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Those worried about going under the knife may be able to lift and firm without surgery by using popular fillers like Restylane or Radiesse, laser treatments, and even alternative medical procedures like acupunctureLEARN MORE ›
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Today I had the most pleasant surprise in years, I had my first treatment of reaction viora and it was an instant face lift, I am very serious when I say instant I've struggled with premature droopiness of my upper eye lids for at leas 3 years now and had tried Dysport injections which had been... READ MORE

Two years ago I contacted MRSA while a patient in hospital ..... Subsequently I lost 42 pounds... So I had extreme loss of facial tone. I witnessed a presentation on Good Day Northwest on NBC (5) by Dr Young and immediately felt I needed to investigate the procedure and it's outcomes. Very... READ MORE

I drove about 3 hours to see my Dr. after seeing the amazing before and after silikon photos on his website and I went there knowing I was going to have him do the work--I wasn't looking for just a consultation. Other doctors websites I've seen just did not fill me with the same confidence that... READ MORE

I wanted to get more fat put into my face as I was concerned about my nasolabial lines and fallen cheeks . My doctor recommended I try the silhouette thread lift . I just had it done the day before yesterday and I'm AMAZED at the results already . Remarkable improvement no down time . Painless... READ MORE

I received an IELLIOS face lift in Beverly Hills. It's really wonderful. I felt nothing, no sensation and the results were phenomenal. A week later my skin felt thicker and I looked younger. The procedure was $350. I thought it was a bit expensive but it was worth it. I did not get a... READ MORE

I have pretty much grown up in Beverly Hills my whole life. And I just turned 30 last year. Needless to say, at this point I pretty much only know a couple of ladies who have not (or at at least don't admit to) having had any work done. I personally have gone to numerous consultations with the... READ MORE

I am a 72 year old man and I went to see Dr. Shafer as I did not want surgery but wanted to understand any other options I might have. He was great, he explained to me that we can achieve a natural more youthful look without the need for surgery. My biggest concern was that I wanted to still... READ MORE

I've had the privilege of being a patient at two of Dr. Mulholland’s seminars/workshops. I can say first hand that he is a wonderful surgeon, as I was able to listen to his expertise and knowledge as he demonstrated new procedures and techniques to other surgeons on me. He’s extremely... READ MORE

Hello everybody. After a consultation with doctor Bodyvie clinic, she recommended me to have "Intracel" (Microneedling Radiofrequency 1785£ for 3 session) for my wrinkle below eyes and for ptosis. Any experience about this procedure? Any review about this clinic? I will be glad to hear any... READ MORE

Back in June of this year, I had a non surgical facelift, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. The procedures included soft tissue fillers to re-shape my face, laser resurfacing to tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles, and Botox, which also smooths away lines and wrinkles. I also... READ MORE

I have just turned 60 and retired, a few months after the procedures. I wanted to approach this threshold of my life "best face forward," all traces of stress gone. After chin liposuction, fractional laser, botox, and fillers, my skin absolutely glows, all lines are softened, and neck/jawline is... READ MORE

I am so pleased with the results from my "non-surgical" facelifts and botox injections. They last for several months and then some. There is no downtime to having these procedures done. When I look in the mirror, I love what I see looking back at me and I feel so much better about myself. I... READ MORE

I am so glad I decided to put my old face in Maureen's hands. I haven't been able to put any colored lipstick on my lips for years. Every time I did, it looked like I was injured due to the lipstick piling up in the wrinkles around my lips. I have been thrilled ever since I left with my new face... READ MORE

I've been treating my scars and collagen damage from an accident 7 years ago. I've had 5 surgeries to lift the right side of my face back up and make my right eye look semi normal. During this process, I underwent 7 fractal FX procedures. These procedures where beneficial in healing my collagen... READ MORE

While i was happy with the slight improvement in facial skin appearance, for the time (6 one hour treatments plus gas) and money $2600, botox and filler are a much better use of your time and money. My first botox lasted over a year. My filler lasted almost two years in parts of my face. Time.... READ MORE

I received a non surgical midcheek and eye lid lift. The experience was painless, quick, financially feasible. I was beyond surprised how effective my results were! Literally, I could not have been more pleased. I originally went in for a lower blepharoplasty consultation to have my bags... READ MORE

Omigosh, I never had an experience like this. Dr. Novick (professor, actually) did a 3-D Vector Non-surgical face lift and 3-D Vector Non-surgical neck lift on me. Each procedure was no longer than 15 minutes, and I don't know how he did it, but just about painless. The lizard neck I had looks... READ MORE

I had 12 sessions to improve wrinkles and raise my eyebrows. The treatment increased the depth of the wrinkles and made my eyes look puffy. I would definitely not recommend it. The therapist then tried to push me to buy the Nu Skin equipment which apparently works ( she said the same thing... READ MORE

I had a Volumalift, plus Juvederm injections for the lips, plus Botox. Dr. Ran Rubenstein took "before" pictures, and analyzed which facial areas required the most attention. He discussed all options with me, carefully and compassionately answering any questions and concerns I had... READ MORE

I just has a liquid face lift two days ago. The doc used a topical cream to numb. He injected temples, cheeks, a bit under the corners of my mouth. I had two injection sites with tiny bruises. It was virtually painless, and I am a weenie. The results were instant and gratifying. I look younger,... READ MORE

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