Facial Asymmetry basically is when one side of your face looks different than the other side. And that's very common. It happens in basically everybody. An Asymmetry is due to usually a number of factors. So some people think it's just maybe the fat's different on one side than the other. But usually it's due to fat, it's due to muscle, and it's even due to bone. So there are things we can do to effect the skin, there's things that we can do to effect the fat, like injections of fillers, injections of fat. But there isn't a whole lot we can do to effect the bony shape. And so what I tell patients who are thinking about treating their Asymmetry. Number one, there is no way we are going to get your face completely symmetric. God didn't make you that way, it's just the way you are. And number two, there are things we could do to make it better and make it more symmetric. But it's never going to be completely even.

Facial Asymmetry Causes and Solutions

Dr. Anthony Youn addresses facial asymmetry, including how to make it more symmetric with the help of injectable fillers.