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Chin surgery (genioplasty) can change the shape, height or size of the chin. Chin implants are the most common type of chin surgery. LEARN MORE ›

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The years had taken a toll on my face. My chin and self confidence were sagging, as I compete for clients with younger consultants. One doesn't get a second chance to make a first impression. I'm especially pleased that the effects of Dr. Jacob's surgery have been totally sustained for four years!! READ MORE

On Sept 4th, I underwent a handful of procedures with Dr. Michael Yaremchuk. My other experience with my cheeks is reviewed elsewhere, but this is a review of the "revisional" procedure he performed after a sliding genioplasty 10-14 years ago. My chin is even more crooked than I started with. ... READ MORE

Dr. Colgrove is a very kind man. His concern for patient well being is top notch and, his staff is excellent. Al together, his surgery center is an well-orchestrated operation. Kudos aside, Dr. Colgrove is your 'concert master' of medical practices. His review of your (patient) case involves his... READ MORE

This is a revision from a sliding genioplasty done about 10 years ago by Dr. El Attar (An Egyptian doctor who practiced in England). The previous surgery had made my chin moved to the left and appeared very asymmetrical. The asymmetry is very apparent in photographs. (see pic) Then I went to... READ MORE

I'm a 25 year old female and I was unfortunate to have a pointy, and very long chin that I inherited from my father's side. I decided to get chin reduction surgery. It was extremely expensive, but the procedure was easy with two weeks of intense swelling. It's now 3 weeks after and I'm a new... READ MORE

I can only say how much I love dr Neal T Chen and all of his staff I have had Meany things done with him and so have family and friends and fill he truly is the Best in town or anywhere for that matter thanks to him I fill I am a more beautiful women and enjoying my life and looking forward to... READ MORE

I have had many surgeries in my lower jaw since I was 7 years old. At that age, doctors discovered a benign growth and decided to remove to prevent it from becoming malign. Unfortunately, after a while it would grow again and I had to go back for surgery. In time, because if this my teeth... READ MORE

Review Dr. Kevin Sadati Chin and eye lid surgery I like my face as it is a part of my mother, father, sister and my family. What I did not like was the aged look I was beginning to have along with Southern California sun damage. I had been wanting to have this surgery done for a while but... READ MORE

I lost 130 pounds which left me with some gobble gobble, well I saved and my wonderful boyfriend is going to help me get it removed. My date is set fro April 28th, I have been waiting 1 and half months. I am soooo excited, I know it will be a tough recovery but I am so ready for this. I know... READ MORE

Growing up I had a very underdeveloped lower jaw. At 13 my orthodontist wanted to perform orthognathic surgery on me (breaking my jaws to re-align them), however after a year of headgear, my overbite was more manageable. Although the overbite was manageable, I've always been very self aware of... READ MORE

Hi I have had a chin implant, it is 3 weeks post surgery, I am very happy with the aesthetic result The scar however is a bit concerning, I thought it would be less visible at 3 weeks, it's quite red, bumpy and swollen at different ends I have been using invincible scar scream 3 times a day... READ MORE

This was before the surgery. I am so used to clinch my teeth together so people won't notice my chin miss alignment. The doctor told me he will put some anchor to keep my mentalis muscle in place. I will upload the a video later a week after the surgery.. I will upload a new video next week... READ MORE

Since I was born, I have problem with my jaw. My jaw was square and every times when I meet someone, It was quite stress me out. I did lots search for square jaw reduction and I found the information Korea plastic surgery tech is quite good and advanced. When I visited Korea through medical... READ MORE

I've always had a fuller face, but after high school & gaining some weight in college, I developed a prominent double chin. I had a pretty active lifestyle, & my work was physically demanding, so although my weight may have fluctuated by 15-20 pounds over the years, this chin would not go away,... READ MORE

I had a botched le fort 1 jaw surgery and sliding genio in june of 2013. It's been a horrible experience and I honestly don't know how I've coped for this long.  I was an attractive girl before this surgery that was going to fix my overbite and slightly recessed chin; now I don't even want to... READ MORE

I wanted a more masculine jaw line, therefore we discussed many options we came into a conclusion of using injectable fillers, simply because we wanted to see results before getting into more permanent thing. I'm very pleased with the income. Many friends did actually noticed it and they too... READ MORE

I had a moderate cross-bite that never allowed me to bite down with all of my teeth. This caused a facial asymmetry and protruded my jaw. I could not have asked for a better surgeon than Dr. Huynh. From the initial interview to the surgery and follow-up appointments, I received the utmost best... READ MORE

I have wanted a more pronounced chin since I was about 13. I have always worn a goatee to hide my weak chin. I finally decided to get a chin implant done. I just had procedure done today. Unfortunately, it still looks way to small for my desire. Ill wait for my check up and discuss this with Dr.... READ MORE

I've been through a lot of chin drama. My entire life I hated my profile because my chin was recessed and always said I would get an implant someday. In 2011 I finally did it, and it was horrible. Very very long story short, everything was bad from my experience with the doctor to the final... READ MORE

If you are deciding between a chin implant and sliding genioplasty, please read my experience. In July 2010 I had a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation via chin implant (Implantech XL silicone). The implant gave me more projection, but I could feel it in my face, which was obviously awkward and... READ MORE

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