Breast Reconstruction

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Most often performed after a mastectomy removes one or both breasts, reconstruction surgery involves a series of procedures such as nipple reconstruction and breast implants to rebuild the breast. LEARN MORE ›
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Dr. Hyans is a miracle worker, he made me whole again ,I had breast cancer 6 yrs ago and had reconstructive surgery after my mastectomy were everything went wrong I ripped all my breast muscles and had a staff infection.So I decided to remove the expanders and not to redo surgery until a friend... READ MORE

Dr. Meade was my plastic surgeon. I had a double mastectomy, and as any of you ladies who have gone through this know, it is physically and emotionally tough to go through. Dr. Meade was so kind and caring. In fact, he is my favorite doctor. I have had good doctors and nice doctors but I... READ MORE

Dr. Khouri's method of breast reconstruction using Brava and fat transfer was the most attractive reconstruction method as it is natural, uses the body's excess tissue and lasts a lifetime! There is a fair amount of pre-surgery preparation involved (i.e. brava use); however, it is definitely... READ MORE

With the second diagnosis of breast cancer and needing to have a mastectomy, multiple people recommended Dr. Spiegel and I now I know why. She and her staff are wonderful - very professional experts in their field, who care about their patients, and do great work! I walked into their office... READ MORE

My doctor found cancer on my right breast last year, fortunately it was caught early at stage 1A. They performed a lumpectomy and got it all. Thank God! However, the breasts were uneven after the surgery. I waited a year for everything to heal and settled down from the radiation. I went to... READ MORE

Nothing but great things to say about Dr. Kunkel and his staff. Very knowledgeable and very concerned. No need to ask many questions because they were so thorough and specific. Dr. Kunkel is very meticulous (which I love) and very good at his craft. God has definitely called him to do this work.... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with breast cancer the summer of 2012. I was referred to the doctors at Emerson Hospital in Concord, MA. The doctors and nurses at the surgical center to me are the best. They were all comforting and caring. My husband was especially please with the patient liaison who keep... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with breast cancer (DCIS-right side) in December 2012. I was fortunate that this was caught very early by mammogram. Initially the plan was for me to have a lumpectomy followed by weeks of radiation treatment. DCIS is tricky though. I had 3 surgeries which failed to result in... READ MORE

I was motivated to have surgery due to my desire to cut my risk of breast cancer. I was completely unfamiliar with the entire process, but Dr. Howell and his staff were incredibly patient, kind, and skilled. Although this is a less common procedure, Dr. Howell gave me relevant and up to date... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Aug 22, 14. Terrified, my oncologist suggested Dr. Heistein. Best doctor ever. The reconstruction stage can take months, and we just started, but he and his staff are amazing. He is gentle, and compassionate. His staff is the same. All my fears are gone with... READ MORE

I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Iteld. My journey started back in March 2014 when I opted for a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction, due to a lump, and dcis found in my left breast. My team consisted of Dr. Maker who is chief of surgery at Illinois Masonic and Dr. Iteld who... READ MORE

Dr. Basu performed breast reconstruction, immediately following my bi-lateral mastectomy. While I was pleased with the results, the skin on my right breast did not survive, necessitating another surgery. This time, Dr. Basu performed a DIEP flap. Essentially taking skin/tissue from my... READ MORE

For a while I had been looking around for a plastic and reconstructive surgeon to correct the mistakes my first surgeon had done. Years ago my first doctor lied to me by placing my implant above the muscle instead of below the muscle. Because of this my breast became hard (capsule contracture)... READ MORE

I didn't know about this site until recently. If you are like I was in 2009, thinking about breast reconstruction but have no idea who to consider as a surgeon, I'd like to tell you about who I chose and why. My surgeon performed 2 breast recons on me, a DIEP Flap in '09 and implant in 2010. I... READ MORE

I am a breast cancer survivor who waited 5 years before starting reconstruction. That was over 10 years ago. Although my plastic surgeon of many years was good, for some reason he had a difficult time reaching symmetry between my reconstructed breast and my real breast. After my insurance... READ MORE

I want to thank you Dr. Min who took my case which caused from when I was in China .About 10 years ago,it was a fashion to inject the interfall(polyacrylamide hydrogel) to enlage breast without operation .But after I had my second child ,one night ,I was sick and did not fed my kid.And then my... READ MORE

This is the best decision I ever made, I could not feel better! the surgery took about 4 1/2 hours I stayed over night there was very little pain. Dr. Lee knew my past experience with infection and treated me with strong antibiotics prior to the surgery. i was sent home with a very nice... READ MORE

I had a terrible outcome, infection, necrotic tissue, wound vac, hyperbaric chamber visits, uneven breast size, dog ears, scarring that is still very bright pink and huge. My breasts are so dissimilar in size cannot find a bra that fits without having to wear a prosthetic. Ashamed to have... READ MORE

After finding out I was a BRCA2 gene carrier, and having lost 8 close female family members to breast or ovarian cancer, I decided to have a bilateral mastectomy and oophorectomy with breast reconstruction. This decision turned out to be the right choice since when having a pre-op MRI it was... READ MORE

I was diagnosed in January with breast cancer and faced with the need to remove one breast. In reviewing my options nothing seemed appealing until my general surgeon told me of the Direct to Implant procedure, which allowed me to remove my breasts and get implants in one surgery only. It made... READ MORE

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