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Usually performed after mastectomy (removal of one or both breasts), involves a series of procedures—breast augmentation, nipple reconstruction, tissue reconstruction and more. LEARN MORE ›
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I am 2 weeks post OP and have a lot of questions.. my right breast has had a lot of work done to it so... I had reduction and lump removed 1985, then a mastectomy 1990, then a tram flap 1998.. and now an implant August 29,2012.. it is still quite sore, tight.. and oh.. also have a nipple.. have... READ MORE

My reconstructed implant is still swollen. I believe it will shrink a little. I had a mastectomy with tram flap surgery with skin sparing 8 years ago. My reconstructed breast was very small and I decided to have a silicon implant. This is the result after 12 days of surgery.Hi... READ MORE

Pretty obvious - I had a double mastectomyI interviewed 3 plastic surgeons. Did not like #1, however I loved #2, Dr. Jeffrey Lang. However, even though breast reconstruction is 100% covered by insurance, his office said I had to pay up front and then get reimbursed! Since I didn't have $6000+... READ MORE

I am a woman whole loves beauty and when I had gone through the loss of my breasts and then complications on on side, I thought I would never be able to have that beautiful outer shell again. then I meet Dr. Mountcastle. READ MORE

After having breast cancer in 08 and a biliateral mastecomy. I had 3 different breast implant surgerys due to difficults problems for 3yrs and never was satisfied with the results and things were not getting better so i decided to take a chance of finding another doctor for a second apenion... READ MORE

I had had numerous lumpectomies in prior yrs and 13 in that year alone, finally electing to be proactive, I chose the procedure of a bi-lateral mastectomy to reduced my already high risk of cancer and the number of times I was having to go in for lumpectomies. My lumps were solid... READ MORE

I had a hysterectomy and double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with implants. My first surgery went much better than I thought. I did however have to get a revision surgery for the implants, which I was told about upfront by my plastic surgeon. He told me to expect several. Next... READ MORE

I was terrified with my breast cancer diagnosis having lost my mother and sister to the disease a mere two years ago. Although found in the early stages, I had decided on a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction if I was ever diagnosed. My breast surgeon highly recommended Dr. Clavijo and so I... READ MORE

Dr. Jeffrrey Sweat is an amazing plastic surgeon. I am 36 and recently found out I breast cancer. I went to see Dr. Sweat for a consultation regarding doing a mastectomy with reconstruction. He made feel like I was in safe hands, and as a result decided to do a bilateral mastectomy with... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Dean for a double mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. He did not complete the operation and I was left with only the mastectomy. Months later, he performed reconstruction. My breasts were uneven and as hard as rocks. I was in constant severe pain. He told me I would have... READ MORE

Diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 36, I knew I would be faced with many difficult decisions regarding treatments and breast reconstruction. One of the best decisions that I made was choosing Dr Orseck to help me through my journey! I underwent bilateral mastectomies with DIEP flap... READ MORE

Dr. Khouri is a talented, wonderful surgeon and I am completely pleased with his service(s). I've had 2 procedures (7/23 and then 11/13) and will possibly need a third. However, Dr. Khouri's staff has caused me quite a bit of unnecessary stress and been difficult to deal with each procedure. ... READ MORE

Dr.Rumalla really loves what he does and he does it so PERFECT! I could not be more pleased and grateful of having him as my PS to take me through these 18 months that my Breast reconstruction porcess has taken. After my Breast Cancer diagnosis I was referred to Dr. Rumalla and since the first... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in July 2013 when I was 39 years old. I had no family history and tested negative for the breast cancer genes. I had not decided at that point what my ultimate treatment was going to be so I started with a lumpectomy to get the cancer out of my body in... READ MORE

Monday November 10th is the day. I am so scared but giving it all to God. I will be having a bilateral mastectomy with nipple sparing with immediate breast reconstruction. I am doing a one stage with saline implants. My goal is to stay positive and that everything goes well. I will keep posting... READ MORE

Well.....who get's breast cancer at 30? On the upside I thought it was God's way of treating me to a new set of twins earlier than expected. On the downside chemo sucked. Let's focus on the positives shall we? DR. MEADE! Yes all caps are necessary and let me tell you why. I was a 34F (for... READ MORE

I was 48 years old and diagnosed with cancer on my right breast. I always considered myself someone who was confident in my physical appearance. I kept myself in good shape and I always felt sexy. I wanted to continue to feel good about my body even after a bilateral mastectomy. I met with... READ MORE

Dr. Hyans is a miracle worker, he made me whole again ,I had breast cancer 6 yrs ago and had reconstructive surgery after my mastectomy were everything went wrong I ripped all my breast muscles and had a staff infection.So I decided to remove the expanders and not to redo surgery until a friend... READ MORE

Dr. Meade was my plastic surgeon. I had a double mastectomy, and as any of you ladies who have gone through this know, it is physically and emotionally tough to go through. Dr. Meade was so kind and caring. In fact, he is my favorite doctor. I have had good doctors and nice doctors but I... READ MORE

My double mastectomy, expander process and implant placement was a complete mess. I endured 4 surgeries, thousands of dollars out of pocket, a life threatening MRSA inflection and 10 months out of work only to end up with the inability to move either arm normally, constant pain, and a cosmetic... READ MORE

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