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Invisalign is a braces alternative meant to straighten crooked teeth--minus the metal mouth. Requires wearing a series of clear, plastic trays or aligners that can be removed and are largely invisible. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $4,875

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I have moderate upper crowding problems and minor crowding on my lower arch. I'm a 27 year old male who's never had braces before (I had a spacer on my lower arch when I was a young teenager). I was told when I was young that I didn't qualify for Invisalign, though I'm pretty certain the... READ MORE

For years I had wanted straight teeth but didn't want to go through the embarrassment of braces. Then I heard about Invisalign. I wasn't sure that Invisalign would work for me because my teeth were pretty crowded but I wanted to find out. I did some research and decided that Dr. Bardawil office... READ MORE

Hello,My name john.I would like to say Invisalign is an excellent option for closing large gaps. And it works very quickly.The treatment time was 17 months and the result was great.I will post photos soon to show you my cas.This the good thing about invisalign,the bad thing you need to remove... READ MORE

My teeth have always made me feel a little self conscious, but I managed to train myself to take pictures at a certain angle in order to make my teeth look not so crooked. Once I got married though I started to feel even more self conscious about my smile. I didn't enjoy taking wedding pictures... READ MORE

I think the Invisalign treatment provided to me by Dr.Bardawil was the best decisio i ever made for myself.The results were incredible especially after comparing my final results with how my teeth looked before.The entire treatment was very comfortable as well painless,but most importantly i... READ MORE

I had braces when I was younger, and was told I needn't wear my retainers after the age of 22. Unfortunately this is not the case--my teeth have shifted since then. My front tooth is coming forward like it was before braces, and my bottom teeth have some crowded. I decided to get invisalign... READ MORE

This is my first day (first tray) and I am excited. It feels strange, I had braces in my late teens and twenties and it feels somewhat the same. I feel the pressure and I talk with a mild lisp. The jury is still out about how I feel in terms of being able to take these aligners. I like being... READ MORE

I have wanted to get Invisalign for years but my insurance does not cover it and it was to expensive to do. Until one day when Groupon was having a special $500 for top and $500 for the bottom. So I did some research, checked out the dentist and decided to give it try. I had braces as a... READ MORE

Hi, I'm Maria and I'm 25. I have always had a gap in my front teeth and some crowding in the bottom but I learned to love my teeth and never wanted to go though wire braces I really hate the look, but this year I decided to do something about it IF my insurance covered it and it did!!! I... READ MORE

I've been wanting to get my teeth fixed for so long! Unfortunately it was to costly when I was younger for my parents to get braces for me. I did so much shopping around before I really made my decision. I called a orthodontist to see if there was any such thing as a payment plan. Luckly for... READ MORE

I have always felt uncomfortable with my teeth, and I think having them straight will greatly improve my confidence! Now I can finally afford them and justify them - I've taken the plunge. I got a call today saying my trays had arrived! Very excited (and a little nervous) considering it... READ MORE

Impressions taken. Frecnectomy expected 6/5/12 Trays to be received 6/19/12 Its been pleasant so far!I wanted to add that I purchased a $1,000 off coupon from living social fro $10 and it brought my cost down to 4660. I also put $1650 down to put a dent in the cost for invisalign. So far it's... READ MORE

My story dates back to those years when I've lost the temporary teeth (aka milk teeth) - priceless jewelry. I love those photos smiling will all straight teeth - small pieces of pearls showing from every picture :)) Since then, my nightmare has started. I remember as being yesterday those days... READ MORE

I'm 19 years old and started college this past fall. I've never been a fan of my teeth and I blame their state on braces that I had about 10 years ago. When I was 7 my dentist recommended braces and within a year I had partial braces on my front teeth. The only issue was that my braces were... READ MORE

10/3/12 - Just got tray 1 of 16 for both upper and lower today. So far the process has been easy; I had my moulds taken earlier in the year and finally bit the bullet and proceeded with Invisalign after watching my teeth slowly get worse over the last few years. My doc said to wait a week to get... READ MORE

I started with tray 1 of 10 (top and bottom) in July of this year. The first few days, it felt awkward. But, i quickly got used to it. Now I am on trays 7 of 10 and I am very pleased with the way my teeth are starting too look. I cannot wait until I can see the finished product in December! I... READ MORE

I was very excited to start the Invisalign process but after reading all the reviews I am now hesitant. I just called my orthodontist and asked questions regarding what will be covered in tomorrows appointment. I mentioned the Clincheck and asked to see the "outcome" of the procedure. The... READ MORE

So, i'm new in this forum, but checked it out before going for Invisalign. I always wanted to close my gaps. But couldn't afford them when I was young and was advised to wait after my wisdom grew etc. (I had them pulled out anyways) Now I'm 24, saw a LivingSocial ad for Invisalign for $2,700.... READ MORE

I had a HUGE gap between my upper teeth which made me SO insecure... Invisalign honestly changed my life forever!!! Im so happy now, I am confident, and I can smile a beautiful smile! :) Invisalign made my dream come true! I am not nervous meeting new people, for interviews or smiling in... READ MORE

Hi All, I got fed up having bad teeth and decided I am going to change this once and for all. So at the end of March 2012 I contacted a reputable dental practice in Central London. Initially I was interested in a quick fix that I read about before: Durathin veneers. After the initial... READ MORE

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