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LASIK eye surgery involves using lasers to change the shape of the cornea in order to correct vision. LEARN MORE ›

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My eye sight had gotten to the point where I was legally blind without glasses. Everything was fuzzy! I hated glasses with a passion and I hated waking up and having to put them on to see across the room. I hated having to take them off before I could sleep and I hated them misting up, getting... READ MORE

It has been just short of a year since i had it done and my vision is EXCELLENT!!! I never cease to be amazed at what i can see. It is a life changing experience. If you are active and truly feel like you are hindered by glasses or contacts do your research then get it done. If I recall my... READ MORE

I didn't have a bad experience. I was so happy I didn't have to wear my contact anymore and that I can actually see in the morning without my glasses. My Dr. made sure that I was the right candidate and made me wear my glasses for month before letting me do my surgery. She said that since... READ MORE

I had really poor vision. I had lasik done on one eye, then the other. Initial results were far better than I even hoped for. Over the years it regressed ever so slightly, but I will always be better off than had I not had the procedures. The expense was the biggest hurdle to getting it... READ MORE

My eyesight was so bad, it frightened me. If I'd lost a contact or broken my glasses while driving, I could not get behind the wheel. Now I can see clearly and not worry. It was difficult to do activities such as snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, etc., and now I love the outdoors. I also didn't like... READ MORE

My eye sight was pretty bad - I couldn't even clearly see the big 'E' on the eye chart with my contacts out! I've worn glasses or contacts since I was 10, and finally at 24 I decided to do something about it. I've also always had sensitive eyes, I had a lot of trouble finding a brand of... READ MORE

I had lasik to correct the far field vision in my right eye. The results are awesome and the proceedure was less uncomfortable than a teeth cleaning. May have hastened onset of middle aged farsightedness in that eye, but that was going to happen anyway. No problems with night vision whatsoever. READ MORE

The reason my Lasik was sooo expensive is because I got it done when it first came out, and I got it done by an actual doctor, not just a trained technician.  I think I paid somewhere around $3950 per eye or something outrageous. Anyway, I had 20/200 vision with astigmatism before the... READ MORE

I loved it since day one, i was pretty much blind but after lasik I was born again jaj.!! the only con id say, is that I had to retouch it 4 yrs later due to personnal matters, good thing I still had a warranty yeii, the doctor was extremelly professional and helpful, ansd most of his patients... READ MORE

It's been a month and I am completely happy with the procedure. I'm at 20/20 in my left eye and 20/15 in my right. I was really nervous about having LASIK but I finally decided to go for it. I've worn glasses for as long as I can remember and I was just tired of them. (That work would pay for it... READ MORE

I had Lasik done in 2001, I still have 20/20 vision it's awesome and best of all it was PAINLESS!!!!! I still sometimes find it hard to believe how clear my vision is, I would definately recommend this surgery to anyone interested in doing so. You won't regret it. It's a 5-10 minute procedure... READ MORE

I never liked glasses and would refuse to wear them. Then I discovered contact lenses, which worked great, until I moved to Dallas. Somehow my eyes always felt as though I had sand in them - very dry. I couldn't wait to get LASIK. My eyes and I were determined to be good candidates and I got my... READ MORE

Without my glasses I couldn't see a thing. I was extremely near sighted. I did the Lasik Intralase procedure and it was pain free. There was a time when there was a little pressure, but I was warned about that. I can see great now without glasses. This was the best thing I've ever done for... READ MORE

Pros: I can see with 20/10 vision without needing to wear glasses or contacts, I won't be spending money on glasses or contacts in the future or having sore eyes from the contacts. Cons: Price, I cant rub my eyes for a month and I usually like to rub my eyes a lot READ MORE

Figuring that I'd save money by getting rid of my glasses and improving my eyesight, I treated myself to Lasik surgery back in 2001. After considerable research, I opted for monovision, so one eye was corrected for distance and the other for near. The surgery was easy, fast, painless and I... READ MORE

I have had bad eyesight since I was in 5th grade. The reason I decided to get Lasik was because I kept sleeping in my contacts, which was bad. I suffered minimal pain during the procedure (mostly discomfort) from the pressure, but it was cool for my son to watch the entire procedure from the... READ MORE

Before Lasik surgery, both my wife and I didn't have floters in our eyes, but after we had Lasik Plus in Mt Laurel, we got many floters in one month, which was very annoying!!! Also, some articles say that 10-15 years after Lasik surgery, people probably will develop many kinds of eye problems.... READ MORE

I had Lasik almost 2 years ago in one eye. My prescription was -8.5 and now I am only a -2.5. It was the best procedure I have ever done. For the first year, I had some night vision problems but now it seemed to clear up. For those who do have some night vision problems, you should order... READ MORE

I had LASIK done in March 2001. My eyes were -7.25 and -7.50, and I had worn glasses since 1973 at age eight (ugly black frames to boot). Not being able to see had limited me in so many ways, even with contacts. Example: you takes out your contacts when you go camping, which is a pain in the... READ MORE

I had one eye done around 10 years ago. The Best Thing I EVER Did for myself ! I looked bad in glasses and now don't need them. Horray ! I interviewed several doctors. I only had one eye done because I my eyesight was not too bad and I can read some still without reading glasses. If I had done... READ MORE

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