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Cheek augmentation helps fill out sunken cheeks and improve facial contour. Cheek implant surgery involves the placement of implants (much like breast implants) in the face, but there are non-surgical options too, like injectable fillers or fat transfers. LEARN MORE ›
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I has been interested in filling flattened cheeks along bone to restore/create a fuller cheek contour for a few years. I was nervous about who to allow to fill this area as it is such a prominent area on face. I finally decided to go with Jonathan owner of the laser lounge in estero over my... READ MORE

I asked for really big and still don't feel like they're big enough. Recovery was uncomfortable but by day ten, I felt back to my normal self. Swelling subsided relatively quickly. Second week made the biggest difference. Still wish my implants were bigger.A year post op and the swelling... READ MORE

I have had 2 surgical facelifts in the past ten years. Though these procedure smoothed away wrinkles, I still had deep nasal labia lines and not enough volume in my cheeks. I had fillers placed in both areas many times, I have tried Juvederm, restylyne and radiesse. All initiall with good... READ MORE

I am a young boy of 20 years old, I always wanted to get more prominent and higher cheekbones, and because of the massive impact of implants on the appearance, I had consultations for weeks with many plastic surgeons all over Manhattan. Some of them had samples, which is extremely important,... READ MORE

I had cheek implants put in two years ago at age 25 because I was unhappy with (what I saw) as weak support under my eyes. To make a long story short, I regreted doing it and ended up having them removed a year later. I chose a good surgeon for the implant and removal whith was expensive but... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I am scheduled to have a revision rhino and a fat transfer to my cheeks on Oct 23, 2013. I am having lots of last minute hesitations with respect to the fat transfer. I had my cheek implants done when I was 24 and incredibly stupid. Now 7 years later they have shifted slightly and... READ MORE

I had a very positive experience getting cheek augmentation done by Dr. Chaboki. I was well-informed before surgery, didn't experience any pain during or after the procedure, and my results look natural and aesthetically pleasing. I'm glad I chose the "small" implant size, though initially I... READ MORE

I had a previous chin augmentation and cheek lift procedure by a Dr. in Lakewood. That surgery was a terrible experience. The chin implant was misplaced, and my cheeks initially had huge swollen ridges on top, and my midface looked very hollow. No amount of makeup can hide a botched surgery. ... READ MORE

What the doctor is not telling you is that, cheek implants could take up to 2 years for the swollen to subside. I for instance had my left cheek swollen exactly for 2 years. I was always depressed waking up in the morning, wondering when is going to go down. finally and exactly two years... READ MORE

As I am getting older I notice that I don't have the big round cheeks that I used to have. I came into Dr. Palmer because he is arguably the best cheek man out there. He used Juvaderm to fill in the apples of my cheeks and then massaged the material into place. My cheeks looked totally... READ MORE

Ever since I had a double jaw surgery done, I've wanted to get facial implants to bring greater balance to my facial profile. I found Dr Eppley online and have not regretted my decision to choose him as my surgeon. I had revision Medpor jaw implants, Medpor orbital-malar, silicone paranasal... READ MORE

My procedure was basically very comfortable from start to finish. i had cheek implants and a fat transfer under my eyes. my face was sunken in on both sides down the middle. now my cheeks are naturally full and i don't look tired anymore and i fell like i look 10 years younger. i had this done... READ MORE

Male Motivation: High (NOT FULL/ROUND) cheekbones similar to typical male model today. PS insisted on placing a combination malar/submalar implant, which resulted in FULL/ROUND CHEEKS. 3 Mos. later implants were removed, which resulted in puffy/round cheeks. Result: Terribly... READ MORE

I had both the upper and lower blepharoplasty and CHEEK implants done by Dr. Gentile. I woke up on the operating table to very loud voices and someone was shouting an arguing with Dr. Gentile that the cheek implants were upside down. The arguing went on for a few minutes before the woman... READ MORE

Have a strong jaw but flat face and would like a more sculpted look. How is he with this? Would like a natural but noticable improvement but I am afraid that i will come out looking like Lil Kim. I am also 21 years old so I was wondering how important of a factor age is and if people as... READ MORE

I am looking into a facial procudure to repair sunken cheeks which resulted from HIV (facial wasting). Can anyone help with regard to cost estimate comparisons, taking into account procudure involvement, recovery, and the amount of time each of the results last? I would like to feel more... READ MORE

People all comment how refreshed I look but no one can tell that I had work done. It is exactly what i want a natural result but with great results. READ MORE

As you can read at my profile i went to hell because of aquamid now about 4 years passed and im looking for the best plastic surgeon to fix my right cheek, I was wondering if someone had cheek implants or revision with dr: Binder from Beverlly Hills...Im seriouslly thinking to have this... READ MORE

This is my second time getting my cheeks done, approximately 8 months apart. One vial total in cheeks and marionette lines. I LOVE the lift I get in the cheeks. I'm 45 but before filler look much younger with fairly smooth skin. I was starting to complain about marionette lines so I tried... READ MORE

I had a concave face, practically no cheekbones or cheek fullness. Dr. Yaremchuck created custom, porous implants that he screwed on my face. These became part of my sceleton and cannot move like other non-porous implants. Skin and tissue also grows on them. The result: a life change. I looked... READ MORE

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