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By applying the technique of liposuction to the chin, neck, and jowls, chin liposuction aims to reduce excess fat to create a slimmed down profile. LEARN MORE ›
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I had chin liposuction to get rid of my double chin. However, when my chin healed, I could feel a large, hard bump about the size of a tangerine under the center of my chin, connected to both the chin and the neck. I was shocked as I had followed all post-operative directions and had worn the... READ MORE

I had chin liposuction about 1 year ago by Dr. Hansen. There wasn't a great amount of fat removed. The results seems gradual, but comparing my before and after photos there is a huge difference! I got my jawline back. The procedure was painless~~~~there are no scars. Would I do this again?... READ MORE

3 years ago Dr Hansen did liposuction of my neck/chin---not sure how much fat was removed, but it made such a difference in my appearance. It gave me back my jawline, & gave me a more youthful look. The procedure was nearly painless, & I had only 2 days of downtime away from work. Love... READ MORE

I am 48 years old and in the past 18 months I developed a pooch underneath my chin. I was horrified. The dreaded double chin! Wasn't ready yet for a facelift, but wanted a better profile. Dr. assessed my skin with good elasticity and he used the Smart Lipo. I was very swollen for the first week,... READ MORE

Hi all, I had liposuction of my chin and buffalo hump yesterday afternoon so i thought id post on the procedure and recovery. reading these posts have really helped me so i figure id pass it on =) This is not my first experience with liposuction, i have had my tummy done twice, once as a... READ MORE

I'm 6 days post op. Still pretty swollen and sore and have only taken my compression garment off once. So not sure of results yet, but I'm very optimistic. I am 42, have good skin, but about 30 lbs. overweight. However, even when I was super thin throughout my twenties, I always hated my double... READ MORE

To get rid of turkey neck. I am 51, 5 years ago dr.Engler performed breast augmentation surgery on me, left me very happy with my new breast. They are perfect fit to my body, soft and smooth on touch, everything you want from perfect breast, thanks to a wonderful plastic surgeon dr.Engler... READ MORE

Pros- quick and easy procedure that I was allowed to stay awake for. The only con I can think of is that it was a little scary, although I chose to stay awake. The healing time was very quick, which may be partially due to the fact that my body didn't have to process out the extra anesthesia READ MORE

I’ve always had a double chin, and hated the way it looked. So I decided to get chin liposuction to correct the problem. I was initially very happy with the results, the double chin was COMPLETELY gone and looked amazing. However, I’m now 5 weeks post op and when I go for 24 hours or... READ MORE

I have been wanting to do this, stumbled upon Dr. Solz with a friend, we did rejuvaderm lip fillers. The first time I did the lip fillers I was not satisfied,but was assured in a couple of days it would be better. It was hard to express this due to the language barrier. I scheduled my surgery... READ MORE

I am very slim person, but have had a bit of a double chin my entire life. I wanted to have liposuction to get rid of it. I never had any plastic surgery done so I was a little nervous, but it wound up being a pretty easy procedure. The staff was very welcoming and accommodating. Dr.... READ MORE

I had chin lipo 4 weeks ago and am still waiting for a result I am happy with. When I took the compression garment off to cb age the dressings the next day I loved the results and took pics but since then it seems to have crept back to what it was before. I never had a huge double chin before... READ MORE

While I am an otherwise fit guy in my mid 30's, I have always had a bit of excessive fat under my chin - which I hated. I wanted to feel and look better. I had facial liposuction and a chin implant. The result was natural looking. People knew there was something different but couldn't... READ MORE

The worst mistake ever! I wish I could turn back the time... I have done smart lipo for my chin 1 year ago in Singapore and not only that it got worse, changed shape and I lost my jaw line but the pain is horrible for the first 2 months and uncomfortable and swollen for like 6 months. You... READ MORE

We all have our areas that bother us, mine was a double chin. I am getting married next year and I wanted to look my best in my pictures. Since the surgery there's not one camera I'm afraid of! It has changed my self image and confidence more than I can describe.  READ MORE

Had eyelid surgery and small neck lift at advice of surgeon. he only lipo'd expecting that the skin under my eyes and neck would snap back without removing skin, it did not. now my neck and face look worse as the skin has no fat to support it and it sags. surgeon recommended i start... READ MORE

It is day 5 since I had my neck liposuction. I had some bruises at the root of my neck and I take the cream Arnica for them. My surgeon did three tiny incisions (pea sized or 0.5 cm long), two in front of each ear and one submental. He inserted the suctioning cannulas through them targeting... READ MORE

I was scheduled to do another procedure and I asked the doctor about getting rid of the fat under my chin. She said it wouldnt be a problem and that I would definitely see a difference. It was concidered another area to lipo so I was just charged $500 more on top of what I was already paying... READ MORE

Great surgeon. Highly recommended. Painless procedure with excellent outcome. Had it done 2 years ago and still looks great. READ MORE

I hated my double chin all my life. I felt ugly. READ MORE

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