Breast Reconstruction

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Most often performed after a mastectomy removes one or both breasts, reconstruction surgery involves a series of procedures such as nipple reconstruction and breast implants to rebuild the breast. LEARN MORE ›
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I was given a list of names by my breast surgeon after the decision was made to have a reconstruction after a double Mastectomy, It's the hardest decision you have to make and the best one I ever made. Dr Lee's Staff were all beautiful people and the best team that made the journey very easy. I... READ MORE

Had breast cancer with a double macectamy with extenders in at the same time I just started chemo I have been very sick for a week now was wondering if anyone got the same sickness for a week or so? My cancer was stage 2a it was a triple negative it wasn't in my limp nodes but still need chemo I... READ MORE

Hi All: I am 63-years young. I had breast reconstruction done 14-years ago and have always been depressed and very unhappy with the horrible results! I had no nipple reconstruction on the left side where I had my mastectomy and had a lift on the right side, which came out lopsided done by Dr.... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Duda for reconstruction of my left breast after mastectomy. I got her name from the Castle Connolly list of top doctors. The office is pleasant and well organized. Dr. Duda was polite, though not particularly open or friendly. My disappointment came after surgery when I realized... READ MORE

Last year, my radiologist recommended that I remove implants that I had put in 13 years prior. I had some significant capsular damage, both my implants were leaking and I had breast distortion. I had a serious and urgent situation on my hands. She told me that over her career as a radiologist... READ MORE

I had a double mastectomy 3 months ago (October 2014) and chose to do the reconstruction at the same time. To avoid multiple surgeries I opted to go the straight-to-implant route. This particular option may not be available to you depending on the type of cancer treatment you are having...but... READ MORE

Was diagnosed with breast cancer after my first and routine mammogram. Dr Meade performed my breast reconstruction with temporary implants after surgery in April. He then performed a DIEP flap breast reconstruction in September. I am incredibly happy with the outcome and the care he and his... READ MORE

I had a double Mastectomy w reconstruction 3 yrs ago. My first Dr put in implants that were to big as well as not reinforced. I met w several Drs but as soon as I met Dr. Nygaard I knew she was the Doctor for me. I absolutely love her and she did an amazing job. I would highly recommend her... READ MORE

Dr. Bogue is a well-respected doctor and, just as importantly, works closely with other highly rated doctors. I am a BRCA1 woman with a family history of breast and ovarian cancer. Although I knew the risks and was determined to follow through on prophylactic removal of my breasts, I was very... READ MORE

Dr. Gabriel is the most amazing surgeon - you cannot go wrong with him. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2013 at 43 years of age. I had 6 tumors in my left breast, and no sign in my right. My care team suggested my left breast be removed, and I felt it best to give them the... READ MORE

I never found anyone in El Paso, Texas I was comfortable with to have reconstructive surgery, yet I felt so lopsided. A 42 DD on one side and a small almost C on the other. Wore a partial prosthetic and my scar tissue hurt really bad. I heard about Dr. Agullo from a friend who knew him in... READ MORE

I am 58 years old and had a mastectomy with an implant 8 years ago. I recently decided to get things evened up. I had my old silicon implant replaced and a lift done on the other breast. I was able to go up from a 500 to a 600 and needed a slight reduction on the other breast as well as a lift... READ MORE

I had a complicated case - breasts that were malformed, and very different both in size and shape. I had contacted Dr. Khan's colleague, Dr. Tebbetts, in 2010 and essentially had my case turned down because it was too complicated. Frustrated, I waited a couple of years and tried again after... READ MORE

Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At first, all that envelopes you is fear and anxiety. Where do I go, who do I go to, will I survive. I was very fortunate to live so close to Morristown Hospital and the Carol Simon Cancer Center. It became very clear, very quickly who the team... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer after a lumpectomy in September 2014. My breast surgeon gave me a couple of treatment options (1) more surgery to have clear margins from the cancer that was removed, followed by radiation, and then be on a medication for 10 years or (2) bilateral... READ MORE

I had my original reconstruction for Poland's Syndrome over 10 years ago when I was 14-15. I had Saline implants placed over the muscle. Even though gel implants were available for reconstructive surgery at that time my surgeon went with Saline in order to correct my drastic difference in... READ MORE

I have had bad mammograms for 4 years, having to have mammograms, sonograms, and biopsies every 6 months. This last round of mammograms showed some major changes, as did the MRI with contrast. This put me at a very high risk for breast cancer, and I am so glad I opted for the double mastectomy... READ MORE

Hi ladies, Whilst I have no doubt I have made the right decision I still am finding it hard to come to terms with how small I am! My surgeon and I agreed to go with a D to a DD cup size as I have a small waist and medium frame. However after getting the nipple stitches taken out today and all... READ MORE

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy. I was to have the surgery after I finished all of my chemo treatments. So everything leading up to the mastectomy was sort of a blur but I do remember looking forward to my surgery because it was the final phase of my... READ MORE

After right breast mastectomy surgery, Dr Perkins inserted a tissue expander and later I had several saline "top ups" to expand the tissue. Dr. Perkins was recommended to me by my Breast surgeon Dr Peter Schwartz. Dr Perkins consultation was very thorough as is his website with lots of before... READ MORE

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