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By applying the technique of liposuction to the chin, neck, and jowls, chin liposuction aims to reduce excess fat to create a slimmed down profile. LEARN MORE ›

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I just had chin lipo done today.I went in at 7am, but didn't have my surgery until 8:30. It was right before the surgery time that I was informed that my original doctor wan't there and I got someone else.....I had met him before and I told him my concerns.He was very graceful and said he... READ MORE

I'm living in Germany for a while with my husband and not working, so I decided to get chin lipo while I have the time to recover. I have had a double chin my whole life even when I was 120 pounds. I just had it done on 1/22/2011 it has been over a week and I am still wearing my compression... READ MORE

I was visiting in Atlanta when I got this procedure done. I had always been bothered by how my neck/chin looked. I am mid 40's, so it wasn't age laxity but more a fullness there I had inherited. I hated looking at pictures of myself because- even when my weight was not bad- I had a double-chin... READ MORE

I could not be happier and more satisfied about my experience with Dr Healy. I am about a 6 weeks out from having a chin liposuction procedure, and my expectations have been exceeded. I've had a lump of fat under my chin as long as I can remember, despite being very physically active. I am in my... READ MORE

I've always had that troublesome fat pocket under my chin. As I entered my 30s I started to notice my skin changing and that area became more pronounced. When I started avoiding pictures I knew it was time to do something. I researched minimally invasive and affordable procedures that would... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Wise in Wayne, Nj. I went to him because he said all the things the other Drs. have said only he was a couple hundred dollars less. I felt good with my decision and I explained to him and his assistant that I was receiving a lump sum off money, not a lot, enough for a car and not... READ MORE

Dr. Perez-Gurri's artistry is only rivaled by the high degree of professionalism and care afforded by his clinic. I had been thinking about getting neck lipo for some time (not sure why only chin lipo appears as an option here) so I logged onto real and looked through the reviews of... READ MORE

3 days since surgery and feeling pretty good. Haven't had to take any pain pills since I left the hospital. The marionette area, where fat transfer was placed, is very swollen and slightly bruised. I've taken the chin strap off only for showering and I'm hoping the jowl area becomes more... READ MORE

Dr. Luis Suarez is the best plastic surgeon I have ever met, he is professional, friendly, and take the time to explain the procedures. He knows what he is doing and all his staff are really professional. I had tummy tuck,breast reduction and recently chin lipo. I will recommend him he is the... READ MORE

I am a 58 year old woman who missed having a firm jawline. I didn't want to do anything really invasive like a face lift. I am a Type 1 diabetic which complicates any surgery. I had many conversations with my doctor, reviewing possibilities both surgical and non surgical. Decided that this... READ MORE

I've always hated my neck and jawline. My chin and jawline have always been a confidence breaker in my struggle body image. I remember as early as middle school sitting in a classroom staring at other girl's jawline and slim necks and wishing I looked like them. Even when I was slimmer, I had a... READ MORE

I could stop thinking and looking at my double chin and causing me BIG stress every time I look in the mirror. I met with Dr. Reedy, he answered all my question. after an assessment of my skin. Needless to say, I had my procedure done a few weeks later. He did an amazing job and his staff was... READ MORE

One too many birthdays was effecting my appearance and my neck skin was sagging giving me that double chin look. My profile especially bothered me. I consulted with Dr Ward who was great at giving me options. The procedure was simple, done in a procedure room with a local anesthetic and no... READ MORE

Well, its been 5 years that i wanted a chin lipo sculpture. I been to a few Beverly hill DR's from Groupon to referrals from friends and they priced me from 3k to 10k.. many years ago i had friends that did lipo in mexico and had a great DR there that they refereed and the price was always 1/3... READ MORE

Dr. Madnani is such a caring doctor. He listened to my concerns and put me at ease. He and his staff also reached out to me before and after procedure which really meant a lot. The procedure was quick and I was able to eat solid foods the same day. I was sore for about 2 weeks, and I had very... READ MORE

I'm 30, married, with no kids, and around 240lbs. I'm overweight, but healthy, and suffer from no illnesses other than allergies. I've always struggled with my weight since I was teen, and have been on and off dieting for years. Now that I'm 30, I'm ready to stop the endless mind games with... READ MORE

I am 29 years old and had stubborn fat around my nick/chin for as long as I can remember that no amount of dieting or exercise would get rid of. In addition I also did not have much of a chin in comparison to the rest of my face and in particular my (not so small) nose. I would always see my... READ MORE

I'm almost a month post op and I still have a lot of swelling but what bothers me most is the fact I can't smile right the left side of my mouth doesn't do right also the lumps under my neck and I have been massaging and wearing my garment is this normal and if so how long does it usually take... READ MORE

All I can say is if you want it and have always thought of it then DO IT. Of course I think if you don't have good skin elasticity then you might have to consider something more invasive. I'm in my 30s and actually had most doctors say they wouldn't do it and that I'd have sagging skin. I was... READ MORE

As i was getting near my 50's, i was noticing my double chin getting more noticeable. then a friend told me about Dr. Chia so i made an appointment to consult with him. a month later, i got the chin lipo treatment which took only about 1 hour. next day i was able to unwrap the tape around my... READ MORE

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