Fat transfer in terms of how long that last is a very common question, and the first thing is just very technique dependent. I've been doing fat for almost 15 years now, and I think the longevity in my hands has gotten better and better. The cannulas, the little instruments that we use are less than a millimeter in diameter and the way that we handle the fat really enhances that longevity in terms of being very delicate with the fat cells themselves. Around the eyes, I say that the fat that I transfer almost uniformly last forever. Other ares of the face where there's a lot of motion like around the lips, I say about 60% of it will last forever. The areas around the jawline and the mid face are somewhere between the two, so somewhere between 60 to 80% of the other areas of the face are going to have long term longevity. There is a notion or almost a wives tale that people say in terms of fat transfer that if you gain a lot of weight, that fat will be larger, make your face look fat. The fact of the matter is that can happen but usually not unless you become morbidly obese, so somebody who gets 100 pounds overweight is going to see a lot of change in that fat that's transferred, and we've all seen pictures of those at meetings and whatnot but that's not something that I commonly see and in fact I've never seen that on a patient's face.

How Long Do the Results of Fat Transfer Last?

Dr. Daniel Shapiro discusses the lasting effects of a fat transfer procedure to the face and what patients can expect from significant weight gain.