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Invisalign aligners are used to straighten crooked or crowded teeth, as well as fix overbites and gaps between the teeth. The treatment involves wearing clear, plastic trays that are custom-designed to fit your mouth, making Invisalign a less-noticeable alternative to metal braces. LEARN MORE ›
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Hello! I am eagerly waiting for my first set of Invisalign to come in. It seems like I have waited my whole life for the moment to take the plunge and get braces. I have had horrible teeth for as long as I can remember. It never affected me much, however I still wanted strait teeth. My family... READ MORE

I've never had braces before, and i have a lot of crowding on my bottom and i don't like how i don't have a 10 teeth smile in the front. I also have a bad bite so i have jaw problems, which is mostly the reason why i decided to get invisalign. I have 22 liners that i have to wear for two weeks... READ MORE

I said "So what!" and got a referral from my dentist. At age 58 and living in Honolulu, I began wearing Invisaligns. My case was not typical in anyway: my age (58), number of trays (120), and number of attachments (19), along with wearing rubber bands for six months. Some people have... READ MORE

Was searching the Clear Correct website for doctors who offered it and I called Dr. Suzan Ghattas' office and they informed me that she does not deal with them and haven't. I spoke to her clerk and she explained how payment works and how often I would have to come in to get trays. I like the... READ MORE

I am in my mid 20s getting married in May of next year! I have always been self conscious of spacing in my teeth. They were corrected with braces while I was a teenager. Due to not wearing my retainer, over a few years my teeth spaced out all over again. Dr. Paul Greco is my dentist. He was the... READ MORE

Day one. Tray one. I previously had braces from 7th grade to 9th grade. I wore my retainers for about a week b4 losing the top one. I got it replaced for $150 and lost it again and was too guilty to tell my mother. Since then my teeth went into a gradual relapse which has bothered me... READ MORE

My teeth are crowded and I have very prominent fang-like canines. I actually generally like my unique smile, but my dentist told me that my teeth are moving and my eye teeth will continue to move forward. He said that the crowding could make me more likely to get cavities and need crowns and... READ MORE

I decided to post on here because this website has been a huge help to me in deciding to do Invisalign, so I hope my post(s) will help others too. I've been wanting to get Invisalign for years and finally decided to go for it this past October 2013. I am set to graduate next year and I figured... READ MORE

I'm still in the process of my invisalign and so far I'm loving it and hating it! Pros: Great oral hygiene Removal for dates, & special occasions Can eat popcorn, sticky foods & candy Barely noticeable (people are shocked when they tell them I have them on) Simple to... READ MORE

I'm 24 and have always been self-conscious about my baring my teeth. I have never had braces as a child, and hearing from my family dentist that I would need to extract at least four teeth in order to get braces had effectively scared me away from them. Two years ago (after getting out of... READ MORE

I decided to get invisalign to fix my crowded lower teeth. Ive had retainers, braces, then retainers again and my teeth always manage to shift. My whole treatment is going to be 3-4 months unless refinements are needed. 13 trays for the lower, 9 for the upper and 8 attachments. I got my first... READ MORE

Five weeks into my Invisalign experience, I currently have mixed feelings. I wore traditional braces for almost 3 years as a teenager (I'm now 54) and as many others have said, retainers were not used past the first year (mine broke anyway and I didn't have the money to buy a new set--I was in... READ MORE

After months of preparation.. I'll get my first trays on may 30! Really excited and anxious to get this going.. These reviews have been a huge help letting me know a little what to expect! I'll be sure to upload pictures throughout.. I have major overcrowding issues on both my top and bottom... READ MORE

I recently completed my Invisalign treatment. And I am more than satisfied with my results. At first, I did not want to spend all that money to get my teeth fixed. I had gaps in numerous places in my teeth. However, after careful consideration I decided to take the leap and started the process.... READ MORE

So I've had my Invisalign trays in for 9 days now, and I've gotta say that so far I am loving them! My journey started in April when I went for a free consultation to find out more about Invisalign. I didn't particularly like the dentist I saw at first but I went away armed with information on... READ MORE

A tragic experience. NEVER let a general dentist move your teeth with Invisalign. I did and now my teeth do not meet properly and I have chronic jaw pain. NEVER let a general dentist apply interproximal reduction! I did and now I have malocclusion and TMJ. Leave moving teeth to Orthodontists... READ MORE

Hi, I got invisalign two days ago and was pretty disappointed with what I got. I was expecting the clear invisalign trays that are advertised, but my orthodontist said that invisalign has "changed their design" and that I need attachments on my teeth to hold it in place. I wasn't quite sure... READ MORE

This is the first time I've had a non-trivial cosmetic procedure done and am pretty excited to get on my way. I have mildly crooked teeth, nothing disfiguring but an annoying snaggletooth in front usually keeps me from smiling a lot and I hate the way it looks in pictures. My dentist has been... READ MORE

I have had crooked and overcrowded teeth since elementary school as I have a small mouth and narrow arch/smile that actually runs in my family on the female side. I've been self conscious for as long as I can remember. As I got older the more I would hide when cameras are out or avoid getting... READ MORE

I'm a 35 years old male who never had braces. I decided to finally get it over with after talking to my ortho. So far so good. I'm actually seeing results after the 2nd tray. The first week of treatment was the worst because of irritation in my mouth, but now I'm totally fine with them. I can... READ MORE

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