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Cheek augmentations aim to fill out sunken cheeks and change the contour of the face. Some add synthetic implants while others use injectable fillers or fat transfers for a more rounded appearance. LEARN MORE ›
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I am a 19-year-old college student looking to augment my high, but flat, cheeks. I've been researching the procedure for close to three years now, and just recently I finally pulled the trigger and scheduled a surgery date. I'll be having surgery with Manhattan-based plastic surgeon Dr.... READ MORE

As you can read at my profile i went to hell because of aquamid now about 4 years passed and im looking for the best plastic surgeon to fix my right cheek, I was wondering if someone had cheek implants or revision with dr: Binder from Beverlly Hills...Im seriouslly thinking to have this... READ MORE

From the time I called for appt until I walked out of the office I was pleased with Dr. Kulbersh. My results are better than I'd hoped for. The botox and fillers are perfect. I have been to 2 other prominent facial plastics dr in Charlotte and was very unhappy with results. I won't take... READ MORE

I had just been through a really awful divorce with domestic violence and was starting to feel a lot happier, but my face still looked morose and hallow. My cheeks were sunken and my eyes were getting lost in my cheeks. Dr. Niccole performed cheek implant surgery and when I woke up from the... READ MORE

I had them put in and removed about 12 years ago. The insertion itself changes your face and smile; surgeons could perform the procedure and not even put in implants and still effect a noticeable difference in the face and mouth. Implants look terribly unnatural. I had them removed and still... READ MORE

Easy, straightforward procedure, no pain, moderate swelling, but it went down fast. I got large conform malar shell implants. Love it. I was hesitant to get the implants because of all the horror stories but I decided to do it anyways because I trust the doctor I chose. I live the results... READ MORE

I am scheduled for removal and replacement of cheek implants, buccal fat removal, and a second ThermiRF procedure to my lower face and neck. My current cheek implants (size large) are being replaced with Terino Malar Shell small 6mm implants in hopes of achieving a higher, more pronounced,... READ MORE

If there was a way to give Dr. Srour 10 extra stars, I would. It's amazing to me that he isn't well known in the city of cosmetic surgery (Los Angeles) considering just how skilled he is! I got 2 procedures, Cheek Implants and a Revision Rhinoplasty and I would do it again in a SECOND! I look... READ MORE

I had 23 year old cheek augmentation that over the years became uneven. I hated photos of myself because my face was lop-sided. I am now 52 and needed some other facial rejuvenation, Dr. Yaremchuk recommended a facelift at the same time. I did much research on the best doctors, I spoke with Dr.... READ MORE

PLEASE DO NOT get this procedure done ever! It will radically change your appearance even after the swelling goes down. I am well adjusted, educated , pretty 47 years old and had a quad blepharoplasty due to my hooded eyelids done at the same time as the cheek implants. I love , love, love... READ MORE

Ive been getting Botox to forehead and various fillers to cheeks for years. I love the results for the first 3 weeks but it wears off so quickly. I'm told that I just need more. My eyebrows have taken on a joker like shape also. The cost is now more than a surgical procedure would have been.... READ MORE

Dr. Malouf was very thorough and answered all of my questions. You can tell that he has a lot of experience with injecting facial fillers. I wanted something that would last awhile and researched several different fillers. Dr. Malouf shared his thoughts and helped me reach a decision. He is... READ MORE

I had my facial filler injection by Dr. Solomon. He did a very lousy careless job. I was in agony because of the asymmetric face he made me. He injected my face in less than 5 minutes and left the room immediately and wasn't accessible after the procedure. I guess money is all matters to him... READ MORE

I has been interested in filling flattened cheeks along bone to restore/create a fuller cheek contour for a few years. I was nervous about who to allow to fill this area as it is such a prominent area on face. I finally decided to go with Jonathan owner of the laser lounge in estero over my... READ MORE

I asked for really big and still don't feel like they're big enough. Recovery was uncomfortable but by day ten, I felt back to my normal self. Swelling subsided relatively quickly. Second week made the biggest difference. Still wish my implants were bigger.A year post op and the swelling... READ MORE

I have had 2 surgical facelifts in the past ten years. Though these procedure smoothed away wrinkles, I still had deep nasal labia lines and not enough volume in my cheeks. I had fillers placed in both areas many times, I have tried Juvederm, restylyne and radiesse. All initiall with good... READ MORE

I am a young boy of 20 years old, I always wanted to get more prominent and higher cheekbones, and because of the massive impact of implants on the appearance, I had consultations for weeks with many plastic surgeons all over Manhattan. Some of them had samples, which is extremely important,... READ MORE

I had cheek implants put in two years ago at age 25 because I was unhappy with (what I saw) as weak support under my eyes. To make a long story short, I regreted doing it and ended up having them removed a year later. I chose a good surgeon for the implant and removal whith was expensive but... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I am scheduled to have a revision rhino and a fat transfer to my cheeks on Oct 23, 2013. I am having lots of last minute hesitations with respect to the fat transfer. I had my cheek implants done when I was 24 and incredibly stupid. Now 7 years later they have shifted slightly and... READ MORE

I had a very positive experience getting cheek augmentation done by Dr. Chaboki. I was well-informed before surgery, didn't experience any pain during or after the procedure, and my results look natural and aesthetically pleasing. I'm glad I chose the "small" implant size, though initially I... READ MORE

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