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When your nose heals improperly from an original rhinoplasty, a revision can help correct the issue. LEARN MORE ›
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I am extremely excited and thankful to be a new patient of Dr. Tavakoli's. I was born with a cleft lip and since birth have had many operations on my face, so have had a lot of experiences with various surgeons. I am going into surgery this week for rhinoseptoplasty with Dr. Tavakoli and could... READ MORE

I had originally had a rhinoplasty done by dr.losquadro about two years ago. this was after i had a previous nose surgery that had left me looking pretty terrible. i was happy with the initial result but after two years ( and all the swelling had gone down) i noticed that the sides of my nose... READ MORE

I had undergone a primary rhinoplasty 2 years ago with a surgeon who left my nose looking quite unnatural, pinched, and upturned (click here to read my review). I finally decided to undergo a revision and I was on the hunt to find the most skilled, top notch revision expert that would be able to... READ MORE

Very kind, but we did not discuss procedure enough. When finished, I had a huge hole in my septum and am left with a crease in my lip and changes in facial animation. My septi muscle was cut and I believe my levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle as also cut in addition, my nasal spine was... READ MORE

I spent over a year trying and interviewing doctors to help me make my constant revision failures go away. I have been severly depressed for 4 years when this all started. I finally felt comfortable with a physicin who i felt understood my end results. Well, once again i am devastated because... READ MORE

I went to see Gunter and he passed me off to Dr. Cochran. I was reluctant but Dr. Cochran promised me a fairytale and delivered a nightmare. I woke up during surgery to the loud yelling of the two doctors. After surgery I looked like a freak. It felt like he glued a brick to my face with all the... READ MORE

I came into his office with a botched nose job. I'm male and I stupidly got a nose job for no reason other than curiosity and bad advice. I had a female's nose, symmetrical, and it just screamed nose job. My nostrils flared, there was a midvault collapse on one side and cartilage from the right... READ MORE

I am scheduled for a revision rhinoplasty in Charlotte NC with Dr. Kulbersh. I originally saw a plastic surgeon. For my initial rhinoplasty (not a good idea). He worked on me two other times. The result is not so good but fortunately didn't make too many changes surgery to surgery. I'm just... READ MORE

Last year I went to Bogota, Colombia for a revision Rhinoplasty with one of the most famous doctors in Latinamerica, Dr. Fernando Pedroza. I want to write this review so that other people avoid going to this doctor, who claims to be one of the best in Latin America. I needed revision... READ MORE

Would like to share my very successful experience with Dr Ashok Govilla in Cocoona Clinic, Dubai. I had small crook in my nose after previous surgery and needed to correct it. Dr Ashok was extremely patient with all explanations, detailed preparations and professional attitude. He showed me and... READ MORE

I had 2 rhinoplasties in the past and I hated it. So, I'm pretty scared to go for my 3rd one. But you know what they say....3rd time is a charm. I had my revision w/ 2 very talented doctors at Beverly Hills Profile. Dr. Litner and Dr. Soleiman are very caring, very artistic and they have passion... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Ghavami hoping to improve the definition of my nose. I am a middle aged female and had imperfect nose jobs before. Dr. Ghavami swore he could definitely improve the shape of my nose, and one month after the procedure, I felt very sorry for myself, as I noticed he had overcorrected... READ MORE

I want to write a review that is from the most sincerest part of my heart, to say thank you to Dr. Ridgway, and to tell you to put him on your list to see if you're considering a rhinoplasty for the first or second time. I had a very bad rhinoplasty a year and a half ago that left me, not only... READ MORE

6 months after surgery I went in to have Eisbach look at my nose, there was a little bit of scar tissue on the left hand side of my nose. He went around to the side of my nose and without telling me what he was going to do he pushed down on the tip of my nose, he asked me if it hurt I said a... READ MORE

I had an initial rhinoplasty almost four years. It was meant to correct a deviated septum and shave a modest amount off my dorsal hump. Instead, it left me with a saddle bridge deformity and a nose that was more unfunctional than before. It was embarrassing to have family friends and former... READ MORE

I couldn't find a face / rhino specialist in the Dominican Republic so I'm checking docs from Venezuela to get this procedure done. I already got a personal consultation with "Bernardo Krulig" (reconstructive and facial specialist , he was very honest and Ethic but I'm concerned he's too young... READ MORE

Breast implants had capsulated after 9 years, needed replacement. 1. nose job left me with ugly nose, wanted better outcome. allergic reaction to restylane on lips, wanted permanent and safer alternative. I have had breast augment done with Nov 2011 (replacement of old implants) and... READ MORE

I was waking up almost every morning with a headache because I sleep on my side and my right nostril was blocked. My cardio instructor is always screaming "breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth". I could not do that. Dr. Meade referred me to Dr. Cochran because he is an ENT and... READ MORE

I went to Dr Gross for a revision of a terrible primary rhinoplasty done by a different doctor. The cartilage graft was placed incorrectly, and my nose was sinking on one side and crooked. I felt Dr Gross had the most experience to deal with a complicated case. I am very happy I picked him! ... READ MORE

After an original rhinoplasty procedure ten years ago, my nose developed a hooked deformity, likely as a result of the surgeon removing too much material. I grew to hate my nose. Beyond the trouble breathing, I was constantly aware of my nose when talking with people, whether they were aware or... READ MORE

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