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What Downtime Should I Expect from Nd:yag Laser Treatments?

I made an appointement for the nd:yag laser for the under eye area, what are the results what I can expect, as I can't find any info. What is the... READ MORE

Would Gentle YAG Work for a Visible Dark Vein Under my Eye? (photo)

I've had this vein under my eye for around 2 years now, i was wondering if GentleYAG treatment would work for this ive been doing research and... READ MORE

Nd-yag Vs Er-yag for Under Eye Fine Lines?

Im 34 years old, and have quite prominent fine lines undereye, especially much more when i smile or laugh. my doctor recommended nd-yag laser for my... READ MORE

Small capillaries around blue veins treated with nd:yag in periorbital area?

Last wk I had a laser on two blue veins under each eye with the nd:yag. Under my left eye there seems to be new tiny capillaries (very faint) that... READ MORE

Will 1064 YAG Laser help my under eye darkness and veins? (Photo)

Have been suffering with my under eye darkness and blue/green veins for quite some time now. Home remedies do not help and no cream seems to help.... READ MORE

After a Yag Laser to remove blood vessel under right eye, I have mild ectropion and lower right lid retraction. Can this be fix?

Had yag laser to remove blood vessel under right eye. After the procedure severe dry eye and redness developed. I know my eye isn't shutting properly... READ MORE

Can I use a Nd:YAG 1064 to remove vein under eye after I've gotten restylane injections in tear trough?

I've had blue veins removed under my eyes before with great results. My veins are completely gone! However, I had tear trough deformity and I got... READ MORE

Can you remove undereye wrinkles and veins at the same time?

When using the yag laser to remove undereye veins will it remove wrinkles at the same time? READ MORE

Yag and Smoothbeam Laser for Under Eye Darkness and Wrinkles?

Do Yag Laser and Smoothbeam Laser work for under eye darkness and wrinkles and nasolabial folds?I am in my 30's and do not want to do fillers? ... READ MORE

Had Yag Laser + IPL for Thread Veins on Face, 3 Days Later I Have Bags Under Eyes, What Would Cause this?

I had red facial thread veins and had a yag laser treatment followed by ipl 3 days ago. I have now developed bags under my eyes which make me look... READ MORE

Dark circles Under Eye won't go away (photo)

I had NAG YAG Laser treatment with the 1320 nm Head ( it was 3 minutes on each eye). Did not see improvement after 2 sessions. Is the use of the 1020... READ MORE

Chances of Scarring from Erbium for Fine Lines?

Can Erbium laser treatment leave scarring if performed by a board certified PS? I am 29 and have fine lines under my eyes and even loose skin when I... READ MORE

Has the Long Pulse Laser like the ND Yag 1064 Etc for Blue Temple / Under Eye Veins ever caused Blindness? or Vision Problems?

Has the Long Pulse Laser like the ND Yag 1064 Etc for Blue Temple / Under Eye Veins ever caused Blindness? or Vision Problems? Has there ever been a... READ MORE

Are the textural changes and volume loss after YAG laser resurfacing permanent? How long the inflammation in epidermis lasts?

I had a non ablative YAG laser resurfacing for brown spots 3 months ago, and ended up with volume loss under my eyes, in temples, forehead and cheeks... READ MORE

How to treat scarring secondary to aggressive laser resurfacing? (photos)

Had ablative erbium:yag laser resurfacing done 7th Dec 2016 over nose for pores under eyes, fractionated over rest of face and neck. Unfortunately the... READ MORE

Will the blue vessel under my eye be removed permanently?

I'm considering getting Gemini ktp laser to remove the blue vessel under my eye. Is it safe? Does it effect the blood circulation under and around the... READ MORE

Should I proceed with surgical removal of vein after laser treatment? (photos)

I have had a series of 5 Yag laser treatments over the past year to eradicate a nasty varicose vein under my eye. The treatments seemed to help at... READ MORE

Post cystic acne scars and recommended treatments? (photos)

I think practies in country near me has Er YAG . I sow that e matrix or ETwo is only recommended for early scars and that series of 5 treatment is... READ MORE

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