Breast Reconstruction

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Most often performed after a mastectomy removes one or both breasts, reconstruction surgery involves a series of procedures such as nipple reconstruction and breast implants to rebuild the breast. LEARN MORE ›
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After having breast cancer in 08 and a biliateral mastecomy. I had 3 different breast implant surgerys due to difficults problems for 3yrs and never was satisfied with the results and things were not getting better so i decided to take a chance of finding another doctor for a second apenion... READ MORE

I had had numerous lumpectomies in prior yrs and 13 in that year alone, finally electing to be proactive, I chose the procedure of a bi-lateral mastectomy to reduced my already high risk of cancer and the number of times I was having to go in for lumpectomies. My lumps were solid... READ MORE

I had a hysterectomy and double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with implants. My first surgery went much better than I thought. I did however have to get a revision surgery for the implants, which I was told about upfront by my plastic surgeon. He told me to expect several. Next... READ MORE

I can’t thank Dr. Savalia and his lovely staff enough for everything they have done while I was going through one of the toughest time in my life. After being diagnosed with a breast cancer recurrence at age 43, my doctor recommended a unilateral mastectomy with reconstruction and referred me... READ MORE

It Is a week since the reconstruction of my breast and I couldn't be happier or more pleased with the results. I had a bad breast surgery 5 years ago and the results were drastic since day one. My left breast was moving to my right side, my nipples were uneven and during the year of that... READ MORE

I went to see Dr. Hermann after being diagnosed with both DCIS and invasive breast cancer in August 2014, just 3 weeks after my 43rd birthday. I had no experience with this disease and knew very little about what to expect, so I was fearful and very apprehensive about what to expect in the... READ MORE

I had a lumpectomy of my left breast and had reconstruction at the same time. I needed a breast implant in both breasts, not only to replace the missing tissue, but to have symmetry. My right breast developed capsular contracture less than two years after the initial procedure. Obviously, that... READ MORE

Dr. D'Amico came on recommendation from another surgeon, and I have been amazed at the quality, appreciation for lifestyle and judgement he used in my case. I was a complicated case with major burn scars needing both release of very tense skin but also reconstruction of my breasts. He gave me... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with two different cancers in my right breast Feb 5,2015. After second opinions with surgeons and 2 ps, I have decided to have both breasts removed with delayed reconstruction. Since I had a tummy tuck previously, that type of reconstruction was off the table for me. It is my... READ MORE

I decided to have breast reconstruction at the same time of my cancer surgery to avoid a second surgery and also to feel less traumatized dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Dr. Kim and Dr. Holmes my breast surgeon work well together and I couldn't have asked for better support from both of them.... READ MORE

I first saw Dr. Welk when I was going through chemo and about to have my first mastectomy. It was a very scary, weird time, but Dr. Welk was so frank, kind, and transparent about my options that I felt very reassured. After my mastectomy and radiation, I returned to him with a very challenging... READ MORE

I would like to share my story as well as I feel knowledge is power. I was diagnosed with microinvasive ductal carcinoma , stage 3 with a very aggressive cell type in November 2014 by a routine mamogram screening. I am a nurse who is married to a doctor and my only reason for sharing this... READ MORE

This was my second surgery with Dr. Bucio. I had my first surgery in 2006 I got breast implants with a lift and tummy tuck plus lipo I had very good experience and recovery. Dr. Bucio and his staff took very good care of me and made me feel very comfortable surgery of any kind is scary. Before... READ MORE

In 2011, I had a mass removed that was precancerous from my right breast. My mother and sister had each had breast cancer twice. I was tempted at that time to do bilateral mastectomy as a preventative measure. I went to see a local plastic surgeon who showed me after pictures that horrified me.... READ MORE

I had a my yearly mammo having had recurrent breast cancer on the left. They saw a 'benign' something in the right breast, was told to wait and see, then finally got a biopsy 8 months later which showed an invasive tumor. I was given a treatment plan where they wanted to do a mastectomy on the... READ MORE

After testing positive for BRCA2, and knowing my family history of breast and ovarian cancer, I knew the only option that would work for me would be a double mastectomy with reconstruction. I was terrified until the day I met Dr. Kim. After a 30 minute appointment, I walked out knowing that Dr.... READ MORE

Dr. Bucky called me the day I came home from my bi-lateral mastectomy. When I complained that I hurt, he immediately told me to go see Dan Stokes for a lymphatic drainage massage because Dan would make me feel better. Dr. Bucky was right. The massage is extremely gentle and one wonders how it... READ MORE

I am considering breast reconstruction after a mastectomy on the right side. I have not yet made a final decision. I need more data on the pain level, time it takes and the results to be expected. What is the best and safest filler for reconstruction? I understand that there is no time limit... READ MORE

When I tested positive for the BRCA II breast cancer gene and found out my chance for getting breast cancer was 89%, I knew I had to do something to change that. I decided to have my breasts removed and have reconstruction with silicone implants. My husband and I met with Dr. Ryan Mitchell and... READ MORE

Well here it is 2015...I started this crazy journey in 2006. I was 47. My mother died in 1981 from advanced ductal carcinoma. She was first diagnoised at 48. I also had two aunts diagnoised with the same type all within a few years of each other. This was the start of that wonderful menopausal... READ MORE

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