Dr. Steven Shapiro: When you experience iLipo with radio frequency, you’re typically on a table. You’re relaxed. There is four pedals placed to one side of the abdomen. Each pedal has nine laser beams and these nine laser beams give off 36 laser beams total at the same time and you feel nothing but warmth. It’s not hot, it’s not uncomfortable, it’s absolutely pain-free. After that, we apply the radio frequency device and with that, when you feel warmth as well, it brings the temp of the skin to between 40 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit, which is actually a nice temperature where it’s warm, but not hot. We do have a button somebody can press, it becomes too warm, but nobody has ever had to press that button. And then after that, you’re just mildly pink and we do ask that you try to do 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise as soon as possible after the treatment. Some of our patients just walk 15 minutes away from the office and 15 minutes back. And what that does, that mobilizes the contents of the fat cells so they’ll actually be excreted by the body.

What is iLipo Treatment Like?

Dr. Steven D. Shapiro describes iLipo treatment.