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Chin surgery (genioplasty) can change the shape, height or size of the chin. Chin implants are the most common type of chin surgery. LEARN MORE ›
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I found Dr. Jamali after reading an online review. My concern was having a weak profile, even after having a chin-implant put in years earlier. After reading the review, I realised that I most likely needed chin or jaw surgery and not a chin implant. Meeting Dr. jamali was the best thing that... READ MORE

Hello, Okay so heres my situation. I've been to 3 different orthos, 2 said braces and jaw surgery would be the most ideal way to fix my class 3 bite. I am a 23 year old adult female so I've been told that surgery is really the only option for adults with an underbite. So I went to the 3rd ortho... READ MORE

Over some years I consulted about eight maxillofacial and plastic surgeons as I looked for a solution for my prominent chin bone. Unfortunately while these surgeons readily performed surgery to augment recessive chins none were prepared to attempt the amount of bone reduction necessary to bring... READ MORE

I was a 67 year old male with an unpleasant looking turkey neck, who happily feels a lot younger, today. My surgery was performed with local anesthesia with no noticeable discomfort, on a pain scale of 1-10 the entire procedure discomfort fluctuated, but, never exceeded 2. Roughly 3 months... READ MORE

I am a 30yo make who will be having a revision genioplasty to correct lip incompetence and chin ptosis. The genioplasty will involve an asymmetric rotation as the left hand side of my chin is 2-3mm receeded than the right hand side. Also when I talk my lower lip shows too much lower teeth and... READ MORE

I have had two surgeries performed by Dr. Young in the last year. The first was a jaw implant surgery and the results were wonderful. It was a complicated procedure with a higher risk of infection due the incisions being make through the inside of the mouth. Though painful, it was a total... READ MORE

I had to find the best possible advice on a subcutaneous nodule excision and when I stumbled upon reviews of Dr. Rock on Real Self that were all positive I decided to go in for a consultation with him. He clearly understood my desire to get rid of a floating nodule under my chin that made it... READ MORE

I had a chin implant 9 years ago, and, while that improved my profile, I feel that it did not provide me with enough chin projection or jaw definition, and (obviously) did not help with my mentalis strain, lip incompetence, or mouth-breathing; Therefore I am looking into orthognathic surgery,... READ MORE

Hi I want to have my lower jaw broken as I feel my chin sticks out due to larger lower jaw and I previously had braces for class 3 bite which was taken off 2012. I thought the braces would fix my jaw too but unfortunately it still remains much larger than my top. I hope to get surgery for my... READ MORE

I originally came across Dr. Buonassisi while researching possible surgical and non-surgical alternatives for what is generally referred to as “double chin”. I am a very healthy and active male in my late 20’s, but had noticed an increased amount of fullness in my lower chin area generally... READ MORE

I had a face lift, chin implant, and lip lift. The implant felt a little strange. I had a great profile,, but everyone thought I looked weird. Then my lip started to droop and I looked like I had a stroke. My lips looked strange when I ate or spoke. I had it taken out yesterday and now I... READ MORE

After getting adult braces when I was 28, I started to research orthognathic surgery, as I have always been unhappy with my profile. My orthodontist told me that my upper and lower jaw were in the correct position, but I could consider a genioplasty, and recommended a maxillo-facial surgeon.... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I'm a 34 year old female who is booked in for sliding genioplasty on the 18th of July (3 days). As I have only told the 2 people who will be caring for me pre and post op, I wanted to chat to others out there who have had this or similar operations as I'm a little anxious! I'm... READ MORE

About three years ago I decided to take the plunge and get a little work done. My chin was always a little square for my liking and I wanted it to look more "feminine." (Never mind that in retrospect it looked fine as it was....). Anyway, I convinced my rather reluctant PS to give me some chin... READ MORE

My experience (7 weeks post op) has been, thus far very mixed. I had a chin implant inserted in 2000 for a short jaw and receding chin but remained unhappy with my profile, however face-on I was happy with my face. Last Summer a saw a specialist Maxillo-facial and oral surgeon who recommended a... READ MORE

Dr. Pryor removed a sebaceous cyst on my neck. He listened well, remembered all my concerns and responded thoroughly. The incision was precise so there was no bleeding after stitched up. Healed quickly with very faint scar after 10 days, which will disappear with more time. I'll refer my... READ MORE

I chose "chin surgery" from the list: I had both liposuction on my neck and a chin implant. I had a small chin and fat on my neck that gave the appearance of a double chin, which I didn't like. I'm not overweight but the fat deposit on my neck made me look heavier. Also my face... READ MORE

In July of 2009 I had reconstructive jaw surgery to correct my open bite. I was unable to close my mouth comfortably, grinded my teeth badly, snored badly, and had an overall unappealing look to my face due to my weak chin. I do not know the number of millimeters in regards to the repositioning... READ MORE

Hello, I've had both a chin augmentation & neck lipo procedure performed about 7 weeks ago. And i just felt the need to write this for all those that are worried about nerve damage to help put their mind at ease. By my 3rd week I had trouble speaking, numbness, soreness & was... READ MORE

Hello. I just had a chin implant 3 weeks ago. Since surgery, I cant close my lips. When I do so, I feel my chin tight. Is this normal? How long will I be like this? I'm scared. Please help! Thanks. READ MORE

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