Volume loss can refer to a lot of things. I think one of the more common things I'm seeing right now is patients coming in with worries about say, an under eyeshadow that they notice and a lot of times that is due to volume loss because of the fat pads in the cheek. They actually start to fall as you get older and so we try to do as we replace that volume to bring those fat pads up to where they should be and that eliminates a lot of that tired look that people are concerned about. So there are various fillers we can use there. Now there's also volume loss in temples and I point this out sometimes and I hate to point things out because patients, I try to get them to tell me what they're concerned about. But volume loss can occur in the temples and gives that kind of hollowed-out appearance, kind of that ball-shape to the sides of the eyes and if you fill that with filler it actually works really well and gives a subtle kind of rejuvenated look. Volume loss occurs in the lips as well, so a lot of different places that we can focus on to give really subtle but significant results.

For temples, a lot of fillers have been used. There's some like hyaluronic acids that includes Restylane, Perlane. There's some like Radiesse which is different type of product and then Sculptra. That really depends on the type of volume mass that I'm seeing so if it requires a lot of volume then we might consider something that has just a little more structural property like Voluma. So it depends on the individual patients but there are several options.

Treatment Options for Volume Loss

Dr. Michael Contreras explains what treatment options are available to combat loosing volume in the face.