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Usually performed after mastectomy (removal of one or both breasts), involves a series of procedures—breast augmentation, nipple reconstruction, tissue reconstruction and more. LEARN MORE ›
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Diagnosed 2011 DCIS, partial mastectomy, radiation, reconstruction for symmetry on left then more cancer found in tissue on left. Next ,double mastectomy w/ immediate reconstruction (diep/free flap) using abdominal fat. This was 15 hr surgery and my 4th.. I was left with one side huge and... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with beast cancer in March 2012. My diagnosis led to a tratment plan of needing a mastectomy. My journey to find the best plastic surgeon for reconstruction of my breast led me to Dr. Rad. He performed a DIEP flap breast reconstruction follwing my mastectomy. I chose this... READ MORE

When I learned I had breast cancer and would have to have a mastectomy, I knew I would want to have breast reconstruction. Dr. Blakemore was very kind and answered all my questions about the different types of reconstruction and the pros and cons, and spent a lot of time reassuring me. I decided... READ MORE

I needed breast reconstruction after previous implants ruptured. My experience with this doctor was terrible. He put the wrong sized implants in to save cost. He had to do a second surgery at no cost to repair a breast lift that he insisted I needed. I did not feel I needed one and reluctantly... READ MORE

I chose a mastectomy/reconstruction after finding out I had the BRCA2 gene for breast cancer. Watching my mother die from breast cancer in her early 50's and my sister fight at 41 I was not going to take any chances. I will be honest. The process/procedure is hard. Recovery after a... READ MORE

Foobs. Fake boobs. Rising out of nothingness…Suddenly. In Biblical fashion. The surgeons very kindly took me seriously when I said the prospect of traditional dual mastectomy horrified me. They inflated temporary tissue expanders to about half capacity before I left the operating room... READ MORE

I was motivated to get the breast reconstruction surgery after I underwent a bilateral mastectomy. The procedure was painful and the recovery was long but I have no regrets because I no longer have to worry about getting breast cancer. The worst part was having the drains and having to take pain... READ MORE

Dr. Bajnrauh showed patience and perseverance in helping me find my real preferences during my stressful breast cancer diagnosis. I was happy with my body before and appreciate him helping me to keep it that way. His staff deserves kudos for their effective support before and after surgery too.... READ MORE

My initial breast reconstruction after a mastectomy was 15 years ago was now giving me great pain and I had required another reconstruction for some time. My initial reconstruction had given me a full silicone implant in one breast and a saline one in the still OK breast. After this amount of... READ MORE

Botched breast reconstruction. ( I later found out that this was not an appropriate surgery for my situation.) After the initial complaint that "something had gone wrong" she stopped returning my phone calls. I did not have a good experience at all with this Dr. My advice would be to check out... READ MORE

I am a BRACA2 gene carrier. I had the gene test done after my second sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. Though she caught it "early" we learned there is really no such thing and the cancer had reached her nodes and after two lumpectomies had to have a mastectomy followed by chemo and... READ MORE

When I found out that I was BRCA2+, I made a plan with my OB/Gyn. It included having another child then going forward with a bilateral mastectomy and oopherectomy. My doctor highly recommended Dr. Schusterman and that meant a lot to me because I respect his opinion. After having my second child,... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago which involved having my right breast removed.During the operation I opted to have my breast reconstructed. Due to complications beyond anyones control (which involved radiation) my implant was removed 5 months later. After this happened I decided... READ MORE

After having Breast Implants in 2005 I found I was unhappy with the size of my full DD breasts. I decided to explore my options. I had 3 consults before I decided to proceed with the surgery that Dr. Kortesis recommended. The entire process during the consult was professional and informative. I... READ MORE

After having a mastectomy, my breast reconstruction made me feel whole again. I am very, very happy I went through it. It was well worth the time and pain! Although my insurance paid for it, it would have been worth the cash price. I had 4 surgeries total-1 for the mastectomy with expander... READ MORE

I searched a lot for a nipple surgeon specialist and I m happy that I found the right one . I did areola reduction , lift , breast implant and by now I m happy with the result . I was concerned for having natural look , sizing and reshaping ; now I feel better and I really don't think that my... READ MORE

This was my 4th occurance of breast cancer which had to be a mastectomy and reconstruction. Long process as I experienced recurring fluid and tubes had to be reinserted four times which is very uncomfortable and painful at times. The fluid insertion was delayed because of the fluid drainage so... READ MORE

After being diagnosed with breast cancer and initially opting for a lumpectomy, I found out I had the BRCA2+ gene mutation. With this additional information, I knew that I wanted to have a double mastectomy, but I also wanted to be able to have a reconstruction at the same time. After speaking... READ MORE

I trusted Dr. Schuster to reconstruct my breasts after a double mastectomy due to breast cancer. He came highly recommended and explained everything so that I was comfortable with the procedure. However, I had to wake up in the hospital with a burn mark on my chest and he did not have the... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with stage one cancer on May 23, 2013. I was only 42 years old and as you can imagine, fear, anxiety, and my future living was weighing heavily on my mind, heart and soul. I wanted a mastectomy as soon as possible. All my doctors said not to worry, you have plenty of time. It... READ MORE

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