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Invisalign is a braces alternative meant to straighten crooked teeth--minus the metal mouth. Requires wearing a series of clear, plastic trays or aligners that can be removed and are largely invisible. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $4,875

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I'm a 28 year old man who's decided it's time I improve my smile. I've totally ignored all friends and family who've told me I don't "need" Invisalign. This is a personal decision that I'm sticking by regardless of outside opinions. After Day 1 I already feel this might be overwhelming with the... READ MORE

I've always had crooked teeth growing up but I never really paid much attention to it. I didn't feel like an issue to me during my teenage years. My mom gave me every opportunity to get braces, but I declined every time because I didn't want those unsightly things attached to my face for years,... READ MORE

So after spending my whole life waiting to have straight teeth I finally got my aligners on last night. I have 15 attachments. I didn't realise how painful this would be. I have just read several testimonials from people saying how they have had very little pain. I'm not sure mine is worse than... READ MORE

I had braces in high school, but lost my retainer and my top front teeth moved back. I'm starting invisalign express- 10 trays, five months- today and will update as I go. I have 6 attachments total with 5 of them on the top. The attachments make the invisalign looks less invisible. It took 4... READ MORE

I have always wanted to get braces since I had the knowledge of them but my parents could never afford them. I love my smile and so does all of the people I know but deep down inside I knew that I wanted to experience a smile with no gaps at all. I always promised my teeth that as soon as I can... READ MORE

Well, my first fitting is tomorrow (yikes)... I've been reading reviews since the initial discussions with my dentist back in February to help me make a decision and after a lot of thought I've decided to proceed. I'm 40 years old and over recent years have found my teeth (both upper and... READ MORE

I'm 52 yrs. young and just got my first set of invisaligns yesterday afternoon...and 'WOW', I wasn't prepared for how they prep teeth for trays (buttons). I only have 7 buttons/top and 6 buttons/bottom. It felt very tight when trays were placed and I scratched up my tongue pretty badly within 3... READ MORE

I'm a 24-year-old guy on my way through Invisalign right now. I started my treatment two months ago and I've been taking a picture of my teeth when I put in each new tray. I love it to death. I've been extremely self-conscious about my teeth for a long time and finally had the money to take care... READ MORE

I started my Invisalign treatment in October 2013. It's been more problematic than I'd expected. Here's what I have found difficult: 1. A few days after starting treatment I had a meeting at a client's office. My new trays were quite sharp, and they cut the inside of my mouth, causing the top... READ MORE

So I've Never felt confident about my teeth, they have always been my biggest insecurity but my parents never really felt like it was important to get me braces. However after YEARS of pleading they finally gave in and here I am lol on my third invisalign tray. In all I will have 15 trays on top... READ MORE

(Week 1) I just started my invisalign treatment. I have an overbite, and my lower teeth are arched. My bite is way off so when I chew my bottom teeth will hit the gums behind my front teeth if I'm not careful. If the clincheck animation is correct, this treatmant plan should correct my... READ MORE

This is day 1 & Week 1 of my invisiline treatment. Im very excited. My orthodontic is very excited. He wants to prove that I'll be 100% satisfied with the final look. I can't wait. There are a few orthodontics that will make you feel like there is no hope for you with the invisiline but that's... READ MORE

I started my Invisalign experience on Wednesday, April 2. A little history about myself, I did not wear braces as a teen but I did wear retainers to fix some minor crowding with my upper teeth. Over the last 20 years I have had one top tooth slide back to its original position and movement along... READ MORE

Hello everyone, I just started my invisalign journey this morning. I have been wearing my aligners for about 8h now and I am feeling a lot of pressure. I decided early on in the day to take some painkillers in hopes of being proactive and avoiding the described pain I read about in so many... READ MORE

Being 30 I decided that I didn't want the teenage braces look so I went for the invisible experience. Which comes with a cost. Traditional braces are about $3,000 less than Invisalign. My teeth are relatively straight, well I thought that anyway. I just have a tooth up the top that sticks... READ MORE

MY STORY I've always been conscious of my smile and how Ive never had a perfect bite. In social situations I tend to hide my mouth whilst laughing and I hate anyone taking photos of me from side on as my bite is more noticeable. In high school people took the mick out of my smile and ever since... READ MORE

Hello everyone. I am a 47 year old married mom of 4. I decided to get Invisalign because I have always wanted straighter teeth than what I have. We had extra money in our flexible spending account at the end of 2013 so instead of losing it, I put it to good use and committed to Invisalign. ... READ MORE

When I was in middle school I had regular braces and like most 13 year olds, I didn't follow rules and didn't wear my retainer causing my teeth to shift. My wisdom teeth came in a few years later and that is why my teeth are crooked. After years of making weird faces or not smiling in pictures... READ MORE

I have always wanted to fix my teeth. My 2 front teeth are too large and my other teeth aren't straight. I originally wanted to get veneers but heard about Invisalign and decided to go with that instead. My orthodontist is amazing and explained what would happen with my treatment. I need 17... READ MORE

I've been on invisaline treatment for over a yr now, I will be completed with all my trays in May. I must say I’m a little nervous about my final results. I don’t think my teeth will be totally straight by the end of the treatment. I have seen some improvement but the upper right teeth are... READ MORE

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