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For those who want to never apply eyeliner again, permanent makeup offers a way to keep your face on forever — emphasis on the forever. Most commonly patients will have their eyes outlined, eyebrows added, or color enhanced on their face, eyelids, or lips. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $450

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My eyeliner looks like someone drew it on with a pencil. I say that because it is the soft gray color of a pencil and about as thick as a pencil mark. I asked for dark brown and even came in with my makeup on so she would see how I like it. It took about an hour and a half at the spa. It was... READ MORE

The arch on my eyebrows looks better with the help of permanent makeup. The color still looks a little strong but it has been four months and I am told it will still soften up with more time. It seems more people complain that it fades off too quick, so I am just waiting for some of that fading... READ MORE

Permanent makeup tattoo lasted about 6 years on my eyeliner. After having the eyeliner for about 4 years I went in to have my lips done. It didn't even last a year on my lips, and I could hardly see much difference from the beginning. My eyeliner is mostly gone now at six years. I went to the... READ MORE

I had a permanent makeup eyeliner procedure many years ago. At first it was good but wasn't as dark as I wear it or didn't show through my darker skin well enough so she did it again and that did the trick. I wanted my lips done also but she wouldn't do it. She said all kinds of bad things... READ MORE

I had eyeliner and lips done about 8 weeks ago. I discussed the procedure for about an hour with the clinician and had her draw on eyeliner with regular makeup before beginning the procedure. I also showed her a lipstick that had the color I wanted. She told me that she could not give me both... READ MORE

I spent about $400 for my eyebrows and another $400 for lash enhancement on the top and bottom lids and I felt it was well worth it. You really should do your research though and make sure you have someone in a more medical type facility who has artistic talent. It should be someone who can... READ MORE

Had eyeliner done on upper/lower, brows filled with hairline strokes, lips lined and filled with a "your lips only better color. All needed touch-ups (to be expected)and look totally great! I'm 54 and look much younger. I plan to maintain. the difference between my before and after photos... READ MORE

At the age of 55 I started on a regime of self-improvement including better wardrobe and makeup.  I am very fair and although I have lots of hair in my eyebrows, they are so fair they are practically invisible.  I never had eyes that were properly framed with a well-groomed brow and... READ MORE

LOVE MY EYES. I didnt want to turn into an old lady with big giant black circles around my eyes. I chose the smallest needle available and now my eyes just pop all the time. I very seldom wear makeup eyeliner, usually only for evening wear. I love the way my eyes look when I wake up. Its... READ MORE

I had permanent makeup done about 2 years ago.  The person who did it had done a friend's brows, that were thick but just needed some fill in, and it looked great. My brows were very thin, so she used a template brow and arched them over my natural brow line.  I was unsure about... READ MORE

The first time I got permanent make-up, I got my eyebrows and eyeliner done.  I hated the results (or lack thereof).  No one could even tell that I had gotten the procedures done.  It was extremely painful, even though the woman who did it supposedly put some numbing gel on my... READ MORE

Upper & lower: After the RN (nurse) finished, I noticed what seemed to be a black & blue streak coming from one upper lid line(done in black). I thought it would go away, but when it didn't I went back to her & she refunded my money, which I spent on laser removal by a Dr. I needed... READ MORE

I had lips and eyeliner done over two years ago. Originally, my lips were so pale it was hard to put on lipstick b/c I couldn't tell where they stopped. At first my lips were very dark but have faded to a very natural looking dark pink. Awesome and only mildly painful! If they continue to... READ MORE

I had my eyebrows and top eyeliner done. I always had to use eyebrow pencil(sparse hair) and could never get a straight even line on my eyelids. Had it done all at once with a touch-up on the eyebrows 2 months later. Best money I ever spent. READ MORE

I had my lips done twice. To be fair each time I only had one appointment rather than the recommended touch up a month (I think) later. The technician was good. We started the procedure by driving to a dentist who numbed my lips so that was the only pain. It was a fine procedure and looked... READ MORE

Pros: - Never have to put on eyeliner, ever! - No smudging. - No irregular lines. - You can get a natural look, dramatic or something in-between depending on your taste. Cons: - Can be a bit painful depending on method and pain tolerance. - Cost can be prohibitive depending where you go... READ MORE

Had my eye liner done on August and my brows done in Sept, touch up on both late sept. LO-O-V-E my results. Liner looks like i"m a professional makeup artist, no one can tell once I have mascara on. without mascara, it looks a little out of place especialy first thing in the morning. ... READ MORE

TOTALLY WORTH IT IN THE END; EVEN AFTER SOME SET BACKS I went to get my eyebrows done about 3 weeks ago. The woman I go to works in a salon and she has been doing my hair for about a year now, so I trusted her. I went to her house to have them done, I was very worried but knew she would do a... READ MORE

I had my eyeliner done in 2005 and it was wonderful.  It looks great and I actually never wear anything but mascara and people constantly comment on how good my eyes look. On the other hand, I had lipliner and full color done on my lips and after 3 complete sessions, there is NO sign of... READ MORE

After many years of wanting to have this done, researching it THOUROGHLY online for years and knowing other women who've had it (even scheduling an appointment a few years ago but "chickening out" at the last minute). I finally took the plunge and had all 3 procedures done... READ MORE

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