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Usually performed after mastectomy (removal of one or both breasts), involves a series of procedures—breast augmentation, nipple reconstruction, tissue reconstruction and more. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $12,000

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the 2nd time by age 45. The first time I received a lumpectomy and radiation. The 2nd time was a bit more difficult. I had to have a double mastectomy with a dorsi flap, breast reconstruction, and chemotherapy. The mastectomy surgery went well and I... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with LCIS (lobular carcinoma in situ) and discovered I had a personal lifetime breast cancer risk of 40 percent. I opted to have prophylactic mastectomies with tissue expander-to-implant reconstruction, and was treated by a breast surgeon and plastic surgeon. My personal... READ MORE

Dr. Kirk is a knowledgeable and gracious woman/doctor/surgeon with a fab staff. Her offices are beautiful and I felt confident in her abilities immediately. Reconstruction for me was a bit difficult because of previous radiation "therapy" damage, however I look as good as I did 30 years ago. ... READ MORE

I had been tested positive for heredity cancer and being 45yrs. Old decided to do something about it now instead of waiting until I got the cancer... So I had a bilateral mastectomy with a reconstruction... I work in the medical field in surgery and I did my homework and Dr. Waklin was by far... READ MORE

I don't know where to begin. My initial procedure Double Mastectomy. The doctor at Alexian Brothers took the breast off and stuffed me with implants that were hard and and not even. I was so unhappy, family members, friends would encourage me that "I looked great" I knew something wasn't... READ MORE

This is a warning for those who are facing major reconstruction, do reasearch. My surgeron Dr. Tamburrino was recommended by my breast surgeon as the "best" and I took her word. This was my 4th surgery after cancer was found a second time, so total masectomy. I still have nightmares waking up... READ MORE

In April, I underwent a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with mapping and removal of my sential lymphnodes. I chose to do a two step reconstruction. Tissue expanders and then a changeout to permanent silicone implants. I also plan on doing nipple reconstruction. So far, I am pleased with the... READ MORE

I came to see Dr. Kyllo within days after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had been told by word of mouth, he was a perfectionist in his field, and genuinely nice. Dr. Kyllo did reconstructive surgery for my bilateral mastectomy and my results look great. Although, I refuse to post such... READ MORE

I had a mastectomy in March 2013 and was able to go direct to implant (vs. expander process). From the moment I made a decision to use Dr. Linda Liu as my breast surgeon and Dr. Bryan Gawyley as my plastic surgeon, I had complete confidence in their skills as a team and was as comfortable and... READ MORE

This procedure is not a walk through the park. It is a long surgery and it is a long recovery. With the right doctors and hospital, you will get through it and the benefits of this type of reconstruction is worth it. Natural feeling breast, not capsule contracture, no implants and who wouldn't... READ MORE

Yay..well my consultation date is next wednesday I'm so excited to het the ball rolling on this this has been one of my biggest self esteem problem I'm 20 yrsold and im 5'3" and have two beautiful daughters I am currently breast feeding and my tatas are ruined from it wish me luck ladieshope... READ MORE

(I will post photos when I get them all together in sequence) First off, I had no family history of Breast Cancer, but was diagnosed with it in one breast on 3/6/2012. I had a nipple sparing mastectomy on one breast on 4/12/2012. I had immediate reconstruction on my other breast with a tissue... READ MORE

I am BRCA1+ and after a massive decision I decided to have both breasts removed and reconstructed to reduce my risk of breast cancer. I had a Bilateral mastectomy and Free Flap reconstruction (using my tummy tissue to remake my breasts). After some complications with my right breast I had the... READ MORE

I had a dbl mast about 4 years ago and since have had 14 surgeries. Tram flat and another flap on my right breast. It was a mess!! After moving to AZ I saw Dr. Parsons and he and his staff were amazing. He explained every step to me, he was going "simple" and not trying to do a tone of fancy... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with the BRAC 2 gene in March 2013. Cancer is very high on my mom's side of the family, my mom and her 2 sister's had breast cancer and one had ovarian cancer all before the age of 60. So, I had a big decision to make. I spoke with my Primary care Dr and he suggested I meet... READ MORE

Diagnosed 2011 DCIS, partial mastectomy, radiation, reconstruction for symmetry on left then more cancer found in tissue on left. Next ,double mastectomy w/ immediate reconstruction (diep/free flap) using abdominal fat. This was 15 hr surgery and my 4th.. I was left with one side huge and... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with beast cancer in March 2012. My diagnosis led to a tratment plan of needing a mastectomy. My journey to find the best plastic surgeon for reconstruction of my breast led me to Dr. Rad. He performed a DIEP flap breast reconstruction follwing my mastectomy. I chose this... READ MORE

When I learned I had breast cancer and would have to have a mastectomy, I knew I would want to have breast reconstruction. Dr. Blakemore was very kind and answered all my questions about the different types of reconstruction and the pros and cons, and spent a lot of time reassuring me. I decided... READ MORE

I needed breast reconstruction after previous implants ruptured. My experience with this doctor was terrible. He put the wrong sized implants in to save cost. He had to do a second surgery at no cost to repair a breast lift that he insisted I needed. I did not feel I needed one and reluctantly... READ MORE

I chose a mastectomy/reconstruction after finding out I had the BRCA2 gene for breast cancer. Watching my mother die from breast cancer in her early 50's and my sister fight at 41 I was not going to take any chances. I will be honest. The process/procedure is hard. Recovery after a... READ MORE

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