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Lap band surgery involves placing an inflatable band around the top portion of the stomach, limiting its ability to expand. Because it can't hold as much food before you feel full, you eat less and—if all goes according to plan—lose weight. LEARN MORE ›

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You will lose weight at the start, well you can't eat you are in too much pain. After a yr you put it all back on but the worse part is the vomiting. you vomit all the time! so awkward, I never ever want to go to a restaurant ever again. And I have had gall bladder stones, pancreatitis went to... READ MORE

Six months later and a sixty pound loss I am ecstatic! Thank god for ny Bariatric group you are ALL amazing!Special thanks to Dr.Garber you are awesome Ty for giving me my lap band it has changed my life!!! Everyone that works here from Sharon George to Donna Franco and the rest of the staff I... READ MORE

Hello everyone I am a member of the lap band breast reduction, I have had the band since 2011, and loosing weight has been a stuggle, I mean I diet and although I do not excersise but I am very active with running after my little children, anyone have any advice? Oh let me tell you My youngest... READ MORE

I was hitting a UK size 24 and knew I looked professional but a fat professional. Image in my work is important so I needed to do something. I had the band in June 2014 with Tonic weight loss surgery as they offer a full aftercare package. Boy was I glad in December I developed a chest infection... READ MORE

After being overweight pretty much my whole life, I took out a personal loan to get the lap band. My insurance would not cover it (Exclusion for WLS on my policy). I am full of emotions! Happiness, freedom fear, scared, nervous. I want this to work out so bad. I have read so many reviews of band... READ MORE

I met Dr Liu in 2006, at that time he was known for performing more than 800 Lap Band surgeries, giving him the most experience in the area, maybe even nation wide. Dr Liu is gentle, caring, patient and has a wonderful sense of humor. I was blessed to have had the experience, and couldn't... READ MORE

Hiya Im due to have my band fitted this month Im 23 years old i had my first baby last year putting on 3stone i now weigh 16stone My belly looks like a pouch and im terrified that once i lose weight im just going to be left with a huge amount of saggy skin on my belly anyone have any advice as i... READ MORE

Growing up I was always seen as "the fat girl." I never felt comfortable in my own skin around anyone... not even around myself. I have always felt like I am a failure and that I am going to die alone. This was all due to my EXTREMELY unhealthy eating habits and life style. Many people told me... READ MORE

Even though I put NO - not worth it I have to admit that the procedure did what is promised. I went from 268 down to 235 within the first 3-5 months. I went to the adjustment appointments for the first year with little weight loss as a result. The first issue I have is that I was promised... READ MORE

Hi everyone, i found it important to let the world know and I will find any site I can to warn people about a service site I went through and the doctor I used. I am not new to going to Mexico. On June 2010 I went to Dr. Rodriguez and I had the lapband put in. Great job with everything and I... READ MORE

Hi My name is Sheyla, Im very happy i found this page where i can read different point of views and experiences. My first consultation is on Monday, Im so exited but nervous. I am 26, pre-diabetic and over 100 pounds overweight. I have tried every diet and exercise programs out there and... READ MORE

I had this done in 2010. I was really sick with diabetes and I couldn't' lose any weight and the Lap Band was fantastic for my immediate needs. I lost quite a bit of weight pretty easily, my diabetes actually went away, and overall I lost about 40lbs. I would really have liked to lose another... READ MORE

Before I had the procedure done, Dr. Cobourn spoke with me on the phone to answer any questions I had about the procedure and if I felt I was doing the right thing. He was extremely authentic, warm, and funny. The clinic was extremely professional and explained everything to me beforehand and as... READ MORE

I was asked to write a review for Lap Band. I had my Lap Band placed in July 2009. As of right now I am about 60 lbs down from my highest weight. It has been a journey that is for sure. There have been a lot of ups and downs both physically (nothing major) and emotionally. If I had it to do... READ MORE

I am at 5 weeks post surgery, loving it so far! 31 days of liquid diet, no vomiting or nausea whatsoever! I have never been hungry at all. I paid cash, insurance wouldn't help at all, but I will not pay for any after care for a full year. Surgeon was great, staff was awesome, recovery very... READ MORE

At the moment I am excited to being on the new part of my life but also worried about if I fail. It's a lot of money I am selfishly spending on myself (with his support)....I don't want to be skinny (currently size 22) I just want to loose enought to be able to run around with my children asin... READ MORE

I am 70, have been overweight for some time, and decided to go w/the lapband. I lost 30# pre and post op, and have not lost an ounce since. I am on prednisone for my asthma which causes me to crave sweets ... then did a long term substitute teaching job (am a retired middle school teacher),... READ MORE

Hi , it's now just been over a week since my opp and already feel different the pain has gone and I can even sleep on my left side I can enjoy baths not worrying if I get the cuts wet , and not using windeze anymore but it has been really hard only having liquid diet for two weeks first few days... READ MORE

I just got the procedure done Thursday and I don't know how to feel. I'm in a lot of pain and I feel very weak. I understand its a process, but its really hard for me at this point. I originally had it done because I'm 31 and have been type 2 diabetic for over 10 years. I wanted to have a... READ MORE

I originally had the gastric bypass weighting 362. Here I am six years later at @ 155. It is all about how you take care of yourself. I have been hospitalized twice with dehydration and felt like death all due to me not taking care and following directions. It is all about control and truthfully... READ MORE

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