Hi, I'm Dr. Dan Shapiro. I'm a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and I've been performing aesthetic plastic surgery in the Scottsdale Paradise Valley area for over 22 years. Currently, I'm one of the very few doctors in the state that performs Cellulaze, which is laser treatment of cellulite.

People often want to know after the procedure, what the normal progression is, when you can see results, what the side effects will be, and how will I feel. When Cellulaze is performed in the office, afterwards people go home in a supportive garment, very similar to one that would be worn after having liposuction of the thighs. For the first week or so, people could expect some swelling, very little pain, although we did give pain medication and some antibiotics. We see the patient after a week or so to make that there's no fluid collection, make sure that there's no areas of infection, and then people get back to their more normal activities, such as working out, after approximately two or three weeks.

A very common question is, "When will I see some of that cellulite go away, and when will I see a permanent result?" I think that as the swelling starts to subside, you'll start to see some smoothing of the skin. You'll see some of that dimpling that bothered you so much seem to iron out, if you will, and I think that more of the results that you're looking for are evident at two or three months. I've seen over the course of many, many Cellulaze patients that really I don't see a final result for six months to a year. So, the timing of the Cellulaze is very important in terms of your lifestyle. I think that if you are going to be going to the beach or something or wearing a bikini, I don't think you want to have Cellulaze in that month or two before you plan on doing that. I think if you plan on wearing pants or going to be less conscious of your body, I think that's probably a better time to perform Cellulaze because you can wear your garment and allow any swelling or bruising to subside over time. But, I've seen patients really start to see those final results anywhere between three to six months, and I would say what we see to years pretty much what we get.

Overall I think patients have been delighted and I think it's really a great great invention for something that has bothered people for so long. Thank you.

What is Cellulaze Recovery Like?

Dr. Daniel Shapiro explains what the recovery is like after cellulaze and how long a patient will need in order to completely recover from the procedure.