The first thing people should do if they want to look more refreshed is to start with the basics, and the basics is good skin care. So go to a dermatologist, go to a plastic surgeon's office, get hooked in with an esthetician and get started on a medical-grade skincare line. Now there is a difference between what you buy at the department store and what you get in a doctor's office; and I describe to my patients the same as if you buy Tylenol for a headache, or if you get a prescription for Vicodin. One is just stronger, more potent and it's going to make more changes. So if you've really got facial aging, if you've got sun-damage, if you've got fine lines and wrinkles, yes you can go to the department store, you can get a nice moisturizer that feels good, that smells good, that moisturizes your skin, but it's not going to actually reverse your aging. For that, you need to use prescription-strength products either from a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist.

Looking Tired? Start With Basic Skincare

Dr. Anthony Youn advises consumers to begin with proper skincare before considering more invasive approaches.