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Usually performed after mastectomy (removal of one or both breasts), involves a series of procedures—breast augmentation, nipple reconstruction, tissue reconstruction and more. LEARN MORE ›
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I am very disappointed that with all the money raised for "breast cancer" that reconstruction seems so controversial and limited. guess a Brazillian Butt lift has had more research??? I have 700cc flat looking gel implants. literally, there is no volume. I haven't done nipple surgery yet,... READ MORE

I had a bilateral mastectomy followed by DIEP flap reconstruction of both breasts. I had a great outcome. I had no issues with infection or really any problems after my surgery. The recovery time was made easier by attending physical therapy sessions which Dr. Whitfield arranged for me. Dr.... READ MORE

Exactly 30 days out of a double mastectomy to due to DCIS, which had spread quickly per the pathology, and after every medical professional said I only had atypical hyperplasia until after my lumpectomy and the cancer was found and even the surgeon was shocked, I cringe when I think what would... READ MORE

Dr. Low is awesome! I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in October 2013 and decided to have a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery. From the first time my husband and I met Dr. Low we felt very comfortable with him and his staff. He is very professional, calm, soft spoken... READ MORE

Dear Dr. Azar, Thank you for your wonderful care over the last year and a half. Your skill, kindness, professionalism and sensitivity are way above the mark of excellence. As you know I came to you as a recommendation from a friend who fell and cut her face quite badly, you repaired her face... READ MORE

Dr. Gayoso and staff are incredible! Without this practice's straight-talk, supportiveness, availability and superlative work, I'm not sure what I would have done. Having breast cancer was one of the biggest emotionally and physically challenging times of my life and this practice's approach... READ MORE

I would not recommend Dr. Rockmore if you are a cancer patient. He only discussed silicone breast reconstruction. I found him insulting during the exam. I will need a double mastectomy. I don't want to loose my breasts even if they aren't perfect in Dr. Rockmore's eyes. I am also a chunky lady.... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 26. I have the BRCA mutation and my cancer was very aggressive. I had to act quickly. I needed a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. I met with Dr Azar and immediately loved him. He provided me with a wealth of information about cancer, the names if... READ MORE

When I was 15 I began to notice that my breasts were not developing as fast as my friends. I was recovering from a full spinal fusion surgery so I figured this had delayed my development. Fast forward 10 years and my right breast grew into a small tuberous (A to A ½ ) cup while my left breast... READ MORE

I met in consultation with Dr. Sadeghi to discuss bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. Initially I wanted to have breast implants. After a long discussion regarding the pro's and con's of breast implants vs DIEP/PAP flap, I decided to us my own tissue for reconstruction (DIEP and PAP flap)... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Dec 2012.After havinga single mastectomy and going thru chemo therapy and radiation I started my search for a breast reconstruction surgeon.My gynocologist referred me to Dr. Rafizadeh. I scheduled an appt. and knew after meeting this man, he was the surgeon... READ MORE

What can I say About Dr. Francis Agullo? First, he is a consummate professional. Very thorough, answers all questions and allays any fears you may have. This man is more than a doctor, he is an artist. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, got a mastectomy when I lived in Italy. I came... READ MORE

Since the development of my breasts, I had been downright ashamed of the shape and size of them. I developed to be drastically asymmetrical, and it was what I considered to be my biggest physical flaw - one I could just not accept. It was constantly on my mind: How could I dress to best cover it... READ MORE

As a two time Breast Cancer Survivor, I thought I had exhausted all options of breast reconstruction and would have to deal with continuous tightness and pain. In 2008 after my bi-lateral, skin sparring, mastectomy, I had saline implants put in. In 2009 after my second diagnosis, and... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in June of 2013 and had to have both breasts removed I went in to see Dr. Mabourakh and decided to have breast reconstruction it was the best decision that I made. I am grateful that I found an amazing doctor to do the procedure. This procedure was broken up... READ MORE

I consulted Dr. Park after undergoing a bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer at the age of 38. Dr. Park wasn’t the first plastic surgeon I consulted regarding breast reconstruction surgery, but after meeting with him, I didn’t look any further. Dr. Park has a very calming presence. He... READ MORE

I consulted Howard following my need for a mastectomy due to DCIS. I was especially concerned about my demise because I have a congenital absence of the underlying pectoral muscle, so I was potentially quite a mess. However, I quickly felt rapport with Howard because he greeted us with warm... READ MORE

I am going to have a DIEP flap construction with Mr. Tyler on the 30th April (this week in fact). I am concerned of course, however I am remaining confident having done so much research about him and so far I have not read anything derogatory about his skills and capabilities within this field.... READ MORE

Dr. Ladosci was my plastic surgeon since I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in November 2008. In December 2008, I elected to have a double mastectomy and expanders were put in by Dr. Ladosci. Dr. Ladosci is very knowledge about the procedure he is getting ready to perform, he calls you by name,... READ MORE

In November 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer. Dr. Robbins in coordination with my Oncologist,Surgeon worked together to get my double mastectomy with expanders. They worked well together. I had nothing but the best care. Dr. Robbins has been so encourageing during my whole... READ MORE

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