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By applying the technique of liposuction to the chin, neck, and jowls, chin liposuction aims to reduce excess fat to create a slimmed down profile. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $2,500

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I went in for a consultation. He and his staff were very professional. I knew right away that I was going to go with him. He had many pictures of previous patients to look through and his work speaks for itself. His office manager was up front with the cost. I had the procedure done a few weeks... READ MORE

I just had the procedure done today i'm about an hour post far I feel ok other thatn this band and maxi pads on my head. when I got to the drs. office they took me to a room with a cozy recliner I got a snack and some juice to take the meds which were, Ativan,atenolol and Vicodan with... READ MORE

Hello, I have used this site a lot before deciding to take the plunge and do something for my self for a change. I was not worried until the morning of the procedure. Suddenly I became extremely nervous (almost backed out :/). The shots were the worst, I was not expecting as many as I got...... READ MORE

I am 60 and had the procedure to remain competitive. The pain and discomfort were to be expected- and who can complain on a voluntary basis. But the Customer Service left a lot to be desired. In 2 visits I had 3 other ladies question if I would recommend and hinted at the same feelings. And they... READ MORE

After reading all the info on vaser lipo and the so called minimal swelling, gentle, non evasive treatment i went ahead. apparently i was told i could go back to work the next day....not so!! i looked like id been in a bad car crash for the first few weeks and was beside myself with worry... READ MORE

I had always been an attractive girl, but I felt like the lower part of my face was not defined or as strong or as angular as it should have been. I had orthodontics and orthognathic surgery before but the chin was still short. I saw Dr. Hughes with a friend of mine. He recommended a chin... READ MORE

Hello, I wanted to share my experiene since many of you have shared with all of us..I had submental liposuction, neck, jowls, chin. I am 5'3 tall and weight about 132 lbs, not a big person, but the fat in my my face did not go away with diets or exercise lol. So i had the procedure done 6 days... READ MORE

I had chin lipo 6 years ago and regret it. The chin fat was supporting and holding my cheeks and the whole face in place. After 4 years post lipo my cheeks and jawline sagged. I've tried to reconstruct my facial line with Sculptra injection but it did not work well. Last year I had my cheeks... READ MORE

I recently had chin liposuction done by the very talented Dr. Kimberly Lee and although I am still a bit swollen I can already see some results.  READ MORE

In October 2012 I undertook a procedure that involved: - Jaw implants - Buccal fat pad removal - Chin and neck liposuction The procedure was carried out by Dr Noorman van der Dussen and Dr Bert Oelbrandt at a hospital close to Antwerp, Belgium. The aim of the procedure was to reduce... READ MORE

Hello! I've been doing some research on Chin SmartLipo and luckily have found some good feedback from users on RealSelf. This made me want to post my own results on-line and share my experience, goes! I didn't notice it at first, but as I've gotten older, I've noticed that my face... READ MORE

I went through your experience of chin liposuction and find it very helpful. I have my sisters and brother with me but they all not much supporting instead making me feel negative about this. I just started feeling a ray of hope after reading your post thanx alot for sharing your experience... READ MORE

When I first went in to Dr. Reichel’s office I was a bit nervous. After all, I have had my double chin all my life (it’s genetic) and did I really need to spend the money on something I thought others might consider frivolous? So I was understandably a bit jumpy when Dr. Reichel came in and... READ MORE

I was 45 at the time of the procedure. I am perfect body weight and an avid weight lifter. If you look at my pictures when I was young I had a slight double chin. I now have a bad double chin and still perfect weight. I had chin liposuction and an implant. While doing the lipo the doctor decided... READ MORE

I had chin liposuction to get rid of my double chin. However, when my chin healed, I could feel a large, hard bump about the size of a tangerine under the center of my chin, connected to both the chin and the neck. I was shocked as I had followed all post-operative directions and had worn the... READ MORE

I had chin liposuction about 1 year ago by Dr. Hansen. There wasn't a great amount of fat removed. The results seems gradual, but comparing my before and after photos there is a huge difference! I got my jawline back. The procedure was painless~~~~there are no scars. Would I do this again?... READ MORE

3 years ago Dr Hansen did liposuction of my neck/chin---not sure how much fat was removed, but it made such a difference in my appearance. It gave me back my jawline, & gave me a more youthful look. The procedure was nearly painless, & I had only 2 days of downtime away from work. Love... READ MORE

I am 48 years old and in the past 18 months I developed a pooch underneath my chin. I was horrified. The dreaded double chin! Wasn't ready yet for a facelift, but wanted a better profile. Dr. assessed my skin with good elasticity and he used the Smart Lipo. I was very swollen for the first week,... READ MORE

Hi all, I had liposuction of my chin and buffalo hump yesterday afternoon so i thought id post on the procedure and recovery. reading these posts have really helped me so i figure id pass it on =) This is not my first experience with liposuction, i have had my tummy done twice, once as a... READ MORE

I'm 6 days post op. Still pretty swollen and sore and have only taken my compression garment off once. So not sure of results yet, but I'm very optimistic. I am 42, have good skin, but about 30 lbs. overweight. However, even when I was super thin throughout my twenties, I always hated my double... READ MORE

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