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Most often performed after a mastectomy removes one or both breasts, reconstruction surgery involves a series of procedures such as nipple reconstruction and breast implants to rebuild the breast. LEARN MORE ›

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All I can say is wow. Speechless. First, I never knew that breasts could be made to look normal again after breast cancer and mastectomy. What people should really understand is every single medical procedure, big or small, surgical or not, is a process so be patient and healing depends on the... READ MORE

Pretty obvious - I had a double mastectomy I interviewed 3 plastic surgeons. Did not like #1, however I loved #2, Dr. Jeffrey Lang. However, even though breast reconstruction is 100% covered by insurance, his office said I had to pay up front and then get reimbursed! Since I didn't have... READ MORE

I am a woman whole loves beauty and when I had gone through the loss of my breasts and then complications on on side, I thought I would never be able to have that beautiful outer shell again. then I meet Dr. Mountcastle. READ MORE

After having breast cancer in 08 and a biliateral mastecomy. I had 3 different breast implant surgerys due to difficults problems for 3yrs and never was satisfied with the results and things were not getting better so i decided to take a chance of finding another doctor for a second apenion... READ MORE

I had had numerous lumpectomies in prior yrs and 13 in that year alone, finally electing to be proactive, I chose the procedure of a bi-lateral mastectomy to reduced my already high risk of cancer and the number of times I was having to go in for lumpectomies. My lumps were solid... READ MORE

Stage II BC in both breasts-opted for Saline got encapsulated..removed..and then switched to Silicone. READ MORE

I had a hysterectomy and double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with implants. My first surgery went much better than I thought. I did however have to get a revision surgery for the implants, which I was told about upfront by my plastic surgeon. He told me to expect several. Next... READ MORE

When I was 33 years old, I found out that I have the breast cancer gene - BRCA1; this basically predisposes me to Ovarian and Breast Cancer. In an effort to avoid getting cancer and cutting my life short unnecessarily, at the age of 43 I chose to take preventative measures by having a double... READ MORE

I did a breast reduction at another doctor that went terribly wrong....I thought my breasts would NEVER be the same. I had crazy scarring all over the initial incisions, and one of my areola was completely gone. I went to multiple surgeons in the Houston area, but as soon as I did my... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with left breast cancer in January of 2014. In February I had my left breast removed with an expander placed to prepare for future reconstruction. After chemo treatments I had my right breast removed and an expander placed. I then had silicone implants after radiation. Left... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr. Kara Criswell by my oncological surgeon for reconstruction. I have since recommend her to three of my friends who have also had to undergo reconstruction surgery. Through the difficult times of surgery and chemotherapy, I was so grateful to have a surgeon and staff who... READ MORE

I had a great experience with Dr. Tiwari. He is amazing at what he does, he made me feel beautiful again. His staff was super friendly and welcoming. I am so pleased with the quality of care, the staff and the results. I have and will continue to recommend him to my family and friends. You... READ MORE

Dr.Moenster is one of the most caring and compassionate people I know along with her staff. She has been by my side since my mastectomy, she has helped me to be strong in my time of weakness. I am very happy with the reconstruction she has completed for me and anyone else that would ... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my Surgeon recommended Dr Tanna for reconstruction. If I tell you he is my hero. I was completely confident in his skill and his manner is just amazing, so positive and upbeat. My procedure included a tummy tuck using that tissue for the reconstruction of... READ MORE

Dr. G work is incredible! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for any sort of cosmetic surgical procedures! The staff is friendly and welcoming. They treated me with lots of love, like I was one of their family rather than just a client They are hands down the best staff I have ever dealt... READ MORE

I am a breast cancer survivor and Dr. Rad was amazing throughout the whole process. He was always very calm and compassionate during a very difficult time in my life. He spent several appointments helping me to decide which reconstruction option was best. I never felt rushed. I am very happy... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr. Ergun Kocak by a friend. And I can say he's the best. He took time to answer all your questions and was very patient and kind. He explains procedures comprehensively so you'll feel confident in his abilities. I trusted him so much immediately. I would never go anywhere... READ MORE

This was a follow up appointment for my reconstruction done in 2007 and 2013 due to breast cancer. Every time I had an appointment, literally no wait time. Dr. Nathan was kind and caring during procedures and appointments. Staff was always caring and helpful too. St Louis Cosmetic Surgery... READ MORE

I had small tuberous breasts that were droopy, far apart and oddly shaped. I've wanted to get it corrected for some time but was always kind of scared because what I needed was going to take some extra TLC. I finally bit the bullet as I'm in my 30's and just couldn't stand looking at them any... READ MORE

The few days was the worse - I could not stand straight up completely and it bothered my lower back. As the week went on I started to feel better and standing up, but did feel I was almost my normal self until the drains came out - about 2 weeks after surgery. I think I was about 4 or 5 weeks... READ MORE

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