Dr. Michael Contreras: Skin tightening can be done with various devices. The device that we have in the office is Ulthera. I think from what I've seen on the market, it's about the best thing that we have; nonsurgical for tightening. It's micro-focused ultrasound; actually heats the tissue beneath the skin which causes some tightening and lifting. It's been used for the jowls so that kind of saggy look that you get in the cheeks, that also helps with some of that laxity in the neck. Now if somebody has a lot of laxity, then surgery is really the only thing that's going to give them the result that they want but for early changes in somebody that has good facial volume that works really well.

It can be painful, but we do pre-medicate to help with the pain. The treatment lasts up to about ninety minutes and that's if someone is getting a full facial treatment; including the jowls and the neck, the chest can also be treated for that kind of weathered, wrinkly appearance on the chest, and it works well to tighten that. Now, again, not everybody's an appropriate candidate so we have to do a full evaluation before hand so that you're aware of exactly what's going to happen during the procedure and what results you can expect based on your own skin.

So you're basically turning back the clock. Now the skin is still going to age, it's still going to be exposed to the elements, so you're can't have a permanent result, but you can set back the clock so you can at least rejuvenate those areas.

What is Ultherapy and Who is a Good Candidate

Dr. Michael Contreras what Ultherapy is and who is a good candidate.