Dr. Steven D. Shapiro: In terms of fine lines and wrinkles and aging; you know we refer to the term as photo aging, and photo aging refers to sun damage and aging of course refers to aging of the skin or that sagging and looseness of the skin. What's you really want to do; and I recommend this to patients all the time, is figure out which part of it bothers you the most.

So I'm going to give you an example. If it's freckles and the brown spots on top of the skin that is part of aging and sun damage in combination, then I usually recommend photo rejuvenation or an intense pulse light. In our office it's typically three treatments, done three weeks apart. What they do is they'll actually reverse the sun damage, take about three to five years of sun damage away so the brown spots will be lighter, background redness will be lighter, the pore size will shrink a little bit as it grows from collagen. It even removes hair from the surface of the skin and treats acne.

So its a device that gives off multiple wavelengths, has multiple benefits and a way to reverse sun damage. For wrinkles or wrinkle reduction there's an area of medicine called non-invasive wrinkle reduction, and these are lasers and devices that will stimulate your own collagen to actually help reduce your own wrinkles. They're not the same as surgery, they're not going to take an inch of skin away from the face; but what they will do is stimulate some of your own collagen to grow to reduce the wrinkles that you have.

That's a nice way of having no pain, no anesthesia, no down time and to reduce your own wrinkles with those devices.

Treatment Options for Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Dr. Steven D. Shapiro discusses the treatment options for wrinkles and fine lines.