In general, studies show that the more a surgeon has performed of a particular procedure, the better chance ya have of avoiding a complication. So in general, there are doctors out there who are kind of a jack of all trades, quote, unquote, "master of none." That may not necessarily be the best surgeon to perform a high difficulty procedure.

Like, let's say, a rhinoplasty or a face lift. There are certain procedures that we do in plastic surgery that are kind of bread and butter. You know, taking off moles, maybe doing a breast reduction. There are other procedures that are very, very specialized, like rhinoplasty. You know, and you don't want somebody who does one or two nose jobs a year to do your nose job, because you're gonna have a greater chance of likely being unsatisfied with your result.

What Makes a Qualified Surgeon?

Dr. Anthony Youn recommends ways consumers can tell if their surgeon is qualified enough to do the work they want.