My experience was amazing. I'm really thrilled with the results. It was more than I even expected and I love it. Going in, I wasn't pleased with the results from my first one, because the previous doctor I went to just... READ MORE

October 4, 2012 i had rhinoplasty done today is October 10 2012 and the only sign that i had rhinoplasty is from the stiches under my nose as well as some dark under my eyes as if I need sleep. Thats a far cry from black n blue eyes and swollen face as if you have been in a fight. All of... READ MORE

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