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LASIK eye surgery involves using lasers to change the shape of the cornea in order to correct vision. LEARN MORE ›
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I got Lasik surgery 11 months ago (after 18 years in glasses) and have been thrilled with it ever since. I agree with the friend who recommended it to me that it's one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I love the freedom of not being dependent on external objects for decent vision... READ MORE

I am a physician, who had Lasik done by a renowned opthalmologist in NYC. Of course I did my research beforehand: spoke with prior patients, read the literature, surfed the internet. Saw the warnings. But figured the odds were in my favor, as I am a woman in my mid-30's, nowhere near... READ MORE

My eyesight was horrible...I could barely even see a foot in front of me and that scared me thinking 'what if I lose my glasses driving' or 'what if my contact gets lost'. I looked into Lazik with my opthomologist and he did a few tests and he said that I was a great candidate for the procedure... READ MORE

I wish I would have done it years ago. My contact prescription was -3.75 in each eye. It was so amazing! I could see leaves on trees again. The next 3 days I remember crying - because I was SO HAPPY! It is so worth it! If I had money I would buy it for my sister!!! I wish I would have... READ MORE

Got both eyes done in 2001 and still have great vision to this day.  I don't miss my glasses one bit!  I was the perfect candidate for the surgery and told myself if I wasn't 100% then I wouldn't get the surgery.  My pupils are average size, my corneas are an adequate thickness,... READ MORE

I had Lasik surgery done in Canada in November 2003.  I wish I had saved the money.  I started out thinking it would cost $390.00 per eye as was advertised.  After I was checked into hotel in the area, prepped for the procedure and been there for hours, I was told I was only a... READ MORE

I had a lasik surgery done three years ago. Very fast, ABSOLUTELY painless. Have had 20/20 ever since. I don't think it fixes astigmatism, so the glares are still there at night like before. But no stupid fogging, falling glasses; no ever drying contacts; no re-wetting drops and stuff like that... READ MORE

I had bladeless-Lasik a few months ago. Know before you do this that the doctor will consider your surgery a success if one eye ends up 20/15 and the other 20/30. It's very common. This is how I turned out and most of my friends as well. (They failed to tell me until after my surgery.) I... READ MORE

I only had one eye done so I could both read and see long distance without glasses. Dr Lacey thought that I might have trouble adjusting to the monovision because of the large discrepancy, but I adjusted almost immediately. I love being able to read menus, labels, books in bed, etc., without... READ MORE

I went to a eye transplant cornea dr who was excellent. Surgery went really well, and by that evening I was seeing 20/20. Not swollen or red eyes but it did take a few days to feel 100%. I didnt do both eyes at once, just to be on the safe side. The results 8 yrs later, still pretty much 20/20.... READ MORE

It was great It didnt hurt, not even a little. At first he put a suction cup on my eye to keep it open and then I heard click click that was the machine cutting my eye open didn't feel it at all, and then the doctor took the laser and i starred at it for 20 seconds, then he folded back my eye... READ MORE

I loved this procedure. At first it felt a little weird.Right after the procedure. I could read the clock. My vision changed and, I received 20/15 vision. My vision will get even better than that in the near future. I recommend to any one who is a candidate to get Customvue Lasik done on their eyes. READ MORE

My eyes were -5,25 and -5,75 before the lasik procedure, in 2004, but I could read without glasses. After the surgery they became like +6,00. I used "pilocarpina", a substance that forces your pupils to become small. After the 15-day treatment, my eyes reached +1,75, which never... READ MORE

It has been 7 weeks since I had Lasik. My vision was -3.50 in both eyes. They day after and ever since the procedure I am 20/20. I am hearing a lot of horror stories, so far so good for me. Be very sure you do the research on the doctor. I went to 3 offices for consults before I choose the... READ MORE

It was only 3 months ago when it happened --I was driving home after work in the pounding rain in the dark of night. On top of this, I had forgotten my prescription glasses at the office. My guardrail collision was all I needed to get me won over on the idea of Lasik surgery. I began by... READ MORE

I had a great improvement!  I used to not be able to see the E at the top of the chart but afterwards I was 20/15.  Advice:  make sure your are happy with the refraction done before surgery because this is how your vision will turn out.  You know, when they ask you which is... READ MORE

I saved enough money for both eyes, and fully intended to do both. The doctor told me to only do one eye, in hopes that one eye wouldtake over close up vision, the other eye would see distant. It worked! While all my friends had to add bifocals as the got older, I never had to. It was the... READ MORE

Excellent results!! I wish I had done it earlier. It was fully covered by my health insurance (in Argentina), so that made it even better. Note: I added $100 as cost because I have absolutely no idea how much is charged in Argentina for this procedure. I paid nothing. READ MORE

I now have very dry eyes. Especially in the right eye. My eyesight was farsighted, now I cannot read without glasses. I had to get glasses anyway because of nearsightedness and farsightedness now. Now i have bifocals. I have a hard time seeing when driving after dark. I fear eventual blindness... READ MORE

I had an excellent experience with LASIK. My vision has greatly improved and I no longer have to reach for my glasses in the morning or worry about where I left them. I can read all the signs on the road without difficulty and without glasses. My personal life is better because I am not hindered... READ MORE

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