Breast Reconstruction

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Most often performed after a mastectomy removes one or both breasts, reconstruction surgery involves a series of procedures such as nipple reconstruction and breast implants to rebuild the breast. LEARN MORE ›

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Dr. Mess messed me up BIG TIME. She performed the breast implant surgery as a part of my mastectomy surgery back in 2013. Right after surgery I started to have one infection after another. I eventually ended up having to remove the implants. Not to mention the implants were terrible looking, off... READ MORE

My motivation, to live my life to the fullest, feel good about myself post bilateral mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer (stage one), and to inspire other women to be assertive, face the challenge with courage & a positive attitude. I want to give an example of endurance to my... READ MORE

Breast reconstrcution after mastectomy. Very pleased with the result after DIEP. The nipple and areola were reconstructed by transplant from the existing nipple and areola. Genius doctor! Tatoo procedure has been avoided as such. Areolas would have same colour on both breasts, as well as same... READ MORE

At 24 years old I had a cyst in my right breast. Of course we didn't know that because the tests and equipment was not what it is now. I was only given the option of surgery and I had to agree to a RADICAL MASTECTOMY. When I woke up I did discover that is still had my breast. And while the... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2014. After pre-surgery chemotherapy I had a bilateral mastectomy in October of 2014 followed by immediate reconstruction with silicone breast implants. Then in February of 2015 we followed with nipple reconstruction. The results are completely... READ MORE

I am quite a large frame Girl. (180cm tall) and never really had the boobs to match my body size. After breastfeeding 2 children they were extremely saggy and one was noticeably larger than the other. They were like flat pancakes that sat under my armpits! Not a good look at all!...I hated them... READ MORE

I would recommend Dr. Pankaj Tiwari to anyone who is looking for a great plastic surgeon. Dr. Tiwari is an amazing surgeon. He was caring, concerned and did a superb job! He always answer my questions and made sure I understood the process. . I am so happy with the results. I feel like a whole... READ MORE

I am a breast cancer survivor that underwent a bilateral mastectomy, chemo, and rads. Dr. Higdon created beautiful breasts! He and his team have been so good to me. I always look forward to seeing them! My questions are always answered. He really listens. I know this because he always has a... READ MORE

Breast cancer runs in my family so after having the BRCA test I was discovered to be BRAC 2 postive. So I made the decision to take steps necessary to reduce my chances of breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. Once this was over Dr Samara started his part and has helped me all the way... READ MORE

I had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction of expander placement on 6/6/2014 due to breast cancer. 3 months post chemo 3/18/2015. I did my implant exchange surgery with my first plastic surgeon who's mannerism was great. However, I was so unhappy with the results when I woke up... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and opted for a bilateral mastectomy. Dr Stacey and his staff were awesome! They truly care about you as a patient and as a person. I walked in today, a year later, for a follow up and they still greet by your name as if you were just there. Dr Stacey's work... READ MORE

With diagnosis of DCIS in right breast caught very early, opted to remove right breast with complete mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with expander and save healthy left breast. I have had no previous worries wirh my breasts or any family history of breast cancer. My personality is to... READ MORE

I was overwhelmed with information after I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in 25 years and was told mastectomy was my best option on one side because of previous radiation and lumpectomy. I opted for bilateral mastectomy, but the previous radiation and surgery on one side... READ MORE

I could not have asked for a better outcome. Dr. Allison did a great job. 6 months later Dr. Allison constructed my nipples followed by nipple tattoos by Vinnie in Maryland. I am so pleased. And Dr. Allison explained everything so well. He's an excellent practitioner with a great bedside... READ MORE

I'm 33y.o. mother of three beatiful kids, diagnosed with ceft breast Adenocrsinoma mastectomy with axilary lymph node emptying in conjunction with BREAST RECONSTRUCTION plastic surgery at the same surgical time... I was very nervous abaut the procedure and doubtful of how would look Afther... READ MORE

After discussing all of my risk factors, family history, mammograms, Excisional biopsy, and tamoxifen, I decided to just completely eliminate any risk and have PBMX and pedicled TRAM Flap reconstruction. My breast care specialist was supportive and amazing. Right now I'm 5 weeks out and can't... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and chose to have reconstruction, starting with my bilateral mastectomy. During my first surgery I had expanders inserted when my breasts were removed this was on 11/5/14. In Feb, 2015 I had the expanders replaced with implants and I had my final surgery in... READ MORE

Dr Krau, is without question incredible. He reconstructed and repaired my breasts from a prior surgery with a different surgeon. Ladies, if you are considering breast surgery, this is by far the best doctor! Prior to surgery I thought I was ruined, he did what I never imagined possible. I can't... READ MORE

Reason was for breast cancer post mastectomy, implant to left breast and reduction to right breast. Surgery was highly successful and carried out with great professionalism and care by Richard Bloom and staff. Follow up was excellent and Richard Bloom's "bedside" manner was 10 out of 10. I... READ MORE

My first surgery started out fine then I had problems and my expander had to be removed. The other surgeon did not give me options. I had to think about the surgery he wanted to perform and I chose to seek another opinion. I'm glad I did because I was happy with surgery results. This has been... READ MORE

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