Breast Reconstruction

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Most often performed after a mastectomy removes one or both breasts, reconstruction surgery involves a series of procedures such as nipple reconstruction and breast implants to rebuild the breast. LEARN MORE ›
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I am 2 weeks post OP and have a lot of questions.. my right breast has had a lot of work done to it so... I had reduction and lump removed 1985, then a mastectomy 1990, then a tram flap 1998.. and now an implant August 29,2012.. it is still quite sore, tight.. and oh.. also have a nipple.. have... READ MORE

My reconstructed implant is still swollen. I believe it will shrink a little. I had a mastectomy with tram flap surgery with skin sparing 8 years ago. My reconstructed breast was very small and I decided to have a silicon implant. This is the result after 12 days of surgery.Hi... READ MORE

Pretty obvious - I had a double mastectomyI interviewed 3 plastic surgeons. Did not like #1, however I loved #2, Dr. Jeffrey Lang. However, even though breast reconstruction is 100% covered by insurance, his office said I had to pay up front and then get reimbursed! Since I didn't have $6000+... READ MORE

I am a woman whole loves beauty and when I had gone through the loss of my breasts and then complications on on side, I thought I would never be able to have that beautiful outer shell again. then I meet Dr. Mountcastle. READ MORE

After having breast cancer in 08 and a biliateral mastecomy. I had 3 different breast implant surgerys due to difficults problems for 3yrs and never was satisfied with the results and things were not getting better so i decided to take a chance of finding another doctor for a second apenion... READ MORE

I had had numerous lumpectomies in prior yrs and 13 in that year alone, finally electing to be proactive, I chose the procedure of a bi-lateral mastectomy to reduced my already high risk of cancer and the number of times I was having to go in for lumpectomies. My lumps were solid... READ MORE

I had a hysterectomy and double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with implants. My first surgery went much better than I thought. I did however have to get a revision surgery for the implants, which I was told about upfront by my plastic surgeon. He told me to expect several. Next... READ MORE

My motivation was a result of my breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 44. I had a double mastectomy and being so young, I wanted to pursue breast reconstruction. Pros, remove the bad breasts and replace them with good ones. I would say it was a life saving decision. It was a year in the making,... READ MORE

I am proudly a 14 year breast cancer survivor that had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. During the first three years I had two revisions due to asymmetry issues. Recently it became necessary for me to have another revision. Through colleagues and other survivors I was... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of 2012. The prescribed treatments were chemotherapy, bi-lateral mastectomy, radiation, hysterectomy (due to type of cancer) and then finally breast reconstruction. It has been quite a journey for my family and I but I will focus on the... READ MORE

In December 2010 Dr Andrade gave me and my family an incredible gift. It was a gift that was full of self acceptance and hope. Having been diagnosed with breast cancer and being a single Mom of three incredible boys, I was overwhelmed and unsure of what procedures where ahead of me. Dr Andrade... READ MORE

September 24, 2014 I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I am 37 years old- This is news no woman ever wants to receive no matter what age she is. When you are diagnosed you are assigned a team consisting of an oncology surgeon, oncologist and radiation oncologist. I did my diligence... READ MORE

Dr. Renee Burke is the most AMAZING, CARING and COMPASSIONATE doctor that I was blessed to have. . Last September I received the news that no women ever wants to hear. I had breast cancer. My frightening journey began. I had a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery. The moment my... READ MORE

Came see Dr. Bidros for breast reconstruction consult, I was very asymmetrical and not happy with my body appearance. Extremely happy with my results, more than I could have imagined. I feel amazing, Dr. Bidros and his staff took excellent care of me. I am no longer ashamed of my body, I am 66... READ MORE

I am 35 yrs old white female/125 lbs/5'6". Having a double mastectomy in 5 weeks time. My breast size is 32 G at the moment, and looking to get a 32 B-C cup implant after my double mastectomy surgery. Not sure if the implants will be to small of a size in the end, wondering if any other woman on... READ MORE

I was given a list of names by my breast surgeon after the decision was made to have a reconstruction after a double Mastectomy, It's the hardest decision you have to make and the best one I ever made. Dr Lee's Staff were all beautiful people and the best team that made the journey very easy. I... READ MORE

Had breast cancer with a double macectamy with extenders in at the same time I just started chemo I have been very sick for a week now was wondering if anyone got the same sickness for a week or so? My cancer was stage 2a it was a triple negative it wasn't in my limp nodes but still need chemo I... READ MORE

Hi All: I am 63-years young. I had breast reconstruction done 14-years ago and have always been depressed and very unhappy with the horrible results! I had no nipple reconstruction on the left side where I had my mastectomy and had a lift on the right side, which came out lopsided done by Dr.... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Duda for reconstruction of my left breast after mastectomy. I got her name from the Castle Connolly list of top doctors. The office is pleasant and well organized. Dr. Duda was polite, though not particularly open or friendly. My disappointment came after surgery when I realized... READ MORE

Last year, my radiologist recommended that I remove implants that I had put in 13 years prior. I had some significant capsular damage, both my implants were leaking and I had breast distortion. I had a serious and urgent situation on my hands. She told me that over her career as a radiologist... READ MORE

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