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When your nose heals improperly from an original rhinoplasty, a revision can help correct the issue. LEARN MORE ›
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Breast implants had capsulated after 9 years, needed replacement. 1. nose job left me with ugly nose, wanted better outcome. allergic reaction to restylane on lips, wanted permanent and safer alternative. I have had breast augment done with Nov 2011 (replacement of old implants) and... READ MORE

I was waking up almost every morning with a headache because I sleep on my side and my right nostril was blocked. My cardio instructor is always screaming "breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth". I could not do that. Dr. Meade referred me to Dr. Cochran because he is an ENT and... READ MORE

I went to Dr Gross for a revision of a terrible primary rhinoplasty done by a different doctor. The cartilage graft was placed incorrectly, and my nose was sinking on one side and crooked. I felt Dr Gross had the most experience to deal with a complicated case. I am very happy I picked him! ... READ MORE

After an original rhinoplasty procedure ten years ago, my nose developed a hooked deformity, likely as a result of the surgeon removing too much material. I grew to hate my nose. Beyond the trouble breathing, I was constantly aware of my nose when talking with people, whether they were aware or... READ MORE

Within my review of the doctor, you will see that I had functional concerns pertaining to a deviated septum, along with aesthetic reasons for seeking a second surgery. Unfortunately, I had a visible scar on the inside of my nose from my first surgery and the bridge of my nose was showing the... READ MORE

So when I was 19 I decide to get a nose job cause my nose was big. it turn out to be a bad decision my nose end up horrible so I was relly depressed. people started to make fun of me and make comments so I avoid going out. And I was in college so it was horrible. now I just went for a third... READ MORE

I had nasal surgery in the past and the results were poor. My nose was uptilted at an absurd angle, had a bad implant, lower turbinates had been removed, nasal septum was perforated, and a hole blown open in my sinus cavity. Dr. Losquadro took on my difficult case and produced a very... READ MORE

I have had two failed rhinoplasties, and I've learned the hard way that finding a good surgeon isn't easy. And even if you find a qualified surgeon, there's no guarantee that you will end up with good results. My story is: I was born with a big, wide, bumpy nose, and after two rhinoplasties, l... READ MORE

I didnt need a revision rhinoplasty to begin with, comparably speaking, but Dr. Rizk convinced me that spending 15k of my money with him would be worth it. WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE. I CANT LOOK IN THE MIRROR WITHOUT CRYING. I never told him to add cartilage to the entire nose, I just thought he... READ MORE

I had an unsuccessful previous rhinoplasty which resulted in an unnatural appearance and deviated septum. Dr. Chaboki improved the appearance of my nose and resolved my breathing problem. I was able to return to school in two weeks. I'm now three months post op. Most of the swelling has subsided... READ MORE

I did a revision rhinoplasty because i wanted to lower the tip So i went to a surgon and i think that i wasn't lucky he promised me to do better than i thought So i agreed but know after 12 days i feel that my nose is shorter than before and my nose is upturned and he narrowed the nostrill... READ MORE

After returning from a serious hiking trip in the Utah I could not breath out of my horribly disfigured nose and desperately needed my nose re-done. Since I have had six rhinoplaty surgeries over the past 20 years I knew I had a sensitive case. The doctor understood my situation and took to care... READ MORE

Hi! I had a previous rhinoplasty with Dr. Kasden 10 years ago that left my nose crooked, to slim, and just not right for my face. I started having breathing problems years later and finally went and saw Dr.Cochran this past Christmas. I was very nervous to let anyone touch my nose because of my... READ MORE

I had my first surgery more than 20 years ago when I was very young. I am very petite and had a very large hump and a long nose that never fit my delicate features. The bump was straightened out and I was immediately pleased with any improvement. However, in reality it was still very long for... READ MORE

I am a patient of Dr. John Bitner, I wanted to write a review so that nervous potential Rhinoplasty or revision Rhinoplasty patients can have some peace of mind, my story is somewhat unique. In my early teen years I broke my nose, middle twenties I finally had surgery to remove the bump on the... READ MORE

I just had my consultation for Revison Rhinoplasty after seeing 3 other Docs in la jollla ca .I feel like Dr.chacon is the one that will get the job done .I left his office feeling confident and excited , he gave a reasonable price and really took the time to explain how and what exactly was... READ MORE

Dr Jay Calvert Revision Rhinoplasty. After two nose surgeries that didn't quite fix my broken nose from another well-respected surgeon, I was upset and decided I was going to read every review site possible to find a new surgeon to fix me once and for all. I then met with all the top surgeons,... READ MORE

I sought out a revision rhinoplasty after my primary one was an obvious failure. I had my first rhinoplasty August 2012. Now a year and four months later and I am healed enough from it to finally fix it. The reason my first rhino was so bad was because of my choice of doctor. I was too excited... READ MORE

Went to tabbal for some tip work and he took it upon himself to reconstruct my whole nose without my consent while i was put under, he left me with a severly crooked nose with a C shaped nasal bone and a shapeless tip with no support, he cant look at you afterwards and lies about the surgery. I... READ MORE

HI everyone! I had rhinoplasty 20 years ago in the small town I was living in at the time in Alberta. I was thrilled at the results then because I didn't know better lol (there was only 1 plastic surgeon in town) and he got rid of the hump I had on the bridge. Well, for the last decade or so I... READ MORE

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