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Most often performed after a mastectomy removes one or both breasts, reconstruction surgery involves a series of procedures such as nipple reconstruction and breast implants to rebuild the breast. LEARN MORE ›
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I just had a breast augmentation with dr. Rahban 3 weeks ago and I could not be more amazed with the results. I say breast augmentation but what dr. Rahban did for me was really breast reconstruction. Dr. Rahban was one of several surgeons I consulted regarding this issue. After a breast... READ MORE

From the first day I met Doctor Emily Williams, I knew she was the person who I wanted to help me through my breast cancer journey. She was kind and compassionate and listened to my concerns as well as answered all of the questions my family had. My recovery was complicated and full of many... READ MORE

HIGHLY recommended doctor/surgeon and team!!!! When my biopsy confirmed I had breast cancer, they began to do many tests, which showed another possible cancer area and they wanted to biopsy that also. I was done with tests and biopsies and decided to give up my breasts. I remember the fear,... READ MORE

I had bilateral nipple and skin-sparing mastectomy (IDC of right breast and prophylactic mastectomy of left breast; strong family history, multiple biopsies and age at diagnosis- 40) in October 2013 with immediate placement of expanders. Right nipple did not completely make it. I am... READ MORE

Dr Bresnick is hands down the BEST doctor I have ever had the privilege of working with. I came to Dr Bresnick physically scarred, mentally exhausted and verging on being all together broken and he quite literally saved my life. Prior to meeting Dr Bresnick I had opted to do a fat transfer in... READ MORE

I had a skin saving bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders. I'm going today for my 5th expansion. My doctor mention that this was the last expansion. I'm not happy with my size. I've had a total of 240 CC so far. I will get 80 CC today? Is there any way I can continue expanding? Also my... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr. Kara Criswell for breast reconstruction following a lumpectomy. After 3 pregnancies (including twins), I’d recently lost weight. In addition to needing breast reconstruction, I told her I was unhappy with my post weight loss figure. Kara did a breast reduction and lift... READ MORE

AMAZING, Caring, Not just a doctor/surgeon.. I can't pick one word to describe him. When I found out I had breast cancer and my surgeon Dr. Storm-Dickerson (who he and she work MARVELOUSLY together) mentioned his name (cause I had no surgeon names just laying around in my head) I knew he was the... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with beast cancer in November 2011, and I had a double mastectomy and tissue expander placement by two doctors within my HMO network. The work was sub standard, but going through the whole cancer process is pretty intimidating, so I was trying to go with the flow as much as... READ MORE

I've been to five different doctors and cannot decide who to chose. I have been to Dr. Kenneth Lee, Dr. Scott Rotatori, Dr. Steig, Dr. Kendall Peters, and Dr. Hartog all in or near Orlando Florida. I had breast cancer and had a left mastectomy and then I had reconstruction with a left implant... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Emily Williams for breast reconstruction after treatment for breast cancer and a double mastectomy. The day before surgery Dr. Williams informed me very firmly that she did not want me to have family in the waiting room during surgery. I told her I understood due to the fact that... READ MORE

I had a lumpectomy and radiation but the radiologist never told me I would get very bad contractions around my implant. It became hard as a rock and moved slighty up and towards my shoulder making movement unpleasant and the hardness was painful. I went to many, many top rated plastic... READ MORE

After my breast cancer diagnosis, I consulted with two plastic surgeons regarding reconstruction. The first does not perform microsurgery so could not offer me as many options as the second plastic surgeon I saw – Dr. Gabriel Kind, who offers the full array of microsurgery procedures as well... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August, 2013. Shortly after being diagnosed, my world turned into a series of doctors appointments. I had a bilateral mastectomy in September, 2013, followed by 6 rounds of chemotherapy, and 33 treatments of radiation. After this, the biggest decision I had... READ MORE

I chose Dr Spiegel over other doctors based on her website - specifically the before/after pictures. They were far superior than others - so I decided to meet with her. The pre-visits all went well, with her and Carlos... After the first surgery, my new breast were kind of like pancakes -... READ MORE

Revered to by my plastic serge on to revise left side with trans flap. Trans flap surgery went well. Spent the year expanding the left side to place permanent implant. Plan was to exchange the expander on left with fourth generation silicone. Going 25% larger. Replace the right implant with... READ MORE

Hearing the words “You have breast cancer” is overwhelming, frightening, and a life-changer no matter what stage your cancer is. You are faced with a myriad of decisions about treatment, surgery, scheduling, and how to communicate to family and friends, to name but a few. Your mind is... READ MORE

Hi! I had a bilateral mastectomy in Jan.2014 with tissue expanders put in at the time of surgery. I was partially expanded prior to radiation in the month of April 2014. I have had one expansion post radiation and am currently at 500cc's. I am 5'4'', 120 lbs. with a fitness body. I was... READ MORE

I am proudly a 14 year breast cancer survivor that had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. During the first three years I had two revisions due to asymmetry issues. Recently it became necessary for me to have another revision. Through colleagues and other survivors I was... READ MORE

I am a 53 year old woman who has breast cancer for the second time. I will be having a double mastectomy and a breast reconstruction in the same operation. My breasts will be reconstructed with my tummy fat and some muscle - which is the silver lining of my bad situation. I have not asked about... READ MORE

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