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For those who want to never apply eyeliner again, permanent makeup offers a way to keep your face on forever — emphasis on the forever. Most commonly patients will have their eyes outlined, eyebrows added, or color enhanced on their face, eyelids, or lips. LEARN MORE ›
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Ok over a year ago, I got my eyebrows done and at first my eyebrow was swollen, then now my forehead seems to be getting swollen a little. I'm a hair stylist and since I've ahve these brows I've been alleric to hair and make-up. I'm dreading this because I cant be creative as a... READ MORE

I wanted to wakeup looking like I did when I went to bed. Its great to rub your eyes or cry & no smear. My eyeliner was done 7yrs. ago & needs no touch-up. I recently had my eyebrows done & wow!  No pain. READ MORE

I did a lot of research before I decided to have my brows done because I have seen some VERY Scary eyebrows that look so fake. Dina gave me a free consult and I felt so comfortable that I canceled my 2 other consults I had set up and made an appointment with her. I am VERY happy, she did... READ MORE

I have had my permanent eyeliner makeup for 15 years now and Samira knows how much I appreciate having it being a beach bum. Samira is top of the line in her field and I highly recommend her talent,and my eyebrows looks so natural like hair strokes,now Iam going to get my permanent lip color so... READ MORE

I had my lips done two days ago and it's a horrible mess! I have a small white scar on my natural lip line. I wanted that filled in and a little shading on my lips. This lady tattooed a line about a centimeter above my lip line....I could of died when I seen it. The color is not much darker... READ MORE

I had permanent eyeliner done 3 times in 5 years. It doesn't last and shouldn't be called permanent. In less than 2 years it fades to nothing and has to be redone. The worst part is that the scar tissue that forms as a result of the tattoo does not tan and now, 10 years later I still... READ MORE

Well it was a hard slog for me, I first went to someone (Harley St London) after reading some magazines I saw the person's name many times printed and it all looked very good, the lady was quite pushy and rushed me a little too much, I felt I was under to much pressure and not relaxed at all... READ MORE

Was a bit apprehensive with the thought of needles however once the technician put on the anaestetic everything was pretty painless. Was very pleased with the outcome particularly as I did not have to travel far to get to them in Cheam. READ MORE

I felt compelled to right this review, because based on the reviews that many have posted, it will give the impression that permanent makeup is the worse thing anyone could do. On the contrary, going to the wrong person is the worse thing anyone could do, because it is permanent! I got... READ MORE

Lost some how my eye brow hair,a friend recomendet her hair dreser ,that does permanente makeup so,I went to her 5 days ago, and I`m relly sorry it looks so bad,very dark,scaby and relly sore. ander the scab is pink,and at the endes black a relle big mess...any sugestings READ MORE

I went to a school. they're always needing models. a lady at work had it done and recommended it. she looked great, so i got the number. first i got the lash enhancement (value: $400); today i went back and got the full eyeliner (value $450). i love it! i never could have afforded this. i... READ MORE

13 May 2011 I had permenant lip make up done on Monday I took antiviral medication for 2 nights prior.. after 4 days i broke out in cold sores I t is painful and unsighly. Even my doctor didn t tell me to take my acyclovir 400 mg, I resumed taking it after 3 days after my procedure. I used... READ MORE

I have had this done twice and I would love to find someone who really knows how to do this procedure. The first time I went to the provider because she was highly recommended and she supposedly teaches this procedure. I had upper/lower eyeliner, brows and full lips. I had a dental block... READ MORE

I had my top eyeliner done twice. The first time was not nearly dramatic enough for my liking and I found it to be uneven. The second time was much better. The technician actually listened to me and tried to recreate the look I wanted. They are currently healing and I will be having a free... READ MORE

I had my eyebrows tattooed yesterday but they are very dark and look odd against my hair colour. Can anyone reassure me that they will go lighter and look more natural and not look like two caterpillars on my face as they do at present. I was bought up in the 70's when thin eyebrows... READ MORE

Don't take it prior to the treatment. Or if you do, be sure to tell the person doing the work. But if you will take a couple of benadryl right after the session, and then sleep with your head elevated above your heart, you shouldn't have any real swelling. Keep the "goo" on... READ MORE

I had my eyebrows and eyeliner tattooed on initially about 3 weeks ago and the touch-up visit was last weekend. Because I had chemotherapy 3 years ago, my eyebrows never grew back in completely so I thought I'd have them done. Also, I hate applying eyeliner so I had that done as well... READ MORE

I had upper and lower lids lined, lips and eyebrows. Lips did not work period! She told me it had to do with my pigment. Eyes took a long time to get it as dark as I wanted but 3 years later the eye line is completely gone. Eyebrows were done 2 years ago and yes, they are fading. It was also... READ MORE

I've had a very good experience with the technician. I wanted a very natural barely noticeable thicker eyelashes look and that's what she did. I don't even look like I have eyeliner on at all, just thicker lashes and slightly more contrast. Throughout the whole procedure she was... READ MORE

I was in a pretty bad car accident when I was 16 years old. Due to the accident, the left side of my face was dragged down the road. I had to have three reconstructive surgeries to fix my face, and it also scrapped the outside half of my brow away. To deal with the brow being gone, I began... READ MORE

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