Cheek Augmentation

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Cheek augmentations aim to fill out sunken cheeks and change the contour of the face. Some add synthetic implants while others use injectable fillers or fat transfers for a more rounded appearance. LEARN MORE ›

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I just had cheek filler and undereye filler along with botox around eye area. Afterward i put on some makeup in one of his treatment rooms, and met my BF for lunch!. Talk about lunchtime lift! I look great! As always! Thx It is three days since my treatment and looking great! I have the... READ MORE

I am a 19-year-old college student looking to augment my high, but flat, cheeks. I've been researching the procedure for close to three years now, and just recently I finally pulled the trigger and scheduled a surgery date. I'll be having surgery with Manhattan-based plastic surgeon Dr.... READ MORE

Ok, its raining outside, nothing to thats why im writing this review. Im taking a break from Youtube....ok, so....I had these done last year, new years eve. Im somewhat satisfied with results but...I feel as if they are too small and he even agreed when I went back to discuss it with him... READ MORE

I am 40 year old from Brisbane. In my childhood and teenage years, I was proud of my high cheekbones but a few years back, I got nasty habit of smoking. However, it’s been 2 years since I smoked my last cigarette but the effect smoking had on my cheeks was terrible. My plump high boned cheeks... READ MORE

Dr. Champaneria was referred to me by a friend. I felt like I was starting to not look like myself anymore. But I didn't know why or if I could -- or even watched to fix it. Terribly nervous, I made the consult. Dr. Champ -- as I call him -- was professorial, yet casual and got to the root of... READ MORE

I consulted with 4 different doctors for a brow lift and cheek augmentation. This was the only doctor (of the 4) that did not provide a quote the same day of my appointment. But when Dr. Wong said he would email my quote in a few days I wasn't displeased, I just assumed he ran his operations... READ MORE

My experience with Dr. Talei was great! Office was super clean, the front desk was very friendly and patient with answering any questions I might have had. It took no longer than 5 minutes to be seated in the doctors office. I had injections in my cheeks done, the results were amazing!!! Better... READ MORE

As you can read at my profile i went to hell because of aquamid now about 4 years passed and im looking for the best plastic surgeon to fix my right cheek, I was wondering if someone had cheek implants or revision with dr: Binder from Beverlly Hills...Im seriouslly thinking to have this... READ MORE

I wanted cheek filler, as I had lost volume in my face through weight loss. I had perlane injected and was thrilled with my new refreshed and youthful and above all natural appearance. I would highly recommend Sabrina shah. If I needed to contact her, I felt I could do so and she would always... READ MORE

From the time I called for appt until I walked out of the office I was pleased with Dr. Kulbersh. My results are better than I'd hoped for. The botox and fillers are perfect. I have been to 2 other prominent facial plastics dr in Charlotte and was very unhappy with results. I won't take... READ MORE

I have been a patient of Dr. Manolakakis for many years. When I first met him I had so many concerns and so many things I wanted to do. Have you ever met a plastic surgeon who talked you out of the ten procedures you wanted? I hadn't until I met Dr. Mano. He was so honest about what he felt... READ MORE

I had just been through a really awful divorce with domestic violence and was starting to feel a lot happier, but my face still looked morose and hallow. My cheeks were sunken and my eyes were getting lost in my cheeks. Dr. Niccole performed cheek implant surgery and when I woke up from the... READ MORE

I had them put in and removed about 12 years ago. The insertion itself changes your face and smile; surgeons could perform the procedure and not even put in implants and still effect a noticeable difference in the face and mouth. Implants look terribly unnatural. I had them removed and still... READ MORE

Easy, straightforward procedure, no pain, moderate swelling, but it went down fast. I got large conform malar shell implants. Love it. I was hesitant to get the implants because of all the horror stories but I decided to do it anyways because I trust the doctor I chose. I live the results... READ MORE

Cheek implants look very natural. I'm very happy with the results. Dr. Tyrone and his staff have been very professional and kind through the entire surgical experience. Pre-op and post-op instructions were extremely thorough. Dr. Tyrone and staff kept very close contact throughout the entire... READ MORE

I am scheduled for removal and replacement of cheek implants, buccal fat removal, and a second ThermiRF procedure to my lower face and neck. My current cheek implants (size large) are being replaced with Terino Malar Shell small 6mm implants in hopes of achieving a higher, more pronounced,... READ MORE

After menopause I began losing muscle. My face began to look dry and sunken in, especially around my cheeks, nose and mouth. I am in great shape, eat a healthy diet, and started to look well beyond my years. I consulted with Dr. Mesa and he recommended Voluma to add volume and definition back to... READ MORE

After I loss weight I found my face looking flat and cheek less. I wanted to complete my image and make my cheeks more dominate and fuller. I was referred to Dr Hodgkinson from a friend and I am ever so happy with the results. The recovery time, cost & before and after care was all of the... READ MORE

My procedure with Dr. Groff was one of the best cosmetic procedures I have ever had. His expertise and kind bed-side manner was a pleasure. I has loss of volume to my cheeks, and felt my face was starting to sag. Dr. Groff recommended that I have Voluma to my cheeks. He was very thorough with... READ MORE

Always wanted dimples and I finally got them. 500 each, they are not as deep az I wanted them to be....but its alright. Procedure was quick less than 30 min. Pain was minimal until the 4th day. Thats when it started hurting. Left side is hesled right side still in the process. Webt to the... READ MORE

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