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Cheek augmentations aim to fill out sunken cheeks and change the contour of the face. Some add synthetic implants while others use injectable fillers or fat transfers for a more rounded appearance. LEARN MORE ›

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Years of wasting had sunken in my face in. I wanted to bring fullness back with cheek augmentation. Also I had some permanent filler (Bio-Alcamid) injected into my cheeks about 6 years ago by a doctor in Canada and that had pooled and sagged in the last few years. I wanted to have some filler... READ MORE

I am 32 years old, I have in-mouth cheek implants 5 months ago. After cheek implants I have following problems: • I can’t smile and laugh normally; when I smile I look like a chipmunk • The corners of my mouth drooped (upper lip changes smaller) • Implants are imbalance, right side is... READ MORE

For years I've been dissatisfied with my lack of cheekbone structure, one that both my mom and sister were blessed with. I also have an abnormal amount of fat around my cheeks and chin, so no matter how lean I get, my face persists with a baby-like" feature. I sought my doctor to visit options... READ MORE

Ok ladies, when I tell you I'm the pickiest, most meticulous person on the planet when it comes to my skin and face, it's not an understatement! With extensive research and consults I decided to go with Dr. Kolstad for my facial fat transfer procedure. I informed him that I struggle with melasma... READ MORE

I just had cheek filler and undereye filler along with botox around eye area. Afterward i put on some makeup in one of his treatment rooms, and met my BF for lunch!. Talk about lunchtime lift! I look great! As always! Thx It is three days since my treatment and looking great! I have the... READ MORE

Had cheek/malar implants augmentation and a bit of fat transfer under my eyes and my nasolabial folds to correct a mid-face decent that troubled me in my early thirties. Could not be happier and more thrilled with my results, totally natural and beautiful. He is truly an artist. Also the... READ MORE

I had a dimple sugary done on one cheek and it has been a disaster. I followed the Dr's advice about the placement but I should have been more forceful in suggesting where I would like to placed. He just got a black marker and plonked a spot on my face without even considering how it would look... READ MORE

I went to Dr Slupchynskij because I wanted jaw implants. He was one of a few in NYC who do this surgery and from his website he looked like he knew what he was doing. All smoke and mirrors. I had my first surgery almost 4 years ago. Immediately after surgery I knew something was wrong. The... READ MORE

I am now a 63 year old woman and have been seeing Dr Ridenour for several years. He has done several procedures for me, cheek implants, tightening of my neck, fraxel laser to name a few. I am so impressed with the things he has done for me to keep me looking as young as I feel. I have actually... READ MORE

Im a guy who got cheek implants put In in several years ago I was 21 at the time and initially I thought I looked fine in the mirror I even had people I'd meet in bars say I looked like a male model. They did look good when I had a 'neutral ' facial expression , but on the flipside they... READ MORE

I get very anxious with needles and Dr Dobryansky had such a calming aura, he made me comfortable and relaxed as if I was in a spa. His knowledge of the fillers was incredible and answered every question I had. He was very light handed with the fillers. He never wants to over do it. He gave me... READ MORE

I have hollow, sunken areas under my eyes so considered tear-trough treatment using filler to plump them out. However, following a consultation with a qualified person I was advised that putting filler (Juvederm Voluma) in the top of the cheek area would be more beneficial as it had more than... READ MORE

I came into see Dr Bryan Mendelson after I had some cheeky implants done with another doctor that didn't turn out as well as expected. My first consultation was one of the best consultations with a surgeon I have ever had, Dr Mendelson asked me about my life to start with and made me feel so... READ MORE

I am a 19-year-old college student looking to augment my high, but flat, cheeks. I've been researching the procedure for close to three years now, and just recently I finally pulled the trigger and scheduled a surgery date. I'll be having surgery with Manhattan-based plastic surgeon Dr.... READ MORE

Dr. Champaneria was referred to me by a friend. I felt like I was starting to not look like myself anymore. But I didn't know why or if I could -- or even watched to fix it. Terribly nervous, I made the consult. Dr. Champ -- as I call him -- was professorial, yet casual and got to the root of... READ MORE

I consulted with 4 different doctors for a brow lift and cheek augmentation. This was the only doctor (of the 4) that did not provide a quote the same day of my appointment. But when Dr. Wong said he would email my quote in a few days I wasn't displeased, I just assumed he ran his operations... READ MORE

My experience with Dr. Talei was great! Office was super clean, the front desk was very friendly and patient with answering any questions I might have had. It took no longer than 5 minutes to be seated in the doctors office. I had injections in my cheeks done, the results were amazing!!! Better... READ MORE

As you can read at my profile i went to hell because of aquamid now about 4 years passed and im looking for the best plastic surgeon to fix my right cheek, I was wondering if someone had cheek implants or revision with dr: Binder from Beverlly Hills...Im seriouslly thinking to have this... READ MORE

I wanted cheek filler, as I had lost volume in my face through weight loss. I had perlane injected and was thrilled with my new refreshed and youthful and above all natural appearance. I would highly recommend Sabrina shah. If I needed to contact her, I felt I could do so and she would always... READ MORE

From the time I called for appt until I walked out of the office I was pleased with Dr. Kulbersh. My results are better than I'd hoped for. The botox and fillers are perfect. I have been to 2 other prominent facial plastics dr in Charlotte and was very unhappy with results. I won't take... READ MORE

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