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LASIK eye surgery involves using lasers to change the shape of the cornea in order to correct vision. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $3,375

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I now have very dry eyes. Especially in the right eye. My eyesight was farsighted, now I cannot read without glasses. I had to get glasses anyway because of nearsightedness and farsightedness now. Now i have bifocals. I have a hard time seeing when driving after dark. I fear eventual blindness... READ MORE

I had an excellent experience with LASIK. My vision has greatly improved and I no longer have to reach for my glasses in the morning or worry about where I left them. I can read all the signs on the road without difficulty and without glasses. My personal life is better because I am not hindered... READ MORE

I had lasik surgery done by {edited}, he's supposed to be the best in the DFW area. My appointment was for 6:30PM on a Friday and my surgery was not done until midnight! So, after doing no telling how many surgeries during the week, he's doing mine at midnight on Friday. Anyway, they gave me... READ MORE

I love my lasik! Used to have to wear 3 different strengths of glasses and now I only wear driving glasses! I can see my face again and no longer need a 7X mirror! Best money I ever spent! Pain only the first day then I was fine. My vision changes (since I'm only 4 months post op) and won't... READ MORE

My husband finally had Lasik done in Scottsdale AZ by a top doctor for a total cost of $4000. We chose to pay more and picked the best of the best doctors and did a lot of research. You cannot be cheap with your eyes!! Now what they don't tell you about the surgery is, for some it can be... READ MORE

It took 3 tries to fine tune my vision, but relatively painless and NO more glasses/contacts, and no additional cost for enhancements. I had them use a monovision technique for me wherein one eye sees close and the other distance. One day of down time to rest your eyes, that's it. If you... READ MORE

The procedure itself was not that bad. About 1 hour after, I couldn't even open my eyes and they were tearing profusely. I kept trying over and over again to sleep it off, but I kept waking up because of the pain. The next day was already much better. I could pretty much see perfectly. I... READ MORE

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