Dr. Steven Shapiro: Options for cellulite reduction for many, many years were surgery. And in terms of surgery, you had liposuction or you had stomach surgery and it was considered to be a surgical disease. Now, we know that there's many other non-invasive devices that we can use so there are devices out there now that will reduce the circumference of the area treated for the abdomen, which is the most common location. So for me, I use the iLipo laser. It's a laser that causes a chemical reaction in the fat cells so they open up their pores and release their contents. So as you release the contents from the fat cells, you, of course, shrink the area. Interestingly, I added radio frequency to it. When we added radiofrequency, it squeezes the connective tissue or the collagen that's around the fat cells where we get a greater reduction. Up until now, the results have been around the 7-10% reduction of the circumference of the area treated surrounding the abdomen. If somebody is 35 or 40 inches, they might lose three and a half inches.

It's been a very valuable tool for our practice. Also, for our patients, when they come back and the most common result that we receive is they say they're close fit looser. So the worst, when we ever had it, was somebody actually had to buy her own wardrobe. It went from a size four to a size zero, so I think that's a good problem to have, although, it was a better result than even any of us had anticipated at that time.

How to Remove Fat that Diet and Exercise Wont Shake

Dr. Steven D. Shapiro discusses how to remove excess fat.